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Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi benchmates

    Its always nice to have a look at a members release .....the fellow in question is MILAN DUFEK , aka Taiko here on PF who has set up Taiko Miniatures


    Those that went to Euro Miniature Expo would have seen some of Milan's artwork as well

    Milan also has produced free e books to download ..all very recommended

    Also a link to more You tube video's


    Milan commissioned this last year and was announced here on PF

    ....well as in social media.

    Artwork was announced here on PF

    Milan has also done a video for the prep on this bust ....well worth watching ...and it means I don't have to type !!...

    The release is this:


    Details of the release are :

    Title : 93rd Sutherland Highlanders , Crimean War , 1853-1856

    Scale : 200mm

    No of Parts : 8

    No of castings : 77

    Material : Gray/Green Resin

    Sculptor : Greg Girault

    Casting: CMR Moulding and Casting ( )

    Artwork : None on box but it has since been painted by Milan Dufek ( see link above )

    Concept Art card : Alfonso "Banshee" Giraldes

    The box contains:

    • Resin bust consisting of 4 parts , 3 buckles and a post
    • One resin 93rd regimental badge for a wooden plinth
    • One photo-etched nameplate for a wooden plinth
    • One metal strip for the water canteen strap
    • A certificate of authenticity with the copy number
    • Concept art card
    • Parts are held safely in foam layers with wax seal on the outside when you first get it
    93rd Hldr 001.jpg 93rd Hldr 002.jpg 93rd Hldr 003.jpg

    ( Note : The last picture is from Milan )


    Please do watch the video link by Milan but I will briefly run through the parts

    • Torso : Remove excess casting resin from rear and excess flashing
    • Head : Remove small post on beard and from underneath , dry fit and pin
    • Backpack : Remove casting resin from under , confirm fit
    • Hand/Waterbottle : Small plug on wrist , pin and then fit
    • Strap/Base post : Fit as and when you wish
    Important Note: (Milan is aware of this error )

    Those that have seen the piece will of course note that he is cloth as a SNCO ie : with a sash , but has only 2 chevrons on the left depict the correct SNCO rank you need to either :

    Add 3 on the right arm and add a part to the left or if a colour Sgt remove the rank on the left and add the single chevron with the crossed swords ,union jack , crown etc above ...there are full references at the end of the review ( new idea!!)

    Or could remove the sash and add 2 chevrons to the right arm

    The rework will certainly be well within all modellers capabilities using the chosen putty

    In this part I will look at the Torso and the head


    This is a classic bust in style , cut above the waist, the pose is natural and quite relaxed with the right arm extended to the front

    Undercuts are good particularly under the wings ..nice to see no excess resin there

    Definition of the straps are well shown with them pulling into the uniform nicely

    The epaulettes/wings are sculpted with the lace edging being correct in scale , with nice texture on half moon at the shoulder

    Collar work is also good the material folded down in relation to the head position , the lace is present on the sides .

    One thing to note the front lace should decrease in size as you go down so a little rework might be something you wish to do

    Cuff work has the correct style slashes and lace positioning

    At the back we have location holes fro the backpack

    Underneath we have a cast in hole for the post of your choice ..good idea as many don't like drilling into their prized WIP !!

    93rd Hldr 006.jpg
    93rd Hldr 009.jpg 93rd Hldr 007.jpg 93rd Hldr 008.jpg 93rd Hldr 015.jpg

    93rd Hldr 010.jpg 93rd Hldr 011.jpg 93rd Hldr 012.jpg 93rd Hldr 013.jpg 93rd Hldr 014.jpg


    Of course he is wearing the Scottish headwear , sitting well onto the head itself , well textured with the lower band having no dicing definition you will need to freehand this , saying that the surface is spotless with no blemishes .

    At the side there is the 93rd badge , again a nice version considering the scale , above this we have the plume again well worked

    We now look at the face ...its a cracking one full of character and full of the period as we see in the pictures , excellent features on the eyes , with the tired bags underneath !!! , nice nose shaping and mouth work , sporting a fine beard that was permitted during the Crimean campaign , good texture work with strands peeking out from the bonnet at the sides.

    On the underside there are 2 small resin "blobs" that match cutouts in the neck area of the collar

    93rd Hldr 016.jpg

    93rd Hldr 021.jpg 93rd Hldr 019.jpg 93rd Hldr 018.jpg 93rd Hldr 022.jpg 93rd Hldr 023.jpg 93rd Hldr 020.jpg 93rd Hldr 017.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Now to the remaining pieces


    Sculpt to be level with the torso when in place , the box like issue item is well done with the corner pieces in position , the mess tins in a cover are held in place with a blanket roll on the top , again both being held by straps , you could use the supplied buckles on the top straps

    Fit is easy but I think I would pin as well

    93rd Hldr 024.jpg 93rd Hldr 026.jpg 93rd Hldr 027.jpg 93rd Hldr 025.jpg


    The right hand sits well into the cuff of the arm sleeve , I would again say pin it , good work on the fingers nicely gripping the waterbottle at the edges .

    The waterbottle is the circular one issued , wooden and banded in iron ( as in reference pics , there is a cast on strap which you will need to extend using the provided lead strip , the main surface have no marking on it but the MOD arrow was seen between the B and O ( board of Ordnance ) , as well as individuals names, company, regt details , all in various versions ., nice to see the stopper is included sitting on the top surface of the item

    93rd Hldr 028.jpg 93rd Hldr 029.jpg 93rd Hldr 030.jpg 93rd Hldr 031.jpg


    The post is a good fit but of course you could replace with a brass rod

    Buckles ...3 provided , 2 for the blanket roll , one for the waterbottle, a little small so I would probably replace then

    93rd Hldr 032.jpg

    Nameplate ...a bonus and a nice addition and a good idea as these aren't cheap to get done ...cleanly engraved

    Badge...another bonus from Milan ...a lovely larger version of the cap badge , very well detailed and cast


    Final thoughts

    A good subject from Milan , a popular period , but a limited casting run so get one while you can , good sculpting with minimal work needed to get this into the display cabinet , when painted a excellent representation .

    Of course Milan has gone that extra mile with his own You tube video's .....all credit to him and as said they are well worth taking the time to view.

    WELL DONE to Milan and lets hope we see more from him

    For more details go to here: www.taiko-miniatures.

    You can of course contact him via FB and PF messaging ( member id : Taiko )

    Thanks to Milan for the review item and to you all for looking in

    Lets have some pics from Milan showing his great painting talents



    zzzzz.jpg zzzz.jpg zzz.jpg

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Lets have some reference and books to look out for

    Books first:

    w0000000.jpg ww.jpg www.jpg yyy.jpg yyyy.jpg yyyyy.jpg
    yy.jpg y.jpg

    Reference pictures

    y00000.jpg y0000.gif yyyyyyyy.jpg

    Original Line Infantry tunic showing rank badge ww00.jpg


    Note: different jacket to model but showing rank with a Scottish unit ( nothing on left arm )

    w.jpg w0.jpg w00000.jpg

    Back pack ( on English Regt uniform ) w00.jpg y00.JPG [/

    y000.jpg yyyyyyy.jpg

    Rank information

    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Enjoy the benchtime

  4. KenBoyle PlanetFigure Supporter

    Your reviews are fantastic with a wealth of information. I just wish it had legs. :)

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  5. Taiko Well-Known Member

    Hi Kevin,
    thank you very much for this beautiful presentation my self and my work. I really appreciate it.
    I am glad you like the bust and I hope you enjoy the paint. ;)
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  6. NeilW Well-Known Member

    Great review Nap: just the sort of information, references and informed criticism needed (for both reviews and manufacturers' releases postings).

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  7. bucsfan21 Active Member

    Nap, Thanks for the review. Man that is an outstanding bust! Talk about going the extra mile.. well done is an over statement. Where could I get one in the USA please?

    Terry Martin-member of the Atlanta Military Figure Society of Atlanta, Ga
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  8. grasshopper Well-Known Member

    Something I stumbled over yesterday..Figurines Mag..the infamous defunct French mag..has a long article well photographed by Milan showing how he sculpted..a testament to non computer artistry
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  9. Nap A Fixture


    Hi Terry

    Thanks for comment Milan direct , as far as I know he has no US suppliers but he will be only too happy to help ...all credit to him for us dedication on all his pieces and this release ...a one man band who deserves to succeed

    If you need help let me know

    Hi Neil

    Thank you ....constructive in all my reviews hopefully ! ...glad you enjoyed it

  10. bucsfan21 Active Member

    :) Just wanted to let one and all know how pleased I am with Taiko Miniatures! The 93rd Highlander bust arrived in impeccable order. Wow, what a presentation! I have never experienced such a finely crafted product and such a positive first impression. Milan D. was on top of everything from the get go. He got the bust to me in a little over 8 business days. I can't say enough good things about my experience. This is my first highlander bust ever. The detail is spot on. Thanks goodness I don't have to paint a kilt, LOL. I have my work cut out for me with the dicing on the bonnet, but I am going to enjoy the experience thanks to Milan at Taiko Miniatures! (y)

    Terry Martin-Member of the Atlanta Military Figure Society of Atlanta, GA, USA
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  11. Nap A Fixture


    Hi Terry

    That's great service and I was delighted to share a release from Milan...hope you enjoyed the review and it helped ...if you need any details let me know ..look forward to your painting

    Happy benchtime

  12. grasshopper Well-Known Member

    Based on. Kevs review, I bought it, and two others..on their way now..Milan is a fine gentleman, family man..does his modelling work in a folding cupboard device! Your positive experience is same as mine Terry
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