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75 carthago war elephant

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Alex, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. Alex A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    Just received yesterday my RP elephant in 75 mm
    Here are some quick pictures taken after removing the casting blocks from the elephant and trying to get a decent fit.
    I was able to get an ok fit by removing some resin from under the elephant where the leather belt is attached.
    Casting of the head is excellent but I have noticed a few things worth mentioning about the remaining parts :

    - there is a big difference in the quality of the casting of the carpet on the sides of the elephant vs the separate lower parts. This is very noticable and will show after the paint job. See how you can see the threads in the lower parts while the upper portions (cast with the elephant) lack the same kind of definition. The only solution I see to this is to remove all engravings from the carpet.

    - there is a broken part in front banner and I will have to ask a replacement for that. please note that this part is very fragile and you might get one free of defects.

    - the shield from the rider lacks the wonderful engraving found in the bust since the scale is much smaller. Maybe some copies out there will have better details but mine does not.

    - some seams in the two soldiers in the tower will need vary careful removal since they run through the mail.

    Now here are some pictures for all of you to enjoy.

    I can recommend this kit but preparation will not be straightforward.

    Great job RP models.. you brought the first 75 mm elephant to the modeling world ! 5F558E28-3DAF-4B15-B2D3-19A95E2D47A2.jpeg 48DBF827-CBE2-40C4-912A-DF1CFFBA2068.jpeg BE43D65E-4882-41AE-8926-ED72B78154A6.jpeg 886AE00E-732C-4845-8F14-87C646ED1562.jpeg 917C1A0C-764E-49E2-9DE8-04251BA29A09.jpeg
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  2. Alex A Fixture

    And some others ... 4FDCFBF4-AED6-438C-AC86-F14F2A8FEEF7.jpeg 8863353B-43B4-4B5C-9F0F-0343C99BB981.jpeg FF200234-66F1-4983-BA93-F62873529D66.jpeg C5C55663-E788-4BFD-85C3-87D53C98FFDE.jpeg 9B22DE8D-93E2-4FF0-AEE3-B6456E6D98CE.jpeg D458FF18-EA04-4D82-9983-B572CD4FF994.jpeg
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  3. Alex A Fixture

  4. Babelfish A Fixture

    Surely you never thought that it was going to be easy did you??!! ;):LOL:

    Thanks for the heads-up on this monumental kit Alex, all very useful, and great to see some good quality photos of the resin. This will help many I'm sure, not least in deciding whether or not to splash the cash on it.

    I'm picking mine up at a show a week tomorrow (birthday present courtesy of my good lady!) so it's good to be forewarned about potential banana skins. I'm really looking forward to having a crack at this one, once I've finished a couple of part-done projects off the Shelf of Shame.

    - Steve
  5. MCPWilk A Fixture


  6. HansDig A Fixture

    This sure looks quite a challange to both build and paint. I will follow this ( that is, if you keep us posted on the work ) but having said that let's take a closer look at the things you mentioned about this €185 ex shipment costing figure.
    You are trying to get a decent fit.
    Looking at the pictures a lot of work has to be done before you will get that decent fit and I still find it strange that (again, look at the price) a piece like this isn't produced with a 100% (oké, 99,5% ) fit.

    There is a big difference in the quality of the casting of the carpet on the sides of the elephant vs the separate lower parts.
    This is very noticable and will show after the paint job.
    See how you can see the threads in the lower parts while the upper portions (cast with the elephant) lack the same kind of definition. The only solution I see to this is to remove all engravings from the carpet.
    Same as with the 'fit'. How can this be on such an expensive piece ?

    There is a broken part in front banner and I will have to ask a replacement for that. please note that this part is very fragile and you might get one free of defects.
    So, what you are basicly saying is one is lucky when this part arrives unbroken..... I wonder how this piece was packed since, if it is very fragile, it should be packed seperatly in a small box or something like that. If it left the caster unbroken (....) it should arrive unbroken if carefully pacjed )

    The shield from the rider lacks the wonderful engraving found in the bust since the scale is much smaller. Maybe some copies out there will have better details but mine does not.
    I looked at the RP picture and I quess you are right saying you 'hope some copies will have better'. Their promotion-elephant is indeed better detailed........

    Some seams in the two soldiers in the tower will need vary careful removal since they run through the mail.
    Same as with the fit....why, as a caster, not take the time to remove seams, casting blocks or...everything that does not belong to the figure ( and no, I don't think this would make the product much more expensive....)

    We've talked about this in the 'Stampede' topic and I will not become a "Caster-Basher" but in my opinion an expensive piece like this should be sold 'ready-to-paint' and with a 100% likenes in detail to the promotion-pictures.
    I know casting is a very compex process but so is making a car, building a house etc.etc.etc.
    I would love to hear the comments of the producer/caster of this magnificent sculpted piece to help me understand why all defects shared by Alex should be considered 'normal' for €185,-
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  7. yellowcat A Fixture

    I received mine couple days ago. I will shoot some pictures tomorrow. I have to do some gardening first.
  8. Alex A Fixture

    I think that this elephant is worth its price because once painted (in my case within the next year since I am already working on a huge 75 mm project) it will be marvelous.
    If you need to see some pictures of some particular parts, please just let me know and I will take them and publish them here.
  9. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Mr. Alex

    Thank you so much for your words... I will send you a replacement for the piece is broken... I ask you apologies but I send everything right but Its broke in transport...

    The line molds in the figure my partner did in the way you dont see them very well... If you see the archer, its with inclination, so you dont see nothing after the clean...

    About the carpet... Its the same in all the elephants.. We did new print and put more texture to give a idea of fabric patch placement... But I start to think isnt a good idea... We want to improve the piece for he can be so different, and some time we passed way from the concept

    The elephant casting is very complex... Its the information my partner give me, because the elephant its to big... The tower we want give the impression and bring the manual work, its because of that you have that work and imperfections/marks in the wood...

    The extration point its the head part because you will put the head and you dont see nothing... Its what my partner passed me and of course I trust in his work...

    Every piece was broken or have a problem, I will send new ones... Its RPmodels responsibility and we will send a new piece...

    Thank you so much for believe in RPmodels, but believe me... BIG PIECES NEVER MORE... My partner told me he had a lot of difficulties in casting because the molds are hugeeeeeeee... And the temperature in the mold is cruise... Lots of difficulties in control the process... For me its a nightmare do teh packing of 800 figures and 300 busts... But its almost done... Next week its finish...

    I ask you apologies for time delay and if something arent so good like we normally do... I want to express my public gratitude for your patience...

    With best regards
    Hugo Pereira
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  10. Alex A Fixture

    Thanks Hugo for the reply

    I agree with you, I think that showing the threads was maybe a good idea during the rendering, but for the actual product, a flat surface would have been better. I will chisel away all the engravings which will give me complete freedom for the painting of the carpet.

    Yes the head does hide the front seam, that's why customers should try to make the upper part of the elephant fit together than chisel the underside (where you won't see it)

    The seam of the other standing figure (not the archer) might be the one problematic but I'll come back to you after trying to clean it.

    Yeap, that was a huge project.. that's why there are so few elephants on the market !


  11. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello again Mr. Alex

    Its true... I dont know any elephant in 75mm... And know I start to understand why... The complexity of the production is very difficult and Ive my casting partner always claim to me for the complexity of the piece... But its finish... I wish I had more elephants to sell... But Its a Limited Edition of 200. so there arent 201...

    Thank you so much for everything.
    With best regards
    Hugo Pereira
  12. valiant A Fixture

    I have been in touch with Hugo over some mould issues that I have encountered whilst assembling one of these as a commission piece. The issues with the seams are down to huge silicone moulds, which clearly flexes when it is filled with resin during casting. I would suggest that to alleviate this happening on future items, that the mouldmaker uses a fibreglass outer "shell" for the mould, which holds the silicone in place. The shell is held together with wingnuts and prevents the seams from moving once the cavity is filled with resin. The person who has done casting for me, casts some huge items from resin and uses this type of mould as a matter of course. It also means that he can get away with a thinner "skin" of silicone, as he does not need the bulk of rubber in order to keep the mould rigid.

    I should also like to thank Hugo for his swift response to this problem. Clearly, a manufacturer who has a passion for his art and a deep concern for quality.(y)
  13. JasonB A Fixture

    OK, 2 cents worth coming from perhaps having more experience with large limited run resin kits. First, is the complaint about the banner the one tassel being broken off? If so...par for the course and very, very minor. The fit of the elephant isn't out of line with other large pieces I have experienced. Try some Verlinden 120mm horses (or Andrea 90mm's for that matter) and it won't seem so bad. Get some Magic Sculpt and make use of it, those seams will disappear chop, chop. Seams through the detail? Again, par for the course. I am currently working on some figs from Jeff Shiu, lets talk about THOSE seams for a second. Challenging. Three figs at $55 each that require some basic resculpting to fix some of the parts fit and mold mismatch. The ones on these figs are at least seams and not large mold offset. The difference textures is disappointing. I would get some Mr. Surfacer and stipple it on the parts of the elephant fabric that need texture. I can't see if there is other detail missing, but overall, I think this is a fine effort.

    Hansdig, ready to paint out of the box? That would be a first for me, though the Armada models Jon Snow bust I just got may fit the bill. Needless to say, its just a LITTLE smaller and simpler project than this one. I have yet to see a kit of this size and complexity that didn't involve more effort than just gluing some parts together and calling it ready to paint. It would be advisable that the released product closely match the display version so that there are no surprises.
  14. Alex A Fixture

    The problem with the tassel is that its neck is very thin and can only be repaired by inserting a pin inside...which I will try to do but it will not be easy. Sure you can try to glue the two pieces together but it will not be solid enough (for my taste). But I agree, it is a minor problem. Good kit overall.
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  15. JOEYR Member

    Hello Hugo!

    I must say i am verry dissapointed that you are not planning any more big pieces like this in the future.

    While it is true that the elephant needs a little bit of putty here and there and there are som issues with the casting (two different fabric textures on the side of the elephant is the biggest problem in my opinion) in the end after it is put together and painted no one is going to notice most of the problem shown here (the elephant i have has similar issues to the one in this review).
    On the other hand the final piece is going to be absolutelly magnificent especially paired with some suitable enemy figures, because the sculpt is by far the best one on the market. Compared to Verlinden or Andrea this one is much more dynamic and better sculpted in general.

    The price of the elephant is also more than fair if you consider that one 75mm figure generally costs about 45EURO. That means for four figures it is 180 EURO but one of the figures in this kit is actually huge elephant and not your standard foot soldier.

    All things consider i like this kit very much and it is definitelly going to be marvelous after it is painted.
    I really hope you reconsider your no more big pieces in the future policy.

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  16. franck edet A Fixture

    I don't want to bash on Hugo's back ok !
    but ... the pictures I see here reminds me of what i saw with my Viking bust ... and well : my hobby is to paint, not to sculpt nor even worst : resculpt ...
    it is not that the general offering is bad, it'S just that it doesn't look right, especially on the chainmails, those parts are looking very stiff with no life in it and Alex's pictures show exactly what i am saying.
    plus : on a so big kit, for this price (which i'm not discussing) having those gaps between parts ... disapointing is the word that comes to me.
    sorry Hugo, once again i'm not trashing your work of love, i'm just saying the truth about how i feel ... sorry again

    but if we want to get rid of recasters, we need the original kits to be absolutely perfect to justify the amount of $$$ we put in our hobby.
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  17. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Mr. Joey

    Thank you so much for your comment... Today I received a few emails and big quantity of messages asking me for reconsidering this situation... I will take the opportunity and i will tell you what I answered today... All day... LOL... I never expected one of my comments had such a great impact and depth... I do not want to leave anyone unhappy or less satisfied with RPmodels... Isnt my intention...

    For me its difficult to do big pieces like this... I confess I was thinking in the future develop a battle scene between 2 elephants...

    We are a very small company that believe in a romantic idea... And if you see I use the term easy fix, because in my figures everything fix very well... And if you see one of my horses or camels, you have a very special construction... We use the stripes to separate the parts... and in the elephant it was impossible do that because of the blanket... But its what it is... I dont like normal things, I like different issues... Different ideas and so on... No one did it a elephant bust... We are the first... A few days ago I saw a company used the some idea but with different character and animal... And I like it... Its different... And we are doing more new things... The Catafratari Camel will have a bust above... Another evolution in the company... Its the new ideas that bring light to humanity... Its just taught... Lets see what happens in the future...

    I ask apologies to Mr. Alex for using his post to talk about this... Im sorry any inconvenience and if there are a problem let me know for I can delete the post...

    Thank you so much Mr. Joey
    With best regards
    Hugo Pereira
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  18. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Mr. Franck

    Thank you for your comment... We did what we had in the pictures... Osprey Books that we used...

    10 - Cópia.jpg

    But Thank you for your comment... Its your opinion... And of course its important for RPmodels and for me... We will try to improve in the next time...

    Thank you Sir.
    With best regards
    Hugo Pereira
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  19. jknaus Active Member

    Thanks for the review, some things I will have to watch for. I know I am happy with mine.
  20. Capt. Warren PlanetFigure Supporter

    Darn...I was looking forward to a 200mm War Elephant:D

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