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54mm Bruno LEIBOVITZ /METAL MODELES French "Lancier de la Garde Impériale Second Empire"1855-1860

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Zastrow.cuirassier, Feb 21, 2021.

  1. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    First sorry for my bad English,:( hope you will understand ;)
    In parallel with Facebook (my FB page : https://www.facebook.com/zastrow.cuirassier/):love: , I will post, hoping to have the time, not a simple review but more a series of photos allowing you to form an opinion on a figurine or a bust.
    For information, I'm not a professional, let alone for the photo, I just share (so don't be too hard on me)!
    I wouldn't allow myself any comment as to the accuracy, that is not the point either!
    I would simply allow myself to note certain criteria, to make some personal remarks, but which are binding only on me.
    I am not going to kick your boots or speak with a tongue in cheek worthy of some politician.
    I criticize, but in a good way to criticize.
    I admit that the figurines I present are mostly figurines that I like, otherwise what's the point of buying them!
    Buying them also allows me to be free to think about what I write!
    For this time, I opted for the latest innovation from METAL MODELES, now "in the hands" of Gilles GUIOT, the founder of ATELIER MAKET.
    I admit to having apprehended this realization, although I had already bought the other MM novelties produced by ATELIER MAKET, I had not yet examined the new version of the parts leaving their home after the move of the old workshop of Seillans.
    So I decided to show you the figurine that touched me the most in these latest novelties:
    The Lancer of the Imperial Guard Second Empire
    Why this choice, when I could have opted for the Lithuanian Tartar, or the Bavarian Light Horse?
    In fact, I had been hoping for a novelty in the Second Empire range for a long time, I had even hoped for a rider with his mount, but I only have the rider and it is already a lot.
    The subject had already been dealt with by Prestige Figurines (a brand of metal figurines from Historex, a brand that has now disappeared) but without much success, Prestige Miniatures producing figurines of varying qualities, beautiful or common, with an average foundry.
    It is therefore a real pleasure to see Bruno Leibovitz get back to work to provide us with something out of the ordinary, but very much in tune with the times, the Second Empire seems to have the wind in its sails at the moment, thank you to our British, Spanish and Italian sculptor and producer friends!
    Let us return to the chosen subject:
    Lancier of the Imperial Guard (Second Empire)1855-1860
    Ref : SE08 or MM183
    Sculpture Bruno LEIBOVITZ
    Box art Painting: Bruno LEIBOVITZ
    Choice of subject: 10/10 (see why in "sculpture")
    Packaging: 9/10, no complaints, simple, efficient. the typical packaging for a pedestrian in 54mm.
    Sculpture: 10/10; Why ? Already by bias, it is a French subject, with one of the most beautiful uniform worn by this army of the Second Empire, the choice of the period, but above all the talent of our national sculptor, soon 40 years that Bruno offers us his talents sculptor with always this timelessness of his work, my photos do not reflect the quality of this sculpture, the images you look at almost 30 times magnify the piece!
    In addition I warned you, I am not a professional of the photo!
    Casting: 9.75 / 10 One of the best foundries I know, Piersergio ALLEVI, with its "Il Volto del Comando" range, is one of the benchmarks in metal foundry with MM!
    Too bad that so many brands are abandoning this material for resin, I would be quite in favor of a mix of the two, but that is not the debate.
    I hope for other novelty from our great sculptor, I would really like to see a Second Empire rider (Officer or Guide of the Guard) or a rider from the Great War; but a continuation of Napoleon's allies, with other Bavarians would not displease me either ... In fact with MM, I am a taker!
    To really end, the uniform represented is that of Grande Tenue, it is a regiment which did not know the glories of other regiments, participation limited to the Italian campaign, it distinguished itself at the battle of Mars la Tour during the War of 1870, then formed into a marching regiment, was subsequently dissolved.
    This full dress was however worn during the Orsini attack on January 14, 1858, an attack targeting Napoleon III. The escort formed that day of a squadron of Lancers of the Imperial Guard under the orders of Lieutenant Noguet had 12 wounded, the Emperor being safe and sound!
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  2. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    I Forgot
    The documentation :


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  3. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thank you for the review Luc, l fear that piersergio allevi has converted to resin for his mounted releases, explaining that it will enable him to produce more dynamic poses, even Bruno's horses have been known to sag over time, the rear legs of the mounted mameluck being an example in my collection.

    It is great to see Bruno producing some new 2nd empire figures and this is already on my buy list, l think le cimier were the last to produce this figure but in 90mm.

    Thanks again for the detailed review.

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  4. Richard Baxter A Fixture

    You're right Keith, it was Le Cimier. I have the officer and lancer but sadly not the trumpeter.
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  5. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    Yes, "Le CIMIER" produced them in 90mm, but not in 54mm.
    Remember that it was "LE CIMIER" who was the first to trust two young sculptors, Fabrice EISENBACH, and a certain ..Bruno LEIBOVITZ.
    It is also "THE CIMIER" which discovered a certain Russian sculptor, and this well before everyone else: Andreï BLESKINE ....
    In fact this store and especially its owner discovered a lot of talent ... It was one of the most beautiful shops in Paris, a real pleasure to go there to admire the painted figurines of the greatest, even pieces by Bill Horan.
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  6. clrsgt A Fixture

    Thanks for the great review and the excellent references which I will save. This figure is on my must have list. I have the 90mm Le Cimier officer and Trumpeter and wish I could have visited the shop back in the day.
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  7. grasshopper A Fixture

    Excellent Luc: exactly what I want from a review- you bought it vs being supplied; good images to see what one gets; bit of backstory so someone can go deeper into historical context. Thankyou...
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  8. Redcap A Fixture

    Excellent review thank you and a superb figure that is bound to be popular.
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  9. Scott Sheltz Well-Known Member

    Excellent review! Thank you for your time in putting such a detailed review with references together.
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  10. Ronaldo A Fixture

    It may be the photograph but that looks nowhere near the top quality casting which we come to expect from MM
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  11. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    I think you are probably thinking about the head Ron which didn't look the best, but we are getting spoiled these days with some of the resin casting around l suspect.

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  12. Ronaldo A Fixture

    Not so sure Keith ;something has changed since the amalgamation with Atelier ,detail missing on the chin straps which is generally pretty precise and the metal looks pitted which has never been an issue before , but then again these are very close up enlarged photos so I may be wrong.
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  13. Nap Moderator

    Hi Luc

    Thanks for sharing the release , the period is full of colour and great uniforms

    Good subject choice

    Thanks for the many pictures and the references

    Look forward to more

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  14. Oda A Fixture

    Luc this is a splendid review and presentation but I'm afraid a bit redundant. You could have said all of the above with much fewer words. Let me give you an example :"Dear fellow modelers, new figure by Bruno Leibovitz".......... that phrase encompasses all of the above

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  15. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    Yes what else ?
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