5th century B.C Nude Greek Hoplite

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    nude greek hoplite.jpg

    Sculpted by: Adriano Laruccia
    Box art: ----
    Produced by : Adriano Laruccia
    Scale: 70mm ?
    Price at the time of purchase: 25.00 euro + shipping
    Materiel: Grey Resin

    Packing and content
    Some months ago I ordered and purchased this new Greek hoplite figure , sculpted by the well known master sculptor Adriano Laruccia. It was purchased directly from Mr. Laruccia after contacting him in the following e-mail: laruccia964@gmail.com .Communication ,transaction and shipping went smooth and ultra fast without any problem. The figure consists of seven pieces casted in grey resin and it is packed in a clear plastic box with a flip opening but without and any foam padding or box art. Probably an early release packing?..can’t tell for sure, as I haven’t seen any since my purchase.. In any case the content was intact .

    figure box copy.jpg

    Kit Parts


    .The main characteristic of this hoplite is that is presented nude only carrying a helmet the shield a spear. So there is no cloak or body armor. There are numerous depictions of such cases, on classic era Greek pottery and statues
    hoplite figure vase.jpg

    First of we have the main part of the figure which is the body with the head. It is casted as one single part along with the right arm- hand and upper half of the left one. Muscular anatomy and facial details are brilliantly sculpted, and casting is clear and bubble free. Only a small casting block is attached to the feet with minimal to none molding flash overall.

    figure body copy.JPG figure body_2 copy.jpg

    Upper part of the head is sculpted in such way to attach the helmet perched over the forehead. Now the overall height of the figure without the helmet measures 70mm, and with the helmet and crest on, it reaches about 90mm.

    figure body_4 copy.jpg figure body_3 copy.jpg


    The lower half of the left arm-hand is another piece .In the flexor’s area is the main holding insert of the shield , as the hand holds on the front grip of it. These are also the two attachment points to the actual shield part we will see next.

    left hand_1.jpg left hand_2.jpg


    The shield is the classic round one of that era ,and is casted as a single piece.In the outer surface close to the rim is locateted the casting line which need careful removal not to damage the round shape.Some small pins in on the surface looks more probable as worn areas (battle damage?) than resin bubbles.In any case if you don’t want them visible are easily putted.The inner section is more detailed by nature as there were the carrying cords with tassels and metal holding inserts for the arm.All these details are excellently presented with clear casting.

    aspis_1 copy.JPG aspis_2 copy.jpg

    In the center is a shallow pin insert as the basic attachment point for the left hand.(In the following image the arm is put in place without any cleaning of either parts, just for reference .)

    aspis_4 copy.jpg

    The Corinthian type helmet depicted here, is from the first half of the 5th century B.C without the ear openings, is consisted of two parts the main helmet body and the decorative stylized crest (lophos).The shape of the helmet seems great externally . The inner side is sculpted hollowed with a small part of the hair being visible through the eyes and mouth openings as is indented to be positioned perched over the forehead on the figure.

    head&helmet copy.jpg

    Second piece is the crest. This is also well detailed but I have rise a small question mark here ,referring to the base of the plume. The plumes of these helmets where made of tied up bundles of horsehair (dyed or natural colored) and then attached with pitch (Pitch is a pine tar concoction mixed with wax and ash) to the crest box which was made most probably (as there is no surviving sample ) out of hard wood and then attached by the same glue or pins to the helmet .In the case of this figure’s crest the lower part seems more like tied up horsehair bundles with a close criss cross tieding, leaving a question how this plume could have been attached to the helmet
    plume copy.JPG
    And some reference of my point.

    achilles-1.jpg Paris_armour_Pomarici_Santomasi.jpg

    corinthian crest.jpg corinthian-helmet-00006.jpg
    Still this is only my personal thoughts which does not make the overal look of the helmet bad ,by any means.

    Sixth part is the spear.It sports a leaf shape spearhead and a spike( called a sauroter) at the lower end. Also this piece is casted entirely in resin which make it vonarble to bending as the spear pole is slim and long. So maybe is more future proof to be replaced by some micro metal tubing.

    spear copy.JPG


    Final part is a simple round base with two inserts to secure the feet in case someone wants to use this as his display base.

    figure base copy.JPG

    This is yet another great piece from the master sculptor Adriano Laruccia offering an interesting and more diverse figure of a Greek hoplite of the ancient classic era, ..A beautiful figure for the enthusiasts of that period in very reasonable price tag.Highly recommended.

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi there my friend

    Firstly a BIG WELCOME to PF

    Secondly a BIG thanks for taking the time to do the review , a really nice presentation

    Sculpting as you would expect from Adriano ...excellent , lovely muscle work and the shield blank to allow the painter to choose the design

    Happy benchtime

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  3. malc Well-Known Member

    Excellent figure though somewhat small for me, 120 or better still a 200 would probably head in my direction.
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  4. Tannvargur New Member

    Laruccia.......the legend.
    For so many years he has sculpted figures with excellent proportions and poses.
    He is in the top three for me. A true Master!
  5. Gary_81 Active Member

    A very nice review on a great looking model.


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