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A Gentlemen With A Gas Mask

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by DrLutz, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. DrLutz Member

    Now ladies & gentlmen you can see finished the first model of three planning figures.
  2. Alex Lopez Active Member

    Exelent pose and detail Vlad!!! love the shoes and sox effect, and the mask too.

  3. megroot A Fixture


    This is something real different. I wonder how you gonna do the glass in the mask ??

    Looking forward to your next step.

  4. btavis Active Member

    I love it.
  5. quang Active Member


    The casual pose and down-to-earth realism of the chair just add to the surreal ambiance.

    (y) (y)

  6. Calvin Member

    Hi Lutz,
    I like the swingin leg and the teaching pose, really original. This is what I love of you sculptors, how a such little detail can give a great expressiveness to the whole figure.
  7. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    I can only echo others comment. I hate being late in threads were all the good comments already have been given. ;)

    On his right leg the fold points forward/upward though and Im not sure if trousers behave that way or if this is an effect of ironing them?
    However I really like the way you can imagen his lower leg through the trousers.

    Also think this is a great leap forward compared to the wounded crusader youve posted some days ago.

  8. Joe Hudson Active Member


    I have to agree, this is a really nice sculpt and I look forward to seeing the rest of them.

  9. DrLutz Member

    Thanks for your coomments my friends
    Maybe this srulppture looks a little bit better than all previous, but I think this is a difference between 54 and 75 mm figurine.
    I still have no idea how to make glass. I tried to carve it of transparent plastic but it's really hard piece of work. Maybe I can use something else like transparent epoxy glue?
    Can someone advise me an idea for glass?

    Now I want show a foto. It was made in 1936 in Britain.
  10. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Yes, youre right about that fold. Perhaps the "chaos theory" in reality? ;)
    Or a case of starch, hard ironing or sewn folds.

    About the glass for the gasmask.
    If you have a punch and die set and the lenses are round you can punch them out in clear plastic card.

    Micro Scale have a produkt that you drip in hole and it forms to a small window. Havent used it myself and its intended for aircraft modellers.

    Another idea is to sand down the outer lining on the gasmask and make a new one on piece of clear plastic card to have it as a separate part. This also makes painting easier.

    Hope this helps, Vlad.
  11. Calvin Member

    You can also try with the gloss varnish from Vallejo (#510). For a such small hole, I think three or four tiny layers would be enough. Such paint, when dry, forms a transparent and brillant layer, which at that scale emulates very well the glass.
    Every layer must be really tiny and you must wait to apply the next until dryes.
  12. megroot A Fixture


    I've been looking around but i cannot find the topic of Marijn van Gils.
    He made a vignette of a WW I with two soldiers fighting for a similar gasmask.
    He wrote somewhere how he made the glass in the mask.
    Hope he is reading this topic, or maybe someone can help you finding it.

  13. bosko b Member

    Hi Vlad,

    Beautiful work, both the figure and the chair (Is it also made of putty?)

    Here is the link to Marijns topic that Marc mentioned:


    Marijn used transparent plastic and the results speak for them selfs :)

    Looking forward to the next steps,

  14. Dan Morton A Fixture

    What a great, great idea for a vignette!! Very original! I look forward to seeing developments.

    For gas mask glass, I've used exposed photo film (clear) punched out with a simple leather punch. Also you can try the clear acetate type stuff that is used in packages or the clear lightweight plastic used by restaurants as the top for "TO GO" dinners. All of those work well.

    all the best,
  15. Markus Well-Known Member

    Hello Vlad,

    all I want to say: It looks pretty good !

    And your idea is absolutly sensational.

    I like it and I´m looking forward to see the other figures. :eek:

    Best regards,
  16. fsdesimone Member

    Vlad that's very nice. It'll definitely be an interesting vignette! I look forward to seeing it all shape up.


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