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Review 6th Inniskilling Dragoon from Mick's Mick's

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, May 21, 2017.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Its great to be able to show you a new “Boy on the Block” and even better to find that it is the result of a lot of very hard work and dedication of a member of Planet Figure with the guiding hand of another member .

    In the words of Martin Luther King “ I have a dream” and this one was that of MICK BEWSHEAR ( Mick 3272 on PF) in association with Ian Burton , he of Ellie’s Miniatures fame (www.elliesminiatures.com )

    What is the name of the new venture :

    The vision Mick has is to produce a series of 12 busts of the Irish Regiments in the Victorian period so there is a very strong theme will running though the series all aiming to pay tribute to the period of Military history and the Irish Regiments valued contribution to the military might of the Empire of Queen Victoria .

    This has been a long road for Mick and I for one say WELL DONE , its never going to be easy and there have been many ups and downs along the way .

    The release depicts a member of the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons in the Boer War
    And was announced here and in social media


    The release 0000000000000000.jpg

    Depicting a SNCO from the Regiment during the Boer War (note this is the finished piece still before casting ..hence the screw !!)

    Lets have a bit of history on the Regiment itself during the Boer War :

    The regiment arrived in South Africa in the beginning of December 1899 and and with the 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys) they formed the 1st Cavalry Brigade, but the brigade did not actually operate together until the rush to Kimberley.

    The value of the services of the cavalry between 11th February and 13th March was recognised by Lord Roberts in his despatches, and the work of the 1st Brigade on the night of 12th March in seizing very strong positions commanding Bloemfontein was specially touched on.

    In the despatch of 31st March 1900 Brigadier General Porter and 2 other officers and 6 non-commissioned officers and men were mentioned by Lord Roberts for good work up to the occupation of Bloemfontein.

    A further eight officers and 6 non-commissioned officers and men were mentioned in Lord Roberts' despatch of 4th September 1901.

    During the later phases of the war the Regt had 1 officer and 9 non-commissioned officers and men mentioned by Lord Kitchener in despatches, and in the final despatch the names of 4 officers and 5 non-commissioned officers and men were added.

    The regiment, fighting as mounted infantry rather than cavalry, had a number of sharp encounters with the Boers and played a full part in providing reconnaissance, outposts, escorts and dispatch riders.

    A young officer, Lieutenant Lawrence Oates, first made his name for bravery at this time. He was recommended for a VC for his actions. In 1912 he took part in Scott’s ill fated expedition to the South Pole. He gave his life in a vain attempt to save the lives of his companions. The regiment still celebrates his memory. 00000000000000.jpg

    0000000000000.jpg 000000000000.jpg 00000000000.jpg 000000.JPG 0000000.jpg 0.jpg 0a.jpg 0000.jpg 00.jpg
    000.jpg Z1A.jpg Z1AA.jpg Z1AAAA.jpg Z1AAA.jpg
    0a00.jpg Note initially the first rank had lances ..these were not kept!!

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap Moderator

    Onwards we go

    Books are available all making interesting reading , here are afew

    0aa.jpg 0aaa.jpg 0aaaaaaa.jpg 0aaaaaaaa.jpg 0aaaaaa.jpg 0aaaa.jpg 0aaaaa.jpg 0aaaaaaaaa.jpg 0aaaaaaaaaa.jpg
    Lets have some details of the release

    Title: Sergeant 6th Inniskilling Dragoons 1901 , South Africa

    Reference: MM1

    Scale: 1/9th

    No of pieces: 7 plus information sheet

    Material: Lt Gray Resin

    Concept for piece; Michael ( Mick ) Bewshear

    Sculptor: Pavol Ovecka (Offo on PF)

    Box Art: None available at time of review

    Casting: In house

    I had great pleasure in purchasing this from Ellie’s website who are the outlet for Mick’s Mick’s , purchase was easy to complete and the shipping was quick and efficient .

    The resin is held in a good box with a slip over cover ,on which we see a picture of the unpainted built up model .
    On opening parts were held in a seal lock plastic bag and were well wrapped in bubble poly sheets , also inside we are given a information sheet with a brief history and a painting guide
    a 001.jpg
    Parts consist of the main torso , 2 arms , the right hand , helmet ,water bottle and a weapon ( with cast on hand) , no base is included.
    a 002.jpg

    Torso…Sand back 3 round casting points on underneath and remove excess resin from under haversack ( see pictures)
    a 003.jpg
    Arms…Remove excess resin from upper arms to fit to torso and slight sanding of excess on left lower arm and casting line at inside

    Hand….Cut of small post , remove flashing between thumb and fingers and fit

    Helmet…Remove casting block from back underside

    Weapon…Sand away small casting remnant from under stock and fine line on fingers and magazine

    Water bottle Nothing ..just fit and add strap ends

    There you have it …quite simple

    General Comments:

    This is a large piece of resin sculpted to the edge of the lower uniform jacket

    Pose is a casual one with him holding the weapon in his left hand

    The sculpting offers great opportunity for conversion to other units at the time

    This is almost crying out to be a full figure as well

    Resin quality is very good indeed

    Casting is very good overall

    Prep is minimal

    The bandolier shows no rounds but there are many pictures that show this as the round was actually slightly smaller , but adding these should present no problem or maybe our Sgt has just been in a fire fight , and been promoted as a result of leadership and has yet to replenish

    Looking at the references I have of the bandolier the actual buckle is facing the wrong way and should be facing to the rear ,for most modellers it would be possible to rework this but it's a shame .

    The actual pouches are missing a couple of securing buttons but again easy to add or they could be just not secured down by .


    This is a large piece of resin and Offo has done himself proud working well to Mick’s brief of producing a figure that is in the field , the uniform is not parade standard and hangs loosely on the body , the results of not too many rations during his time in country

    The head is slightly domed with sculptors mark on the top , the character that has been sculpted is really very good indeed , this fellow looks tired and is a seasoned campaigner , bags under his eyes , face slightly sunken back at the cheeks , the face looks aged which is good to see , a well grown moustache , this and the hair is nicely textured
    a 012.jpg
    The facial features are very good , great definition on the eyes , nose and ears al brought out well by the quality casting…this is a painters face for sure and I hope to see box art sometime soon

    The jacket has the stand and fall collar with the jacket being buttoned up , good definition on the edges and its nice to see the distinctive angled seams running to the pockets , as befits the man the material is slightly loose on the body , soft folds , not pulling if he was better fed .

    The work on the seams of the pockets and the actual jacket edge and at the rear of the uniform are very good , I like this sort of details despite being a plain jacket things like this add a lot of interest to a piece . , the clarity of the pockets and the button shape ( these were a brass) are all very good,

    The model is finished at the lower edge of the jacket which is a nice idea .

    The equipment is the 1882 Bandolier and haversack with the water bottle being the 1888 issue

    Across his body we have 3 straps , the haversack , the water bottle running across his right shoulder under the epaulette with the bandolier sitting over the one on the left .

    Straps are well defined with the haversack strap having stitching running up the middle together with adjustment holes for the buckle , this buckle is sharply worked , leading down to the haversack a good shape again with stitching work evident at the flap edges.

    The water bottle strap again has a good look about it and has a bit of wear and tear on it , the buckle is again good , the end being held down ( I will probably lift up the end slightly )

    The bandolier is a very good representation of the 50 round version which had 4 pouches with 10 rounds in and 2 with 5 in this allowed the item to sit well onto he soldier ( the smaller ones are at the lower part where it hangs , good work on the actual pouches ,, there were many versions of these and were often seen in use by the actual Boers themselves .
    a 004.jpg a 008.jpg a 005.jpg a 007.jpg a 009.jpg a 011.jpg a 006.jpg
    a 010.jpg 000000000000000.jpg
    Above is the 1840 guidon of the Regiment

    Continued in next post

  3. baronband Well-Known Member

    Very nice indeed, I must start saving the pennies!

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  4. Nap Moderator

    Now to the remaining pieces of the sculpt


    These are positioned being held to the body casually sitting on the torso middle , both show good folds and work on the cuffs ( these being shaped correctly ) , fit is simple with minimal filler needed

    On the Right upper arm we have the rank stripes of a Sgt and above that the distinctive Regimental badge of a castle , this is what makes this piece a 6th , the work on the castle badge ( which was a silvered metal ) is very good indeed , sharp and well defined , if you wanted to remove this and with a couple of other minor conversion depending on the unit you have a wealth of potential .

    Below the badge there are the 3 chevrons of his rank , well styled with the stripes being textured and thankfully there is stitching around the edge meaning it looks like it is actually being worn, they were yellow on a red backing.
    a 013.jpg a 014.jpg a 015.jpg a 016.jpg a 017.jpg

    This is the right one being separate , good work on the fingers , and the nails , the hand sits nicely towards the body when in place .
    a 018.jpg a 019.jpg

    This is the Foreign service helmet with a cover on it , this being a distinctive shape which has been achieved well by the sculptor , the cover is well shown with folds and again we see some wear and tear on the material , there is the chin strap held up at the front ,

    The actual cover was in 4 parts these are showing good join seams leading to the air vent at the top .
    Note: No patch or badge is included as this was a good aiming mark for the enemy so was hastily removed.!!
    a 023.jpg a 024.jpg a 025.jpg a 026.jpg a 027.jpg a 023.jpg
    a 022.jpg


    This is the Lee Enfileld Carbine and is a excellent sculpt and the work has been enhanced by the casting quality , really good work on the overall shape and the mechanism itself , the front sight is folded down.
    With the weapon showing defined metal work as well as the locating area in the stock for the strap ( no strap has been included )
    The hand is cast on and again Offo has done well as it looks like he is actually holding the carbine , he holds this with the stock lowered, all being cradled naturally
    a 029.jpg a 028.jpg
    a 030.jpg
    Water Bottle

    This is the 1888 Mk 1 pattern , this was modified in 1889 and 1893 and 1895 and was one of many styles that was in use during this period..
    The sculpt is a good shape , with the strap cast on at the lower edges , there is also the stitching that joined the cover together , you will have to put the end straps on but that should present no real concerns to anyone.
    a 020.jpg a 021.jpg
    Final Thoughts

    Well as a 1st release its a very good one so WELL DONE to all concerned , sculpting is very good , bags of character and well cast , so much potential both as a bust conversion and of course there is the legs that could easily be put on as well .

    This is a passion for Mick and I say lets support him we have a good subject , not often seen and in a good scale as well for the details , I look forward to seeing the next release

    I have no hesitation in recommending this to one and all

    Lets have a few more pictures from the initial release info
    00000000000000000.jpg 0000000000000000000.jpg 000000000000000000.jpg

    To purchase this go to the Mick’s Mick’s logo on Eliie’s Miniatures website


    Thanks to Ian for supporting Mick in this venture and for him for seeing this through .

    Of course also to you all for looking in

    Happy bench time to one and all

  5. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Another well presented review and an excellent one as well, We are now have a huge choice of figures for those of us, that paint the British army of the period 1815 to 1900.
    Well done to all concerned.
    Thanks again Nap.
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  6. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Just superb - still legless though!

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  7. Jimbo A Fixture

    Great review Kev of a superb sculpt (y) ......So do we add the tip of the rounds poking out the bandolier pockets or do we leave it as it is?
    It's a fiddly task to do but with patience certainly easy enough with tiny balls off magic -sculpt or whatever you prefer to use, this shouldn't put anybody off buying the kit because as I said it's an absolutely superb life like sculpt.

  8. Nap Moderator

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the comments

    It's a good sculpt and a good start for Mick's Mick's a couple of areas to look at but I try to be constructive and honest in the reviews I do ( mainly the bandolier )

    Bob ...like you say a large choice of stuff in this period

    Mike...sure legs will apoear here from someone ..as a separate thread !

    Jimbo ...up to you , for me I will have some with and some without and of course you could always add a Slouch hat on rather than the helmet!

    Thanks for looking in

  9. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

  10. Nap Moderator

    Cheers Bob

    Thanks for posting the plate from the book I put in the references which shows the buckle facing towards the rear with a good view of the makeup of the rear of the pouches as well .

    Of interest is the waistbelt strap in at 2d ....the purpose being to keep the belt close and in one position ...you could easily add this buckled up if you wished

    I would heartily recommend this book , it's a gem and packed with so much information on all types of equipment .


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  11. clrsgt A Fixture

    Thanks for the excellent review and great references which I will put to good use when my bust finally arrives. Is the Turner book still in print? It looks like it would be a must have reference.
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  12. Nap Moderator


    Hi there

    Glad you found the review helpful , you can get the book on Amazon , just search his name

    Hope this helps

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  13. ellie A Fixture

    Cheers nap what a great review I'm sure Mick will be very happy with it ( he's on holiday so he's Gadget free lol) it will be a great range, had a preview of future releases so you are in for a treat. Clrsgt it should be with you any day now please drop me a PM if any trouble. Cheers ian www.elliesminiatures.com
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  14. Geoff Charman A Fixture

    Cracking review Nap, and this bust is certainly going on my wants list.
    What a super first bust from Mick, just my period, thanks.

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  15. swralph A Fixture

    Great review Nap:).
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  16. clrsgt A Fixture

    Nap, Thanks for the source on the book. I located it on Barnes & Noble site and ordered it.
    Ian, Thanks for the response. I will be looking for it. Snail mail here in the States must be moving slower than usual.
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  17. clrsgt A Fixture

    Ian, The bust arrived today. As I suspected the US Snail Mail is the culprit. An excellent casting even with easily corrected missing snaps and reversed buckle as described by Nap. I highly recommend this one.
  18. ellie A Fixture

    Hi Clrsgt I'm glad you like it, yes we have had a bit of slow post to the USA of late don't know why. still it's got to you and very happy you like it. the box art will be done very soon.



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  19. mick3272 A Fixture

    Hi Kev & Everyone.
    First I would like to thank Kev for posting such a great review for my first Bust. One Down Twelve to go.

    The reason for my late response is 25yrs ago Mrs B and I visited the Medieval City of Carcassonne in the Sth of France. Mrs B fell in love with the place and said that one day we would return without our daughters and stay at the Hotel De La Cite. Well it took 25yrs & Mrs B 60th Birthday and we returned and stayed at the hotel. Part of the deal was NO tech, Computers, Phones the works so the art of conversation was renewed. Both Kev & Ian were aware I was going to be out the loop.

    So to the Review. Thank you Kev it makes me feel like I want to buy one:).
    Offo did a great job on this Bust with the Info Package I sent him.
    Without Ians guiding hand & help this would not have got off the ground. Thankyou BOTH.

    As for the bullets in the bandolier I omitted to send pictures to Offo showing the bullet tips, so when I saw the WP I did notice the missing items, BUT on looking at the pics that should have been sent they showed rounds for the 405 Boxer not the 303.

    So back to the research, I discovered that the 303 was a shorter round and the bullet points were rounded off a tad plus a couple of photos not showing tips as you have pointed out. I decided to go with it as it was.

    As for the strap being the wrong way round BUGGER opps.

    Thank you all above for the kind comments and added info. I hope all that have ordered have received.
    As Kev as said this is ripe for conversion below are the other Regimental Badges.


    Thanks Again ALL for supporting this.
    The Next Release all being well will be in June and will be an Officer of the 8th (Kings) Royal Irish Hussars.


  20. mick3272 A Fixture

    Thank Bob.
    Could you extend your date range tp 1902. This would then include the Irish Guard. You will love him.
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