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A Clockwork Orange.

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by Mortimer, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    A commercially available Alex de Large, I might just have to buy my frst 6th scale figure!!!
  2. Einion Well-Known Member

    Isn't it as much for both? The responsibility - as in the legal responsibility - might be purely the final owner's since they are the ones that would receive the "cease and desist" order should it come to that, but the creator surely doesn't have no culpability?

  3. megroot A Fixture

    I like it, i love it and i wanna have it.

  4. gordy Well-Known Member

    It would.. yet you are putting the cart in front of the horse now aren't

    The piece is not even available yet or even in rubber (as far as we know).

    The question comes off rude and accusatory, and begs the question of motivation.

    If and when you recieve your answer then what?

    This early in the pieces productions life seems too eager for Schadenfreude.
  5. bonehead A Fixture

    Nice sculpt!
  6. JasonB A Fixture

    Not to jump in the middle of this, but the sculptor did state that it was going to be produced by a commercial interest and available in the spring. That being the case, and considering there would be copyright issues involved, why wait until its already on the market to ask? I know, I know, a lot of figure producers and figure modelers feel its OK to "borrow" from the big companies, as long as you aren't pirating another companies figures. Using the Andrea "it only LOOKS like its from that movie, but its called something else" way of getting around copyright law, I'm calling this one "Got Milk...plus?" or " A Timepiece Tangerine" .
  7. gordy Well-Known Member

    Personally, I find it very uncouth and accusatory to put the sculptor on the spot in a public arena.

    FWTW, there are Malcolm McDowell signed editions.
  8. TWOMOONS Active Member

    As stated in a previous post there is an excellent version that has been around (1/12 scale, I think)for years, at least 15, a fabulous likeness of McDowell, with a bust of Beethoven on a pedestal...and the sculptor hasn't had any licensing problems with it at all, to the best of my knowledge.
  9. rej Well-Known Member

    Awesome sculpt!!!!!!!

    Ray ;)
  10. Pekka Active Member

    Great sculpt! Could you share your Sculpey Firm secrets and techniques with us??
    Pekka N.
  11. Paul Kernan A Fixture

    Roddy McDowell in all his glory. Brilliant

    By all means critique the work but why are we always taking ourselves so damn serious. This is a hobby site not a chat room for the American (fill in alternate country of residence) Law Review.......yawn! Back to the little grey men;)
    theBaron likes this.
  12. TWOMOONS Active Member


    Not Roddy "Planet of the Apes" McDowell, Paul...Malcolm.
    You're getting your box office blockbusters mixed up! :)
  13. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Awesome sculpting!!!!!!

    Cheers David
  14. theBaron A Fixture

    Right, right, right, me little droogies! Excellent piece! You've really captured the look of Alex. Next you need to add Dim.

    Sure it's a miniature! It's smaller than the 1:1 Malcom McDowell, isn't it? :D

  15. SRP Active Member

    Love it...will it be for sale in the UK........????
  16. Mortimer Active Member


    Thank you everybody. I´m sorry but I don´t know it, I can only tell you by now that reproductions will be sold through Retro Outlaw web site.
  17. Paul Kernan A Fixture


    Malcolm, of course:eek: Thanks, mate...funny, I knew it didn't seem right when I typed it. Planet of the Apes...sure you're not mixing up a box office blockbuster and a CLASSIC:D:D

  18. Einion Well-Known Member

    No. Says right in the first post "...for commercial use... produced by a new company: Retro Outlaw..."

    Eh? I brought it up hesitantly, "Have to ask though..." which I hope would make it clear I was striving to not be confrontational (while still bringing the subject up). Just as when I replied to you, asking "Isn't it as much for both?" rather than stating, "It's as much for both."

    I understand it's a thorny issue but it comes up when it comes up if you get what I mean - it's inherent to the subject matter - and we either ignore it or we don't, just like out-of-scale details or equipment, historical issues and similar things, which some people hate being brought up but others think is important to mention... despite the reception such comments can often be met with.

    It's going a bit far to accuse me of being uncouth Gordy!

    Posting something to any public forum comes with an understanding that there might be positive and negative feedback, praise as well as criticism etc. This is just one of those things. And we just hashed this subject out here so the subject is kinda at the forefront right now.

    However the fact that this is your forum does not escape me, and if you want to draw a line in the sand and say no more mentions of copyright issues that's fine: your house your rules. But won't we be ignoring the elephant in the corner then?

  19. FigureLover A Fixture

    In regards to the licensing issue, if you go to the Retro outlaw site, you will see that they have done/are doing work with the actor Malcom McDowwell so you would think that they have some sort of Licensing arrangement with him, there are photos of him signing their posters and sculpts of him, so I dont think there is anything underhanded
  20. garyjd Well-Known Member

    I see the copyright/ licensing issue is still bouncing around.

    Thank you everybody. I´m sorry but I don´t know it, I can only tell you by now that reproductions will be sold through Retro Outlaw web site

    As far as I can see this is as close as the sculptor came to answering the question. Why not leave it at that? I myself have asked similiar questions about other pieces but I don't recall dragging the issue out. It's one thing to ask the question and another to come off as if you're going to continue pushing the issue until you get the answer YOU want to hear. If it's that important why not contact the sculptor in private? ~Gary
    gordy likes this.

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