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8.9 quake and tsunami hits Japan

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by gordy, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. kiwi45 Active Member

    What devastating news, With one of their USAR teams here helping in Christchurch it must be a blow for those guy's to hear of their own country's earthquake and tsunami. Our thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan.
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  2. gordy Well-Known Member

    Oh that is a horrible turn of events for them :(
  3. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Thank you very much everyone, on behalf of Japanese members...

    Japan is in caos now, especially northeast area, in there many cars, trucks, ships and even houses get drifted, a lots of people are died, missing, over 2-300 drowned bodies found...really terrible situation. All TV channels are stopped regular programs and broadcasting live situations of all over Japan all day.

    I sent PM to all Japanese members to know if they are OK. Hope all of them OK.
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  4. gordy Well-Known Member

    Thank you Kaz, stay safe friend
  5. ausf Active Member

    The images are heartbreaking.

    My thoughts and condolences to all affected.
  6. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Watching the footage of the tsunamis today was horrifying.

  7. Jeff Active Member

    I really have no words to express what I am feeling. Watching whole villages get swallowed up in the wave on live TV was heart breaking. Will Keep Japan in my thoughts.
  8. panzervati Member

    Everyone, thank you messages.
    Me and my family is safe.

    Earthquake was terrible.
    Obihiro Hokkaido is about 500km from the epicenter of Sendai.
    This earthquake is nearly two hours off and on major tremor
    Came many times, we were surprised. This experience is the first time.
    The more than 1,000 dead or missing out the serious damage caused by the tsunami on the coast of Fukushima Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture and night to dawn
    Is out.
    Very scary, What a shame.
    I'm worried about an old friend in Hachinohe.

    Tokyo last night and stopped all transportation, many people could return home.
    The recovery of this damage will take a lot of time.

    Thank you for worrying about us.
  9. unknown01 New Member

    This is Mitsutaka Fujiwara.
    My area suffered no damage miraculously.
    I, my mother, a relative and people around are OK.
    The report by which a situation is being aggravated was formed into today's news.
    I am very glad about Panzervati,Kazufumi safely.
    And I apologize for a report's of this thread being behind schedule.
    Thank you very much for everyone really.

    Mitsutaka Fujiwara
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  10. Yosuhiro New Member

    Nara where I live, everything is alright.
    However, worried about similar tonankai earthquake, is expected to happen next
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  11. unknown01 New Member

    Yoshihiro、I hear that you are safe and am really happy.
    You're right.
    We also have to watch a Tonankai earthquake.
    Anyway safety was fine for you.

    Mitsutaka Fujiwara
  12. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Our thoughts at with you all at this time. Best of luck to you all, I know you'll recover.
  13. pinsel Active Member

    how is the situataion with the atomic complexes?.is it under control now.?such things make one thankfull that one does live in an region without the possibilitie of earth quakes.
    i saw some pics the force of the waves was brutal.here an small human has nothing to hold against it
    best whishes to all.
    i gave mitsutaka post an like it,because i wanted to show with it that i am happy with him that he and his people sufferend no harm.
  14. tonydawe A Fixture

    Mitsutaka, I'm very pleased to hear you and your family are safe my friend. I'm relieved to hear that damage seems to be minimal in other parts of the Pacific, but Sendai is a very sad affair.

    The scare now is about the nuclear reactors that may be losing radiation containment and become unstable. If anyone can fix it, the japanese nuclear engineers will get the job done.

    I'm hugely impressed with the stoic calm shown by the Japanese people on TV. They are very calm and patient, there is no panic and no looting or violence. The grief will come later, but I think most of the world is in shock over these events. My heart goes out to all those survivors who now must face the brutal years ahead without their families.

    I'd like to say that Planet Figure has been one of my chief sources of news on this Earthquake and Tsunami. Thankfully all Japanese Planeteers seem to be safe, but it is too early to say that. After-shocks and even volcanic eruptions could result from such a large earthquake.

    When you look at the bigger picture, the earthquake in Japan and the recent earthquake in Christchurch may both be part of the same geological shift along the Pacific plate boundary.

    Well done Gordy for breaking the Earthquake story on Planet Figure within minutes of it happening and for expressing goodwill and best wishes to our Japanese Planeteers.
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  15. Iwanov Member

    Everyone,Thans for your concern.
    Me,my family and my works are safe.
    Luckily I recieve no dameges.
    And Shizuoka is alright now.

    Most of Japanese people are preparing for disasters. Earthquake,Typhoon.
    But we are almost powerless before the power of the earth.

    I just hope that fewer victims.
  16. akaryu Moderator

    Japanese friends, gambatte kudasai, ki o tsukete!!!
  17. Konrad Active Member

    Thank you all.
    My family and I are OK.
    When the earthquake hit japan, I was in Chiba prefecture(next to Tokyo). I've never experienced such a huge earthquake. Railways did not work so I couldn't come back to my home. I spent last night in my workplace and I was scared because afterquake was so frequent. I could come back to my home today.

    Now my concern is atomic powerplant. I heard atomic is in danger of meltdown.
    Even now, I can not believe this terrible situation.
  18. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

    Unfortunately no more "danger of meltdown" - it has happend!

    All my best wishes to the japanese people and all the others, who now the nuclear fallout also will get.

    Sad redards
  19. T50 A Fixture

    I have two friends in Japan:
    Mr. Manabu Soyama from MS Models
    and Mr. Yukio Honma (sculptor).
    I emailed them yesterday morning but received no replies.
    Does any Japanese PF member know them and if they are safe?
  20. Demchenko A Fixture

    My best wished and solidarity for all japanese people. While I get no any replyes from my friend from here.

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