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42nd Highlander Blackwatch - Started!

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by KeithP, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. KeithP Active Member

    Hey folks - While I finish up the Teutonic Grand Master, I started this Elite Blackwatch. Beautiful scultping but some casting defects on the lower kilt and right hand.

    Tried some new oil flesh mixes and techniques. There have been two wet on wet highs and shades. This has dried for a few days.

    Kinda alarmed at the strong contrast and pinky-ness. I'll probably try to bring that down a bit. Input to improve this on the wet on dry would be welcome. :)

    As always, I appreciate your viewing, comments, suggestions... :)


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  2. KeithP Active Member

    A bit closer :)

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  3. Hyades New Member

    Hey Keith,

    Looks good to me! His cheeks are a little pink, but maybe it's just a cold day up there in Scotland! I like the contrast, by the way, but things do look different in pictures than in real life.

    Would mind sharing your flesh mix? I never seem to keep mine from going to gray.

    Please keep posting your progress - tis a very lovely job you're doing. :)

  4. jjgurk Member

    Keith, I think it looks very good. And as Nancy said, please share your flesh tone mixes as I am always experimenting.

  5. Roc Active Member

    Hey Keith, nice figure. I agree with you on toning the flesh down a bit.

    Keep up the good work and loking forward to your next step.


    Roc. :)
  6. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member

    Hey Keith,

    I like this one. I think before you do anything with the face, block in the hair color. Just put in a base color and I think this will help you decide. I know I always do this and then I have a better feel for the face. Anyway, I look forward to seeing this one.

  7. Evan August New Member

    Great looking figure so far. I think your face looks pretty good, great job on the eyes. I agree with Joe, I would see what it looks once the hair and collar are based in, you might like it more after doing that. I look forward to see how you paint the kilt, maybe you could do a SBS on it, as I've always wanted to see this done.
  8. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Nothing wrong with this one at all. Although in the flesh it might look a little different. Remeber that during or after excerise many people's faces go a bit pink, so don't worry about it.
  9. KeithP Active Member

    Thanks for the comments and advice.

    I will do the hair before any further flesh work. That is good advice and I started to do that very thing on my last figure. :) I think blocking it in with the dark blue collar is a good idea too. Thanks Evan.

    Nancy and John -

    Here is the flesh mix so far...
    Acrylic base - Liquitex Deep Portrait Pink.

    Oil Flesh Base -

    Mars Orange + WN Flesh to nice medium brown. Add to this a Titanium White and Cad yellow. To this a touch of Purple Madder Alaz.

    First High - Lukas Flesh 4
    2nd high - Tit White + Lukas Flesh 4

    First Shade - Mars Orange + Mars Brown
    2nds shade - Brown Madder Alaz+dab of first shade + tiny dot of purple madder alaz.

    Pretty darn complicated, huh?

    Thanks again for the comments, folks. I appreciate it.

  10. Pete Wenman Member

    Keith hi

    Looking good there. Good idea to paint the hair before deciding whether
    to rework the face.

    If you do want to tone the pink down (and trust me on this) you might want
    to think about a very thin wash (or two) of green. It does work, try it on some scrap first.

  11. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hola Keith!

    I think it looks great personally, I would even suggest adding a dark shadow around the mouth (jowels I belive they are called) in about the same shade as under the eye brows. Block the hair in an maybe even the collar and then decide wether you still think it needs to be toned down or not. Keep it up!
  12. KeithP Active Member

    Pete - Thanks for the suggestion on the green. Now that I think about it, it makes sense as green is a good complimentary shade for red.

    Anders - Thanks for checking in and giving suggestions. Yes. Those are "jowels". :lol: I think you are right. I had added a stipple of Payne's gray around that area for the 5 o'clock shadow. I tried to keep it light as this soldier is fair skinned. It's too light as it doesn't even come across in the pics. I'll take another look after the hair is in...


  13. KeithP Active Member

    A couple more pics after some add'l progress. I followed the advice and blocked ini the hair and blue collar before finishing the face. I like how the hair turned out but I think the flesh is too pinky and the transition on the shades is too extreme.

    But, still a beautiful figure to paint. The dice on the bonnet was a challenge too.

    All comments, suggestions and ideas are wlecome :)


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  14. KeithP Active Member

    2 of 2

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  15. megroot A Fixture


    If it was my figure, i should leave it this way. I like it very much. Maybe it is now a little to pinkish, i would do nothing.
    Why don't you try that advice before, a wash with green. But be careful, maybe the hulk come out.
    Keep posting, i do like that figure.
    And those eyes, man o man, i wish i could paint that.

  16. Guy A Fixture

    Looks fantastic to me Keith.....I would leave the flesh tone just as it is.
  17. KeithP Active Member

    Thanks Marc and Guy-

    I did try a green wash on a test figure and I did not like the results.

    I am pleased with how the eyes turned out on this figure. I practiced a great deal AND looked at photo's of eyes to see the postion of all the different parts. I have to say the best photo's for that are the close ups of female model's faces in my wifes "fashion" magazines... :lol:

  18. Jason W. Active Member

    Very nice work, Keith! The eyes turned out great! Looking forward to seeing the
    jacket painted.


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