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WIP A Classic Subject: Gericault Gi Chasseur

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by ivopreda, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. ivopreda A Fixture

    renart, Colin

    thanks for the kind words, it will be difficult doing better of the other.

    I hope that this post could be helpful doing other conversion

  2. ivopreda A Fixture

    waht do you think about a new update...? the saddle
    it was built in A&B putty in different steps
    [IMG] [IMG]
    [IMG] [IMG]

    [IMG] [IMG]
  3. badger Well-Known Member

    i like the talent and effort that you are putting into this figure. you are doing what we all want to do.military modelling. well done. i cant wait to see the end product. badger
  4. ivopreda A Fixture

    [IMG] [IMG]
    mane and tail were done in A&B rolling it on a died base done with the same material
    [IMG] [IMG]
    [IMG] [IMG]
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  5. taffjones Active Member

    Excellent work on the saddle mate. I've just realised that I have this mini, but obviously not converted to this scale.
  6. robbyk9 Active Member

    Very nice work. I am follow this close. I like it that you converted by yourself. I wish that I can do this to but
    I affraid to do it. I have a one waiting for I simular project (colonel of the Hussars metal models)
    Want to converted the riders head, horse head and want that the horse prance and his arm straight up with sword.

    Greetings Dick
  7. debrito A Fixture

    progression is looking very nice Ivo....(y)
  8. ivopreda A Fixture

    hi Dick,

    frequently we give to our lead friends a soul and we are in trouble to cut them like Hannibal the cannibal...

    I think that they are piece of lead and if somebody is able to convert them I've to be able to do the same, try you will have fun.

    one more think... we have so many figure in our drawers that we can destroy some of them searching to improve ourselves.

    what would you like to do with your MM hussar colonel? I did it years ago completely in gray from the 3rd rgt.
  9. ivopreda A Fixture

    the last picture before some other update[IMG]
    I repositioned the head of the guy and i started to create the external ribbon on the saddle. This job is done with some electrical tape, cutted and positioned. After the tape I used some lead wier to make the external trim
    [IMG] [IMG]
    [IMG] [IMG]
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  10. Edorta A Fixture

  11. Djoubri M Well-Known Member

    Bravo Ivo . splendid work.
  12. MarquisMini A Fixture

    Great job Ivo, i admire your patience and detail for the figure, i am sure this will turn out to be a great one, as usual with your work.
  13. taffjones Active Member

    This is going to be a pure beaut with some paint on him
  14. ivopreda A Fixture

    last pictures before priming and painting, with a small details... first time for me resculpt the sword scabbard

    [IMG] [IMG]
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  15. John Bowery A Fixture

    Thank you so much for the in progress photo's. It is an honour to watch you work and create such a great figure. Over the years I have learnt a lot from you. Thanks
  16. debrito A Fixture

    Superbe Ivo, looking forward to the painting progress(y)
  17. Blackship Active Member

    Excellent so far.I am sure will look great when its finished !
  18. robbyk9 Active Member

    [IMG] S8-F20-04.jpg Hello Ivo

    The progress of your project going very well. I love the detail that you have done with this figure. My attempt with the hussar is like this.
    I want to try to turn the torso a little bit also his arm with the sword. I also want to use a head that give a yell.
    So for me very ambitious. The big thing for me is the horse head off this figure. I don't like the eyes and nose part it is for me to
    large. What do you think about this.
  19. ivopreda A Fixture

    Hi Robby,

    picture show a prussian hussar of the Frederic the great era, great figure but far from the napoleonic fashion.
    Do you want to cange only the position or also to change the subject? with a small research you can paint many different uniform and colour

    I confess I never open the Andrea Kit and I'm not able to judge the quality of the sculpting related to the horse head, consider that the head change for the different breed. I don't think alternative horse's head area available on the market.

    start your conversion, will be interesting to see the development
  20. robbyk9 Active Member

    hello ivo

    I think there is a mis understanding. I want trying to convert the colonel of the Hussars (metal models 54mm) in a pose simular
    like the pose from Andrea the prussian hussar. Like you I a big fan of napoleonics and my idea was to make a more dynamic
    figure from the metal models kit. The most difficult thing is the horse head for me. The eyes and mouth/nose is very large in my opinion.
    So looking for a simular horse head from metal models that not need to much conversion especially with the horse straps for his head.
    I was thinking to use this horse head.

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