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WIP 90MM Resin figure query.

Discussion in 'Just starting...' started by Paul Casson, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Paul Casson Active Member

    Evening all,
    should i prime the head of a resin figure (Hawk Miniatures Lt Souter) prior to applying the base flesh tone or will i get away with 2 thin coats of acrylic flesh and leave these to dry for 48 hours prior to starting with oils? Am worried that primer plus base coats will mask some of the superb facial details.
    Many thanks
  2. Graham A Fixture

    Personally, I would ensure the resin has been cleaned with washing up liquid and just warm water and allowed to dry then I would prime it. I use an airbrush and Vallejo primer. There are great primers available in spray cans, Citadel from Games Workshop is a great smooth and fine primer as is Tamiya. Many others are available but these are ones I have used.
  3. Paul Casson Active Member

    Many thanks Graham.
  4. bistray Well-Known Member

    Tamiya extra fine primer, brilliant stuff and doesnt detract any of the detail
  5. DEL A Fixture

    Trick is not to get too anxious about priming just so long as you keep it light and spray from about 2'0" away. Many of the best painters on this and other sites use a couple of light passes with Halfords Auto Primer.
    You can go with just the grey .... or when the grey is dry a very light dusting with white primer sprayed from above in a quick 'halo' will give you a good reference for your highlights.
    Because I use a very limited palette I rarely undercoat, preferring to lightly spray the whole figure with a Humbrol Desert Sand colour and work directly on top of this with my oils.
  6. Paul Casson Active Member

    Many thanks Del.
  7. Paul Casson Active Member

    Thanks Paul, i've got a can of the games workshop primer and the Vallejo primer but will get a can of the Tamiya primer.
    Cheers Paul
  8. kilsh Well-Known Member

    Hi Paul

    I always use games workshop, black and white as primers. Recently I have started decanting and putting through the airbrush, it goes a lot further and allows better control of coverage. Tamiya is just as good though as the other guys have said. If in doubt do a couple of thin coats instead if one thick one and check for missed blemishes in the model and paints runs in between.

    Good luck!


  9. Paul Casson Active Member

    Ta Neil, i'll give the GW a go with a very thin coat.
    Cheers Paul
  10. Helm A Fixture

    Halfords own primer myself comes in grey,white and black all equally good and a LOT cheaper than Citadel etc
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  11. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture

    However! ..is it just me ! or is the Citadel 'Skull-White',. which I use as a primer. Becoming really much more difficult to source! without paying 'Silly-Money'. :(

  12. Graham A Fixture

    Which is why I stopped using it in favour of airbrushed Vallejo. I really do like Citadel but it is too expensive as a general primer. However, it is good and one can will do lots of figures if the can is looked after, certainly cheaper than an airbrush and compressor just for priming.....

    I have used Halfords Acrylic primers and they are good but I find the pressure seems high for me and easy to flood. It is designed for car panel spraying after all. It is good if used correctly though. I may be a mug but I do like model related products for modelling.
  13. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture

    ;) .... Graham.
    I totally agree! AB, is the best option for priming ! .. However, what if one can no longer hold a 'Dual-Action' AB, ?:(... .. So I have to run with what is the most viable for me! ..(its a long story) :sleep::D.. I also use such things as 'Car-Plan; Red Oxide and others ..etc as a primer! (Auto Sprays). If it works, use it! .. :D


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  14. Graham A Fixture

    "If it works, use it.."

    Probably says it all really :)
  15. Hawk_Uk PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Paul,

    I will look forward to seeing some picture which ever way you go with the undercoat.

    Always like to see painted version of my kits.

    Happy Painting
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