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A few snaps from Euro 2009

Discussion in 'Miniature Clubs' started by Barke02, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. YongA01 Active Member

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for sharing, it always amaze me how creative the painters this day.. really impressive not only painting work but overall display are eye catching.

    Thanks again
  2. tonydawe A Fixture

    Hi guys,

    I haven't had a chance to upload any photos from Folkestone yet, but the size and scale of the show blew me away. For a first-time visitor to Euro the thing that really impressed me was how friendly the atmosphere is and how strong the Planet Figure bond is between everyone. After the first day I didn't need to wear my name tag on my shirt because everyone had already come up and introduced themselves.

    I'm about £500 poorer as a result of my weekend in Folkestone but I feel very rich thanks to the warmth of my pF mates. I now have a "grey army" I can brag about and enough kits to keep me modelling for at least the next two years (including a couple of lovely Poste Militaire kits which I haven't seen in Australia for 25 years). More importantly, I have now met and had loads of beers with many of my "pF friends" and I'm already planning my next trip to Folkestone (don't tell my missus ' she'll kill me).

    I'm now off for a two week jaunt through the battlefields of northern France and Belgium and then down to Rome to soak up some ancient culture and some modern vino.

    A big thank you to all the Planet Figure guys who introduced themselves to me and made me feel so welcome. Special thanks to Ken for the book (it will come in handy next week at Broodeseinde Ridge!) and Carl Reid for introducing me to just about everyone and enjoying several very pleasurable pints with me.
  3. Pekka Active Member

    Ok, you guys were hanging out at the Clifton bar. I stayed at the Southcliff bar where most of the crew consists of armor and diorama modellers. Few blurry eyes there also...
  4. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Hi Johnothan

    The bust is a Carl Reid, and will be released very soon from ModelCellar, I was lucky enough to have this piece to paint before euro, to be honest I wished I had done a better job of it as its such a beauty of a sculpt.

  5. eissteban Active Member

    Thanks for sharing guys :)
    I like the "Iwo Jima" vignette and the piece of battle of Lépante. Marvelous works :cool: !

    Hey Tony ! What a travel :eek:, i hope go to there one day (only cross the channel for me :rolleyes:)
  6. Ernest A Fixture

    Ok....when I see this I say to myself.....WOW! Amazing, how I wish too see some day an expo of this caliber in my problematic and poor country, this country could be able to do expos like this, but first, we need to live in freedom and then we need a LOT of culture!
    Europe is great to do this expos cause the high level of culture, lot of History, museums, etc..Here we have only a tropical ground, wish is not bad at all but we need more, yes much more! We have everything but at the same time we don't have nothing and I really hope this change in the future, but I'm not too optimistic :(
    Great works on Euromilitare, high level and a reference for others who want to do this kind of expos...

    A dream is a dream but if you want to make it real you have to work hard on it...
  7. mil-mart A Fixture

    Hi Jon, nice pictures, many thanks for posting.
    It was great meeting you and having a good chinwag in the bar , you really must finish your diorama, those figures were amazing, and at the least post some WIP pics.

    Cheers Ken
  8. eissteban Active Member

    Ernesto, :( courage perhaps one day ...
  9. Barke02 Active Member

    Hi Ken,

    It was great to meet you too! Did you enter your Grenadier in the end?

  10. pkw4 Active Member

    Hi everybody
    it was great to be at the show this year .
    The atmosphere was great and since nobody has mentioned yet the B.O.S
    Was won by myself and John Schley With a box diorama entitled"Some had nightmares"Nurimberg 1947.Sorry but i could not held it much longer and i had to say it.
    I just hope that some better pics will be posted soon.
  11. brian A Fixture

    Great to meet up with you and i'm glad you enjoyed hanging out with the tartan army.Keep in touch.
  12. tonydawe A Fixture

    Hi Roberto,

    It was great to meet you and John at Euro and see the magnificent box diorama for myself. You and John have created a very thought-provoking piece that really delivers an emotional impact. It was a very worthy winner of BoS. Congratulations to you both.
  13. Barke02 Active Member

    Hi Roberto,

    I couldn't make the Sunday, so this is the first I've heard who won the BOS.


    It was a very clever piece, how did you achieve it? with mirrors?

    Did you take any photos during construction, and if so could you post them on the planet?

    Well done and all the best,
  14. pkw4 Active Member

    Hi Tony
    Thank you very much.It has been a pleasure to meet you and i hope you can make it to Euro at some future date

    Hi Brian was good to see you again and conratulation on your awards The piece you entered in class two was simply stunning.
  15. Don Well-Known Member

    Got home from Euro on Tuesday morning after a visit to the Imperial War Museum on the Monday. I thought Euro was wonderful this year with some terrific pieces on show in the competition room.
    As usual the show goes well but its the people who bring the show to life and make it happen them and of course the traders. People have mentioned the numbers seemed to be down this year but the traders seemed to be busy.
    It was great to meet with the smartly turned out gang from Malta, I do like those shirts. Glad I was able to congratulate Ray and Harold for their medals good work lads. Glenn Hamilton from Canada who has seen sense and wants to be Scottish and a very large Australian who brought an equally large infantryman for the competition, lovely piece Tony glad you brought it.
    Traders make a large part of the show for me and it was great to see that a lot of the traders were very busy and had so many new figures on show.
    Yes I think Euro was great and am looking forward already to next year.

  16. DEL A Fixture

    So that's where I was!

    Seriously though I had a great time and like Don can't wait for next year.
    Apart from the wonderful models in the competition I was delighted to meet up with the guys from Malta whose work I admire and particularly to see the Siege of St Elmo in the display cabinets, this is one of my all time favourites.

    And thanks to Fabio and co for a very nice Grappa, I'll bring a bottle of something a bit special next year.

  17. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Another great weekend at Euro and so good to meet up with so many PF friends.Like Don and Derek I cant wait for next years show.

    Cheers David
  18. Barke02 Active Member

    Hi kevin,

    as requested, here is a better pic of the Iwo Jima vignette.


    Attached Files:

  19. FORDGT New Member

    Iwo Jima Vignette

    Thanks Jon;

    I think this vignette is one of Andrea's best pieces to date!
  20. brian A Fixture

    Hi Dave
    As you know i had a good look at this bust painted by you and i still think you were robbed.I really liked it big time so don't put yourself down as in my opinion ,for what it's worth ,i thought it was a cracker.

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