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Video Review A detailed video review on the new Book F.A.Q. from AK-Interactive

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Stelios Demiras, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. Stelios Demiras A Fixture

    We could not resist to make a detailed video review on the new Book F.A.Q. from AK-Interactive written from Kirill Kanaev and Team! Is this the Best Book on Scale Figures Ever produced? See the video and decide!
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  2. grasshopper A Fixture

    As you indicate the painting examples are awesome..the subjects are fairly exhaustive..I’d say the instruction aspect less so..the ultimate instruction/course still to be written..I have the book..and while not disappointed, and certainly the best so far ..still falls short...one reads it vs uses.the ultimate would have exercises that engage for each topic...
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  3. Ronaldo A Fixture

    I was thinking the same thing , and nowt about horses
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  4. grasshopper A Fixture

    True..I don’t mean to whine,but if I had exercises to try at each step...
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  5. Mike - The Kiwi A Fixture

    Interesting concept mate ;-)
    Something I’m going to ponder...
    Question - are books able to actually teach or just a means to share techniques or show case styles?
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  6. grasshopper A Fixture

    Count me in if you do
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  7. Bob Black Member

    I second (third?) the comments about the utility of exercises for each procedure. At my level of expertise, much of this is well above my skill levels, something to aspire too for sure, but some practical exercises to reinforce the procedures would have helped. Maybe the workbook is being produced as we speak?
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  8. grasshopper A Fixture

    Not from AK..am almost certain..these people make money from box art, patreon, courses, and AK selling paint..so our more hands on thing say a cirlux with bite sized stages...not likely..Mike would be ideal for us..I’ve been on his patreon and he’s da man
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  9. Ronaldo A Fixture

    A couple of my friends have the book and say there is a few interesting things in it , but as an old oily Im not so sure .
    I have the Cartacci book and it looks like an updated larger version of a very similar format with the addition of colour wheels paint mixes
    and theory gleamed from painting on canvas . It would probably take ten volumes to cover all aspects of figure painting in detail, who knows they may follow. :rolleyes:

    No doubt it will be very useful to some modellers .(y)

    Footnote: As there is a bit of money to be made in the hobby now we have seen professional artist coming more to the fore these days.
    In the past it was just some talented guys willing to share their knowledge .

    Some cash may be better spent investing in a hands on course with Cartacci or the like .
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  10. Nap A Fixture

    Must admit I am still going and froing about getting this

    ..Will it make me a better painter ...I think not ...but it's good to see the techniques used and adapt them to your use with practice practice and more practice

    Books can't teach it's all practice ...if they did I would be painting the ceiling like Michelangelo !

    Agree with Ron's footnote as well

  11. grasshopper A Fixture

    Agree ..I am on a Cartacci kick right now myself..
  12. DEL A Fixture

    There's definitely a market for such a well produced and informative book.
    Personally I don't plan to buy it. I've reached an age when my ability no longer matches my knowledge or expectations and no book will change that..Maybe new glasses :wideyed:
    Nowadays I'm just freestyling and really enjoying painting and every now and then something turns out better than expected.
    I know I've said this before the only book I'd buy would be if Steve Kirtley produced a collection of the horse painting techniques he did for MM yonks ago.
  13. grasshopper A Fixture

    I most certainly concur..in ones 70s it’s plain to me I am past my best before date
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  14. Airkid PlanetFigure Supporter

    In all the modelling genres, aircraft, AFVs, Ships, Figures, Cars, Fantasy there are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of these "how do I" books, but this doesn't seem to translate into massive improvements in the quality of work on show at the various Expos, competitions etc. All that seems to happen IMO is that the good stuff all starts to look the same, especially with aircraft and AFVs.

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  15. grasshopper A Fixture

    You are absolutely right Phil..after a few days I have rather lost interest in my copy..sure it’s impressive..but useless in terms of heft and lack of cirlux type spine as desktop reference..and to what effect anyway: having a master give a few steps isn’t effective..folks might check Pegaso site as they have a number of pay for view how to things..and Dmitry Feseschko has far more useful free material on oils on YouTube..far more useful..
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  16. grasshopper A Fixture

    Don’t know if anyone has sampled the offerings, but Pegaso has video tutorials for sale in their site, a couple covering NMM ..the more I dig into Kirill, the more I find editing errors and it is concentrated on his favourite topics- NMM, OSL..busts..if anything the historical aspect is a bit soft but for the run of nazis found everywhere it seems
  17. Ronaldo A Fixture

    What do you mean "the run of Nazi's"
  18. grasshopper A Fixture

    Proliferation of subjects..no big thing..in fairness Kirill does box art for brands that issue many such subjects..they stick out for me due personal family reasons
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  19. grasshopper A Fixture

    ..have a peek- Emile is up there with Kirill as painter..many of the same concepts covered in easily observed and applied style vs the awkwardness of book pictures..and it’s free...
  20. Babelfish A Fixture

    Nice share John! Looks great, and potentially very useful. Bookmarked to watch properly later.

    I think that quality books definitely have their place, but there's no substitute for practice and up-close 1-on-1 live demos - which is what this effectively is.

    - Steve
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