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Completed 75mm Jill Valentine 3D print

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Kimmo, Sep 18, 2021.

  1. Kimmo A Fixture

    Time to have some more fun and step out of my comfort zone a little. This was another of the batch of 3D prints I had done some time ago and thought it would make an interesting experimental piece for a nighttime scene. The figure is pretty well sculpted, although I would redo her hair if I was to do this again, and source some weapons. She is a character from the game Resident Evil and being unarmed is apparently no unusual, so I figured I'd have her meandering down the street towards her favourite arms dealer/boutique. I scratched up a wall and sidewalk section from blue foam, a window and frame from styrene sheet and strip, and the rat is from Scientifimodels with new paws from flattened stretched sprue which was sliced to simulate appendages and a length for a new tail. Not the easiest of tasks I can tell you. Once primed neutral grey, I took photos with a small flashlight suspended above to represent a streetlight and then used the photos to do a value sketch with Scale75 primers.






    I'm sorely tempted to continue in black in white, but I do want to test out lighting effects. Next up will be a light blocking in of colour, and hopefully the pre-shading will stand out well enough so I don't have to redo much.

  2. Kimmo A Fixture

    First coats down, I'm going to have to really darken some of the "shadows" for greater contrast.





    It'll be fun to see where this goes.

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  3. Ferris A Fixture

    Nice work and great example that value sketch! Very helpful for a project I have in mind.

  4. Kimmo A Fixture

    Cheers Adrian! It's something I need to do more often, even if the pre-shading doesn't come through as hoped, you get a good mental image of how things should be done.

    I've managed to get most of the initial shading done, and it is starting to look more like what I had in mind. The trickiest part has been to keep the dark shades unique, while maintaining similar tones. The bricks got an edge highlight on the upper and right sides to help sell the direction of the light, still a bit of work needed there. The blue tones aren't showing up as much as they should, the work light setup isn't quite right for that.





    Next I'll start to clean up and refine the shading and pick out the details some more.

  5. Nap A Fixture


    Apologies catching up a bit ! .....this is right up your street , like the way it's progressing , the gradual build up shows the figure to great effect

    Following with interest

    Happy benchtime

  6. Kimmo A Fixture

    Cheers Nap! I see what you did there...

    Got a bit more work in today focusing on getting details picked out, some texture to the webbing and a bit more glow. Still a lot of work to be done.





    I'm going to break out the inks to get some intensity into the outlines and shadows, there's only so much I can get with paint and I need that extra oomph.

  7. Nap A Fixture

    Just how do you paint like this ....looking great liking the textures

    Happy benchtime

  8. Kimmo A Fixture

    Cheers Nap! The same way you get to Carnegie Hall. practice, practice, practice ;)

    But seriously, it's a combination of things. I've learned an awful lot by watching Angel Giraldez's videos, and my model building experience has helped to establish good hand eye for the smallest of details. I also took some advice from another painter Marco Frisoni (his videos on colour theory are fantastic), he says if in doubt of your abilities or the outcome, use thinner layers so you can correct mistakes more easily or change direction on the fly. The texture was an experiment, the webbing has a diamond pattern weave and I figured that diagonal hatching with light followed by a vertical or horizontal hatch with dark might work, and it did. Otherwise, I'm beginning to just go for it more often, not worrying or over-thinking things and not being so finicky with choice of colour, concentrating more on values. Glazes, washes and filters are used to a lot to blend and smooth, or to add tones and chaos and then going back and defining edges and details. I use whatever brush technique I feel will give the best result for any given area or effect. One other thing that has helped loads is to let the paint dry properly before making any decisions on what or if anything else needs to be done, your eyes will also appreciate the break and will help you forget what you did so you are quite literally looking at your previous work with different eyes. I paint for about an hour, take a break and continue until I get to a point where a longer break is needed, so one session may be spread out over 5-6 hours. I wish I could say I do this and then that, but I just do what feels right in the moment using past experience as a guide.

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  9. Kimmo A Fixture

    I got the ink work done and had to of course redo some lost highlights. I love how inks smooth out transitions, and the intensity you can get with a very thin layer. Very powerful stuff so care must be taken to not overdo things. The face got more work, still needs some more. I also had a minor mishap resulting in her head popping off when she hit the floor, fortunately I got it back on without a noticeable seam.





    And a quick look with a dark background to see if the shadows are strong enough.


    Still some work to be done, but slowly getting there.

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  10. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Kimmo

    Thanks for the explanation and the update pictures , to me it looks really effective highs and shadows and there is " still some work to be done " .....look forward to that

    Happy benchtime

  11. Kimmo A Fixture

    Cheers Nap! Mostly a bit of clean up and then the overall light glow, fussy stuff.

    The last major bit of painting was the window and frame, I decided to go with a lighter frame to get some contrast with the window. The window itself got some messing about with darks and lights and a glaze of pale yellow. Need to see how this looks tomorrow when it fully dries.





    Hopefully I can wrap this up tomorrow.

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  12. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Kimmo

    Nice updates on the painting , your clever with effects ....I can only dream....lol

    Look forward to final wrap up

    Thanks for sharing

  13. Kimmo A Fixture

    Cheers Nap! Just let the force flow...

    I think I'm calling this done. I redid the hair as something was bugging me, and did some touch ups here and there.





    I'll take some better shots once I get the bench cleared and the tent put up. My work light is a bit harsh, which sort of works, but kills some of the yellow.

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  14. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Kimmo

    You've nailed that , lighting effects , thanks for the SBS

    Happy benchtime

  15. Kimmo A Fixture

    Cheers Nap!

    Got some good photos taken, the light tent and some minor adjustments with settings really brought out the tones better, a gallery can be found here.

    A teaser


    Thanks to everyone who followed along and commented.

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  16. Scott Sheltz Active Member

    Great looking figure and paint job!
  17. Kimmo A Fixture

    Cheers Scott!


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