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Review 72nd Highlander from SOVEREIGN 2000 (S2K)

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi everbody

    Following on from this bust release from Marc Day at S2K which I looked at here https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/medieval-soldier-bust-from-s2k.117121/


    This time we are moving forward in time to the mid Victorian , the time of the british empire with many horrific wars one of note is of course the Indian Mutiny of 1857 in which the 72nd served alongside other Regts.

    Brief history :

    The 72nd Highlander Regiment started its life as The Seaforth Highlanders Regiment which was raised in 1778 by the Earl of Seaforth. It became the 72nd ( Highland ) Regiment of Foot in 1786. The regiment saw service in East India and Cape of Good Hope prior to 1809. 1809 was the year that all Scottish regiments will remember, as it was the year in which many of the regiments lost their `Highland' status and ceased to wear the kilt. Unfortunately, the 72nd was one of those regiments.

    In subsequent years, the 72nd saw service in Cape Colony, Mauritius, the Kaffir War in South Africa, and Ireland. In recognition of its record as a reliable regiment, in 1823 it was re-titled The 72nd -Duke of Albany's Own Highlanders (For Frederick Augustus, Duke of York and Albany) and allowed to resume wearing highland dress such as the feather bonnet. However, instead of the kilt, it wore trews of Charles Edward Stuart tartan. The regiment has been amalgamated with other regiments over time

    One of the influences of India was the adoption of clothing items in various degrees including wearing a turban for instance , this is what our subject has done.

    As a Scottish Regt he proudly wears trousers in the regimental tartan of Hunting Stewart but of course he could wear plain coloured trousers as well .

    The Tartan

    The dress that the 72nd was given in 1823 made them unique: instead of the kilt, trews in Prince Charles Edward Stuart tartan, their uniform otherwise matching that of the kilted regiments, with feather bonnets, plaids, etc.

    The tartan of this regiment being often given as Royal Stewart, the two tartans are pretty much the same, the only difference being the size of the red empty block. But in period photographs the two tartans can clearly be distinguished

    Here's Prince Charles Edward Stuart tartan as shown on Scotweb; this is the genuine tartan worn by the 72nd

    Credit : information on tartan obtained from www.markthe scot.com

    Couple of references for you

    zzzzzz.jpg zzzzzzzzz.jpg 000000.jpg

    One of the officers in trews:

    Books are of course available here are a few on Scottish Regts you might find interesting

    zzzzzzzzzzz.jpg zzzz.jpg zzzzz.jpg

    Curtesy of Bill Horan here is a version in the trews ( a private soldier)

    of course we have available this as well to assist in the tartan....

    zzzzzzzzzz.jpg ......if only...LOL

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap Forum Moderator

    Lets see what we are looking at:

    Title: Officer 72nd Highlanders 1857-59

    Reference: S2KW5416

    Scale: 54mm

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of parts: 12 ( extra sword hilt/blade)

    Original Sculpt: Rendal Patton

    Casting: In House by Marc Day

    Box Art: None available for the release

    The model is held in a clear bag with foam chippings within a thin card oblong box with the parts consisting of:

    Main Figure
    2 Arms
    Turban "tail"
    Basket hilt x 2
    Sword blade x 2

    S2K 72nd Hldr 002.jpg S2K 72nd Hldr 001.jpg S2K 72nd Hldr 017.jpg

    General comments
    • Nice to have the extra basket and blade
    • Blades were held onto a card backing , these are delicate and will need careful handling
    • Main Figure...Remove excess from under boots
    • 2 Arms...Remove small casting pieces from shoulder /wrist , tiny flashing on revolver in hand
    • Head...Remove from former and fit to figure
    • Turban "tail" ... Cut away formers and fit to rear of turban
    • Holster...Remove former and fit to figure
    • Scabbard...Remove formers and fit
    • Basket hilt x 2 ... Remove former and fit in position
    • Sword blade x 2 ..Fit to hilt
    • Base...Slight Sanding around edges
    Not a lot of prep , the blades are delicate and it might be worth considering replacing with a metal version ( from a flattened pin perhaps)

    Onto the resin

    Main Figure

    Sculpted in a action pose right leg forward , advancing with determination the torso consists of the undress/shell jacket with an opening for the head to be positioned in

    The shoulder have trefoil twisted cord epaulette the collar itself is open down to just above the middle chest showing the undershirt ...a allowance for the heat !!

    Around the waist there is the sword belt , with the clasp round buckle at the front , nice bit of sharp definition on the belt , also cast on is both the sword belts the lower belt hanging naturally on the left thigh waiting for the scabbard

    The trousers are long and with wear and tear in the form of a hole on the right knee and a patch on the left ...nice bit of interest

    On both the jacket and trousers the movement of the material is well sculpted , all sitting as they would

    To fit the arms there is locating holes ...2 single on the left shoulder and a larger one on the right so no chance of putting the arms on wrong!!!

    S2K 72nd Hldr 023.jpg

    S2K 72nd Hldr 004.jpg S2K 72nd Hldr 006.jpg S2K 72nd Hldr 007.jpg S2K 72nd Hldr 008.jpg S2K 72nd Hldr 009.jpg S2K 72nd Hldr 010.jpg S2K 72nd Hldr 005.jpg S2K 72nd Hldr 003.jpg

    2 Arms

    The right is outstretched aiming the pistol which is held in the hand , the weapon is a clearly seen and painting will bring the details out , on both cuffs we have the pointed edges with 2 buttons ...all well cast in definition.

    The left arm has no hand being ready to have the sword hilt added

    As with the main figure there is good folds on both arms

    S2K 72nd Hldr 011.jpg S2K 72nd Hldr 012.jpg


    Facial features include a rather cracking pair of side whiskers and a moustache on the review item the right side ( as looking at ) was larger is size .

    The mouth is open shouting chin forward, good eye and nose work .

    On his head we see a turban this is particularly well sculpted and shaped

    S2K 72nd Hldr 013.jpg S2K 72nd Hldr 014.jpg S2K 72nd Hldr 016.jpg

    Scabbard/Turban "tail"

    For me the scabbard is perhaps a little thin but in position looks good , there are supporting bands in various places , fit again is easy to do .

    The tail sits nicely onto the lower edge of the turban when the head is in place , it shows the folds well

    S2K 72nd Hldr 020.jpg

    Basket hilt /Sword blade /Holster

    The hilt is the basket type with the hand fully enclosed , the detailing of the metalwork is good with the large tassel , the hand fits well into the left cuff ,

    The blade is delicate and might need straightening using hot water ...be careful!!!!

    The fitting of the blade will be very fiddly but the end result looks good...as mentioned you might like to replace the blade with something stronger.

    The holster is a good shape with the top folded over and secured in place by a small strap , it sits well to the belt on the main figure .

    S2K 72nd Hldr 019.jpg S2K 72nd Hldr 018.jpg Note blade fitted for picture


    The base is 30 mm long by 27 mm wide with a textured surface complete with debris including wood remnants

    S2K 72nd Hldr 021.jpg S2K 72nd Hldr 022.jpg

    Final Musings

    A good figure from a interesting period of history , good painting options as well as the tartan , painted up it will look better , the casting compliments the sculpting .

    S2K products are always worth a look , good value and equally as good customer service

    For more details go to:

    Website details: www.sovereign2000.uk.com ( there is a contact form )

    You can also purchase S2K products from www.historexagents.com

    Message Marc here on PF

    Thanks to S2K for the review item and to you all for looking in

    Happy bench time


    PS S2K will be trading at Euro Miniature Expo on 22/23 Sept this year
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