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Review A GRADE Elgreco 75mm Roman Guard 3D print

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Dr Force, Mar 9, 2024.

  1. Dr Force A Fixture

    Hi all

    Having spent time deliberating where I should go for my smaller 3D print scales I decided on the excellent El Greco Miniatures.


    Having seen the El Greco range I was really interested in the quality and poses they had to offer in what can only be described as a comprehensive and diverse range of products. So much stock with so many 3D print choices it’s a fantastic place to browse and buy.

    So after I got all confused with my basket I reached out to Celine. Now this is very important to me as I’m not confident with this type of stuff, but wow, what a lovely, helpful person to deal with. Celine put my mind at rest, showing me all the helpful alternative ways to buy with confidence in their shop.

    Order to my door was a couple of days……fantastic.

    Reassured, I made my decision for El Greco to be my go to shop for 3D prints and anything else that takes my fancy….order duly placed and saved to my favourites.

    Im going to score the whole shopping experience and communications a 10, because you could not wish to ask for a more helpful and professional shop to buy from in our somewhat niche hobby.

    Now let’s take a look at the quality of this 75mm Roman Guard.

    Everything was beautifully and safely packaged.


    On a side note El Greco also provide reward points, what a great idea to reward loyalty and get even greater value for money. Simply open an account which is as easy as 123 and get clicking!!


    Out of the box we get 5 component parts of the main body, arm holding the spear, head, base and shield.

    Starting with the body and I’m blown away by this quality, how on earth El Greco manage to get so much detail from a print is beyond me but they’ve got this absolutely nailed.

    IMG_1779.jpeg IMG_1780.jpeg

    The definition is crisp, there are no slips, no rough edges or casting points to clean, it’s utterly superb.

    let’s take a closer look at the head and body detail

    IMG_1784.jpeg IMG_1785.jpeg

    I hope you can agree that this 75mm scale details are very well done, lots of care and detail has gone in to this and it’s come out looking amazing imo.

    There is a tiny bit of cleaning at the top of the helmet but that’s an easy scrape with a good no11 blade.

    Shield and spear

    IMG_1781.jpeg IMG_1782.jpeg IMG_1783.jpeg

    Attention to detail remains very strong, even the inside of the shield has had much attention. The spear is straight and true.

    The base and feet have no pegs, so they will need a pin to secure, but this is also a nicely cast piece as can be seen in the box content picture.


    Im really blown away by the service, through to delivery and actually having the product in hand. This is one very satisfied customer and the product is up there with the best of them.

    10/10 from me for El Greco and I would highly recommend you shop with total confidence in the knowledge you are dealing with nice people in a top quality shop with an amazing array of figures, busts and modelling accessories.

    Thank You Celine for all your help and support.

    *** Edit, I need to add that El Greco can also offer larger scale prints***
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  2. Warren SMITH A Fixture

    Nice review, looking forward to see how you paint him up..
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  3. Redcap A Fixture

    It looks very nice and clean with great detail (especially the armour) however maybe it is just the photo (No.5) , but the left hand looks massive...?

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  4. Dr Force A Fixture

    It’s the photo Gary, I had to tilt him up to get enough light to bring out the detail so the hand is close to the lense. It’s all in scale.
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  5. Redcap A Fixture

    Thanks for confirmation as it's a nice figure. I have got their 75mm mounted auxillary cavalry piece on 'watch' for when it is available.

    Thanks again for the review.
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  6. Dr Force A Fixture

    I’ll put him together soon so you can see the whole thing buddy
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  7. Redcap A Fixture

    EXCELLENT - Thanks David and I look forward to seeing that one..!

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  8. elgreco A Fixture

    Thanks for the review David - we look forward to seeing the painted miniature.
    Just to give credit to the 3D creators of these Roman miniatures - El Greco Miniatures have a licence to print these 3D models created by MINORMOUS MODELS.
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