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54mm Norman Archer Sculpt

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Anders Heintz, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hola Guys!

    After turning in my latest 3 masters for VLS I have now turned to something completely different! The project this time is a 54mm Norman Archer c 1066. I switched from Aves Apoxie Sculpt this time to use Magic Sculpt once again. Im liking the MS so far, the putties are much the same but MS is a tad 'stiffer' then Aves while soft.

    Here are some pictures at this early stage of the sculpt. This is the 'soft work' and very little carving and fine tuning has been done at this stage.








  2. gordy Well-Known Member

    Excellent! (y)

    *where's me lawn chair ;)
  3. Alex Lopez Active Member

    Hola Anders, looks good so far, I´ll waiting for the rest...


  4. Cicero New Member

    Hi Anders,

    This is a very promising start :eek: . Great anatomical relations. I like the wrinkles of the trousers too.

  5. megroot A Fixture


    I think that the Archer is gonna be a good one. A great challenge for painters.

  6. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies guys! I tried to represent a very thin cloth for the trousers that has been through a thing or two. I may have overdone the folds as there are a ton of them :) I have since scraped, carved and steel wooled the folds and I think they look a lot better now.

    Will post more inprogs soon!
  7. nagashino New Member

    Hi Anders

    Quality work so far. The fall of the folds on the pants is very neat, and the overall pose is nicely balanced.

    Watching progress with interest!


  8. Tarok Active Member

    Hey Anders,

    Looking really forward to seeing another one of your amazing sculpts... just remember that drawing a bow requires a fair amount of upper body strength.... do you see where I'm going with this? ;)

    Rudi :)
  9. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    Very nicely done so far Anders. Indeed this looks very promising project. Any chances that we will see that one commercially available??

  10. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    Here is a few shots of some more progress. I did the 'skirt' in two sessions so far, first was to get the general form and shape and the second was to add the folds ontop of the previous layer. These pictures shows the front pretty much done, the putty was still wet when these pics were taken. I am sure it will alter some after its cured and some carving and refining has been done.




  11. rej Well-Known Member

    Hi Anders how are you?

    I'm no sculptor, but IMHO the left thigh looks a tad longer then the right especially in the mannequin stages........the knee shouldn't be so much below the hem even in this pose.........from the heel up to the knees, both seem to be correct, its the thigh that is faulty again IMHO :( .........

    I'm holding Latorre's Antioch Knight which was/is produced by Elite in my hands, and to which I deducted about 1.5mm (if my memory serves me right) wedge from his left foot around the knee as no matter how I tried I could not bring my own left foot so much out............It's more or less a similar pose that's depicted here and from what I'm seeing in the photos, and as I said in a NON SCULPTOR HUMBLE OPINION, the left thigh should be shorter up to the knee.........

    I'm really sorry to point this out and I hate myself for doing it as the angle of the shots may be decieving, and I may be mistaken and REALLY wish that I am believe me.........but if I'm not, its not such a big deal to correct a minimal error on what appears to be another great sculpt from your capable hands :eek:

    Regards and forgive me.......

    Ray ;)
  12. Shane Active Member


    It's good to see you moving into the medievals.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how you treat my ancestor here.

  13. T50 A Fixture

    The figure is coming along well. However, it can
    be improved if you'd make the some minor adjustment.
    I realise that it is difficult to make comments on other
    sculptors' work and appologise if I sound conceited or
    hurt your feeling.

    I agree with Ray on the legs.
    In this case, what's missing is the tilt of the pelvics.
    The left knee only can be bent in a standing pose
    when the pelvics tilt down to left. And when the pelvics
    is tilted, the spine and the shoulders have to be
    readjusted in certain way to counterbalance.
    For me, this is the big pucture, and the drapes and
    wrinkles are just monor details. I understand that
    the particular pose you are working on is a very
    challenging one. Sketching out the idea thoroughly
    can help to avoid problems. Standing in front of a
    mirror and strike that GQ pose won't hurt :)

  14. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Ray and Teasung,

    No need to apologize guys, this is excellent feedback!! This is the type of suggestions that I like!! I want to know how to get better and this is the only way! So, now that we see the problems, how would you suggest we handle them? Is it fixable as it is now, or do I need to start over and chalk this one up to experience?


    Hopefully I'll do him justice!
  15. T50 A Fixture

    I'd suggest that you start over since fixing the old one
    can require more work. :)
    Is the archer shooting an arrow? Or in a relaxed pose?

  16. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hola Teasung!

    He will be shooting an arrow.

    I'll start on a new mannequin this afternoon, any other suggestions before I start?
  17. Shane Active Member


    FWIW, it looks to me that your hips were in the right place initially. But when you put the belt on it did not follow the lower angle of the left hip. It could be the leg above the knees is too long. But it's really hard to tell with any photos. HTH. For me it always seems best to just start over. A piece is never the same once corrective surgery is required.

    Will this be the guy that slew King Harald with an arrow in the eye?

  18. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hola Shane!

    So basically, if the belt was changed the figure could be salvaged? I dont think the upper legs are too long, I carefully measured it out :angry:, although that may not mean anything if it looks wrong. I would honestly prefer to be able to salvage the sculpt then to completely restart it as I am pretty happy with how it looks so far, however, I want to produce the best figure that I am capable of and if the only way to do this is to completely start over then thats what I have to do.

    Inputs please!! :)
  19. Rob Brown Member

    I could have sworn I already posted about your sculpt Anders, but I can't find it. That is looking good. (and now for the funny comment I thought I made before). He sure has beady eyes. :D
  20. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member


    Harhar...! Hopefully they will turn out good once face is finished. I think they have great potential! A big thanks goes out to John Long for sharing them!

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