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75mm Cairo Street Merchant

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by kansas kid, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Alright fellow Planeteers: Yes, I have not posted any work on this site in quite
    some time. I got really involved in a mostly scratch built Polish Armored Car
    model in 1:32nd scale, and it took a year to complete. That's fine but my
    figure painting really has suffered since I haven't done any in so long. I did
    just recently finish a wonderful casting from Reedees Miniatures, the 75mm
    Cairo Street Merchant. Yes, Steve is a friend of mine, but I can honestly tell
    you that the casting is flawless. And IMHO, there are so many colourful
    ways that this figure could be rendered. I had a ball painting this figure. I
    just hope that I didn't over do all the variety of colours and patterns.
    Whaaaaaaaa, I could NOT help myself. I kept trying to keep in mind my
    mantra "colour harmony" . . . but you may express an opinion that I did,
    . . . drum roll please, OVERDID it. And that is ok to be candid with your
    remarks. I painted the entire figure and base in acrylics. And yes, I am
    still having a lot of trouble with acrylics, especially the face and the flesh
    tones. But I am not discouraged. . . I just do not want to go back to oils,
    even though I am aware that they are so much more forgiving. Well, mates,
    that's ma' story and Ahma' goin' to stick with it. Comments or critiques from
    ladies and gentlemen, fellow Planeteers are most welcomed.

    Rick Brownlee, Heartland America
    a.k.a. The Miami Jayhawk;
    Kansas Kid; and a bunch of other Sobriquets

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  2. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Well, I am sorry to report that I have the scale of the figure, the
    Cairo Street Merchant, from Reedees Miniatures quoted in the
    above note, incorrectly stated. The figure is 90mm. I am sorry
    if this created any Kansas Corn Fusion amongst the citizenary.

    K. Kid
  3. Meehan34 A Fixture

    good to see you back sir! Nice work in this guy.
  4. 1969 A Fixture

    Good to see you finished this one up Rick, you have achieved a nice result with your choice of colours which all work very well together. The base work looks very good, good choice with the flagstones, they compliment your colours on the figure well.
    75mm...90mm whats 15mm between friends :)

    All the best mate

  5. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hey Mike in Oklahoma. . . always so good to receive your
    positive re-enforcement (oh gee, I hope there is a hyphen in that
    woid?) And I do appreciate your kind words. This is such a
    nice figure to work on. And the possibilities re the colour palette
    are endless, in MHO, anyways. Thanks again, Mike.
  6. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hey Ho, Mr Readdie:

    Thanks my friend, for taking time to post your opinion here
    on Sunday, a rather Slow day usually. As I said in the first note,
    your work is first rate, and the castings are as good as I've ever

    Wishing you and your family a great week ahead,

    The Miami Jayhawk
  7. housecarl A Fixture

    Excellent finish Rick.
    Why don't you post the armored car, I'm sure no one would complain?
  8. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Oh ma' gosh, Carl: Wow, what a suggestion re posting images
    of the Polish Armored Car on PlanetFigure, a figure site.
    Oh gee. Well, sure. . . I would love to do that, but I'm not sure
    if that would be acceptable. However, that aside, HouseCarl. . .
    I do want to thank you for your kind words and also for you
    e-mails that encouraged me so much over these many months.
    Especially with all time with the Polish Armored Car.
    You're a quality gentleman, my friend. And that can not be over
    stated here. . . or where ever people need to know. Thanks again, my
    friend. Rickster
  9. housecarl A Fixture

    You're most welcome Rick.
  10. mil-mart A Fixture

    Hi Rick you already know my thoughts on this one, excellent colour combinations and a great finish with the basework. Congratulations mate.

    Cheers Ken
  11. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello Ken:

    I do so appreciate you taking time to post such a kind and positive
    reaction to my attempts at Mr. ReedeesMinaiatures 90mm figure.
    As I said there are so many ways to approach this figure re the
    colour palette. It was so much fun to do.

    Ken, let me take this opportunity to wish you and the other
    Musketeers a very profitable and enjoyable day at Telford coming
    along very soon now, for you gentle folks in the UK. I hope you
    all enjoy the day and have a profitable time while you are there.

    My best regards to you my friend,

  12. megroot A Fixture

    Very nice work, and very colorfull.

  13. Helm A Fixture

    Looks great to me the turban in particular. Any reason you did the animal skin in brown? Not a criticism just being nosey ;)

  14. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    hello Marc: Thanks for taking time to have a look see. I do
    appreciate your kind words. Have a great Day, Marc,

    Rick "Miami Jayhawk"
  15. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hey Ho Steve-vo. . . "Mr. Helm" thank you for taking time to
    post your comments. Yes, regarding the animal skin, . . . . I
    thought of it as a female lion; deciding not to do a tiger strip
    kind of a "skin". My reasoning was that there was so much
    in regards to a variety of colours, and patterns, that it would
    be good to keep the animal skin simple. And also, I have never
    tried to render a tiger skin before. Leopard skin, yes. . . so I was
    fearful that I would mess it up. . . . :(:(:cautious:
  16. Helm A Fixture

    Thanks for that Rick

  17. Mike Stevens A Fixture

    Nice to see you back at it. It looks nice.
  18. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello Mike: It was kind of you to respond to my thread, Mike.
    And it is good to be back working on figures after a year of
    doing only one military vehicle. BTW, I'm curious about your icon.
    It looks like the words say "The Rock" and I'm wondering if
    this is a military unit shoulder patch. Paratroopers perhaps?

    Have a great week,

    The Miami Jayhawk

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