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Review 91st Regt 1846 from MJ Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to everyone,

    I am sure you will agree mention the 2 letters MJ and in our world these immediately bring some excitement and anticipation of quality so it was with pleasure that I was sent the review model from MJ Miniatures .

    The review piece is a new line from the Korean company in scale at least in that its 1/16th .

    The subject is a soldier from the 91st Regt in the 7th Cape Wars of 1846-47 , a war where after the rigidness of the british square in the Napoleonic wars the troops adapted their uniforms to fight in bush warfare.

    An interesting fact is that during the regiments service on St Helena , in 1840 a detachment escorted the Emperors body back to France.

    The Regiment has the nickname "the Rorys" and is now part of The Royal Regiment of Scotland .

    The Cape wars raged over a 100 year period at various dates against the tribes , one being the Xhosa , the 7th cape war started over after a failure of several treaties and a trivial incident , fighting was harsh and many died .

    There are of course some really great books around with the Osprey book MAA 193 plate G3 being particularly relevant in respect this release from MJ Miniatures .

    Others from Osprey that are really interesting reading are: 01.jpg 01a.jpg 01b.jpg 01c.jpg 01d.jpg 01e.jpeg

    In addition to these we have a fine selection of books here:



    Continued in next post:

  2. Nap A Fixture

    Let us see what we are looking at today:

    Details are as follows:

    Title: British Army 91st Foot Regiment 1846

    Reference: MJ16-001

    Scale: 1/16th

    Material: Resin

    Number of parts: 3

    Sculptor: Dae - Hyeong Kim

    Box Art: Man-Jin Kim

    The box is naturally smaller in size but strong material is used keeping the contents safe, on the top we have a full colour picture of a view of the box art by the man himself MJ.....good reference start.
    MJ 1.16th 001.jpg
    On opening the box we find the 3 pieces securely held in clear bags and bubblewrap , thes consist of the torso the head and the weapon.
    MJ 1.16th 002.jpg
    Prep needed , 2 areas to deal with ..removing a casting plug from the lower torso at the base and taking off one from the base and the top of the weapon......its as little as that ...easy prep and getting that piece closer to the swirling brushes.

    On the underside of the peak (on the review piec) there is a tiny piece of resin excess to remove , carefully but should be no problem.

    A small amount of sanding was needed on the base of the neck

    Once these areas have been sorted you are left with a super smooth piece of art and YES this is art in the true sense of the word IMO.

    The Torso, this is sculpted with the sides working their way to a small pedestal base in a "V" shape , the uniform sculpting is sublime , with it showing all the adaptations carries out when on campaign , the lacework has been removed , the collar turned down , the wings remain possibly to support the straps .

    Folds are well done the buttons straining slightly with the straps all pulling into the material as they should .

    The soldier wears his campaign adapted backpack high on his shoulders , the folds and movement of the blanket and associated items are 1st class , on top we have a mess tin , again all the straps are actually holding and worked in the correct manner.
    MJ 1.16th 003.jpg MJ 1.16th 004.jpg MJ 1.16th 005.jpg MJ 1.16th 006.jpg MJ 1.16th 008.jpg MJ 1.16th 009.jpg
    The Head this is sculpted with flair I like the facial features and the way it is positioned ..perhaps our soldier has heard something move in the silent but deadly bush....he is wary!!.

    Although this is a small scale the same top quality can be seen on the eyes , nose and overall the whole face , around his chin we have a strap , there are some nice details on the hair texture as well .

    The forage cap is a nice shape as seen with peaks both front and back , no diced patern is engraved onto the centre band , the regiment had 2 Battalions in the field , the first wore a diced band as in the box art , the reserve battalion being plain blue ( ref MAA 193) , for me the diced band adds even more interest to the piece but theblue would be another version..the choice is yours .

    On the top we have a pommel adding a bit of colour as well , what is good to see is the scale thickness of the peaks , very nicely sculpted.

    Fit of the head into the neck area is clean and tight with our man looking to his left.
    MJ 1.16th 013.jpg MJ 1.16th 012.jpg MJ 1.16th 014.jpg MJ 1.16th 016.jpg MJ 1.16th 015.jpg MJ 1.16th 011.jpg
    The Weapon this consist of just the top only fitting into the cutout on the back of the shoulder spot on , although this is not a full piece the weapon has been shown the same care when sculpting and looks good when in position.
    MJ 1.16th 018.jpg MJ 1.16th 017.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    So there you have it a lovely piece of work from MJ and DG artwork , this is number 1 I do hope we will see many more from this very talented team , as expected quality, presentation and product image are 1st class .

    The piece has also great conversion potential as well so plenty of options ..its up to you !!

    When painted you have a great piece of history showing the soldier as he was in the field and it takes up little space in the cabinet !

    Very highly recommended to all

    Finally lets enjoy a couple more views of the box art:
    For more details on this and all the other great releases in all scales why not visit the website at:


    e mail: mjminiatures@gmail.com

    Thanks to MJ for the Review piece and all of you for looking in

  3. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys,

    Here is a picture of the plate from the MAA 193 ...


  4. Graham PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nice looking piece, great review Nap with your trademark reference listing.
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  5. Tommys War A Fixture

    Great review Nap, I'm interested in this period from my interest in the 6th Foot (1st Bn Warwickshire Regiment) who were in Africa for a long period, but many years ago a diorama from Bill Horan really caught my interest, and it contained figures from the 91st and 6th.

    So, when I saw this on Facebook I peaked my interest immediately, its on my list to pick-up at Euro Militaire!
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  6. Nap A Fixture

    Thanks for the comments appreciated


    It is a nice piece , glad you like the referencing


    I couldn't agree more it's a period of great interest , I remember that diorama from Bill Horan ..brilliant

    The Osprey book has some really interesting subject for potential releases as well.

    Thanks for looking in

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  7. Paul Kernan A Fixture

    Always appreciate your reviews, Nap
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  8. Dennis Active Member

    Wonderful review Kev as usual, this is also on my pick-up list for Euro.
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  9. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nice review Kev, don't tell peedee but I might just get this one.
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  10. Nap A Fixture


    Thanks Bob...as if I would tell peedee!...Whoops!

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  11. peedee A Fixture


    Both of you take note, BB is watching (British Bonapartist)

    The effects of your actions have already spread around the world causing moral outrage , I'm shocked

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    Peace and love
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  12. Nap A Fixture



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  13. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    "Don't look at the light"
    "But its so beautiful"

    oh-no-you-didnt-1.jpg oh-no.jpg tumblr_m9l7c3w9cC1qgjgm0.jpg
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  14. peedee A Fixture

    I am sooooooo sorry I forgot to say nice review please accept my apologies, bob you should buy it it's a cracker.


    Back to true sentiment.

    Bob:- lovely family pics,
    most especially that sweet one of adoption day when Kev was dropped off.
    Is he housetrained yet?
    Jimbo thinks not !
    Apparently if food got lost up a Mountain... Nap's great at finding it... Anywhere if it's your house.

    Kev:- snitch !!!

    Sorry Bob, I'm not allowed to explain that, it's all dreadfully hush hush

    The Raven
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  15. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    I think No. 3 will now be my avatar
  16. peedee A Fixture

    Good thinking Bob, here's the best one of No3

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  17. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Superb review Kevin
    As we always get with your review, amazing in depth research that never fail to inspire one and all.
    Many thanks my friend.
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  18. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    Another great review from the master of the genre !
    If all the kit and figurines reviews were like in magazines or on online sales sites, we would be delighted!
    Thank you for giving us learned to do reviews!
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  19. Jimbo A Fixture

    Peedee!....I have to confirm that Kev/Nap is "NOT" house trained!...in fact he came to my house today & was made to sit in the garden due to his ever present wind problem & biscuit thieving habit!...here's a photo I took of him today whilst being banished from the house!


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  20. peedee A Fixture

    I can't believe this relationship with the hairy little feller has gone so wrong.
    Look at the timber he's carrying.
    You've been giving him biscuits to lead him out of the house AFTER he's farted.
    What you need to do is positive cognative behavoural reinforcement.
    That of course as you know is the reward of the biscuit for going outside to break wind.
    Saves on biscuits too.

    I remember just like it was yesterday, those good old days when he was happier, leaner and more active.

    I still have that picture of you both playing in the street, what was it you called him?

    Cheeky hairy little blader I think it was. I always thought if he shaved his back it would save a fortune on brushes.


    Look !!!


    All the best

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