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WIP 42nd Highland Infantry Regiment "Black Watch" at the Battle of Quatre Bras, June 1815

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Steve Ski, Feb 21, 2022.

  1. BarrieHynd Well-Known Member

    You beat me to it mate, I was just getting things together to post ref diced headband. I’ll save it for later as I’m sure it’ll be needed in the future!
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  2. arj A Fixture

    Hi James and Barrie,

    Thank you for your information.
    I have corrected posts #137 and #140 with appropriate addenda.
    It's true when it's said 'A little knowledge is a dangerous thing'.
    I've now also looked at Osprey MAA No. 8 'The Black Watch', which confirms the Royal entitlement on page 10.
    The prints in the book also show blue dicing.

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  3. Steve Ski A Fixture

    Thank you, Gentlemen, Old Pete, Arj, Jakbwrhr, BarrieHynd. Thank you for taking the time to share your expertise on this subject. Otherwise, how’s a Yankee to know? Lol.

    I greatly appreciate the intel on this. Half the fun of this Sport is digging up the history of whatever subject we're building, at least for me anyway. I prefer full emersion, as in, I have reference photos pegged all along my shelf railing right in front of my work. A good old war movie on the subject doesn’t hurt either. Accuracy, if it can be had, is IMHO, very important. What you Gents have just laid out is more helpful than you can imagine, and we're only talking about one figure in the entire eleven man set.

    You Gents know the intel on this era like the back of your hand, I can feel it in your comments. Locating reference pics is sometimes the most difficult part of research and can be frustrating. I've been known to be a little anal retentive when it comes to detail and accuracy and often fall short of my own expectations. Where my painting skills may be lacking, I feel I must at least be accurate, but that's just me.

    Side note: A question on another site was asked as to whether there were "rivet counters", so to speak, in figure painting. The answer is an obvious yes, and rightly so!

    I knew from the get-go that this project would be a major challenge for me, not only going back to such small figures, but the era is completely unfamiliar to me. I just couldn't get past Vladimir's sculpting and the dynamic action presented by this set of figures. Like all great sculptors, they make painting much easier as these figures are a pleasure to paint.

    Thank you once again, Gentlemen, for making this project much more enjoyable. Cheers, Ski.

    P.S. The dice will be corrected. The Balhousie Castle, what an awesome location for a museum, incredible!
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  4. BarrieHynd Well-Known Member


    Perhaps a wee bit late Ski, but here’s the bonnet for you.

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  5. jakbwrhr Active Member

    A thought for when you start on the kilts. For a Black Watch kilt a green 'band' runs down in line with the middle of the torso. The material is also a touch darker than you have on plaid in real life - however, that's neither here or there - it is a superb job on a tricky feature to paint.

    An Argyll kilt, (also government tartan - not campbell as stated on a previous page) would have the 'blue' band... there are other nuances for different highland regiments.

    The museum staff at Balhousie Castle are superbly helpful if you have questions...

    I may have some images of the officers sporran that I will share in a wee bit.
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  6. jakbwrhr Active Member

    Napoleonic Black Watch officers Sporran + jacket 492c4f2d8dca345734632af2def398e3.jpg 20151007_103904.jpg
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  7. jakbwrhr Active Member

    Feather bonnet left hand side view to compliment Barrie's pictures and some images of a reproduction other rank jacket 8dc23474edbd9df4c502f386d499422e.jpg 948d8999a3c1aa052ed8341c6b6afe74.jpg Feather_Bonnet_spin_15.jpg
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  8. jakbwrhr Active Member

    The official painting that hangs pride of place in Balhousie Castle... though i think they have moved it to the main dining area in the Museums excellent restaurant / cafe. 800px-Wollen,_Battle_of_Quatre_Bras.jpg
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  9. jakbwrhr Active Member

    Napoleonic era piper.

    With regard to the diced hose. A large red 'diamond' would be sat at the front of the shin... the rest of the pattern falls out from that. Also, to reiterate what was said before, there is a distinct seam that runs down the back of the hose 3808207c73f02ed63f4ef5f849c613ad.jpg
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  10. Steve Ski A Fixture

    Thanks for the additional intel you Guys! I have these pics copied to the file. Now, the fun part, getting the "gig" line correct where appropriate, (For a Black Watch kilt a green 'band' runs down in line with the middle of the torso.)

    Thanks, Barrie, already got that issue resolved, but I still have 10 more to correct, lol.

    Thanks, Jak. Question; I've seen photos of several jackets with the buttons that are silver, not gold. Also, the trim and chest colors look black, was that standard? I have already done the blue tone. That Sporran photo will be very helpful.

    If I don't get this dialed in exact, yall will forgive me in advance, right? I'm just imagining lining up the green gig line;)

    Lastly, an observation of the ref pics and templates show a red sash for this particular officer, wrapped around his waist, not part of the tartan/kilt over the should. So, closely looking at the figure sculpted, where is the rap around the waste, or am I missing the obvious?

    Thanks gains, Gents, back to work I go.
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  11. arj A Fixture

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  12. Steve Edwards Active Member

    I'm really enjoying following this! It's great stuff. Your go-for-it approach is so much better than my think-about-it nonsense.

    I have been collecting these Black Watch figures in the white metal edition by Chronos. But they are still in their boxes. Not even cleaned up yet...

    Now and again I take them out to admire the amazing quality of the sculpting.

    And then I think about painting the tartan, the hose and the bonnet dice. Then the coatee lace and the body of the drum, and the markings on the packs and canteens. Only then do I consider painting the standard. But what really makes me put those figures right back in their boxes is that the sculptor, Vladimir Danilov, has finally resolved the issue of what a Scotsman wears under his kilt.

    You have to see the figures to know what I'm talking about. I was going to post a picture but thought that those of a sensitive disposition would be offended.

    I just don't know what to do. Should I paint it? Should I dry-brush it? Should I ignore it? Or should I just say that anything under the kilt is in serious shadow and all you need is some Mars Black and your size 0 filbert?

    Am I over-thinking things?
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  13. jakbwrhr Active Member

    The trim is "royal blue" - it is definitely blue in colour when you see it first hand, just very dark.

    The officers buttons are highly polished Brass / Gold. Other ranks buttons were pewter

    Will see if I can find any reference for the sash... though from memory, it was not unusual to see the sash worn around the waist under the sword belt. You can see contemporary reference in the No1 uniforms of Guards officers.
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  14. jakbwrhr Active Member

    the attached are the more common ways of the sash being worn...

    However, from a close look at the picture(s) of the officer in trousers you posted, you have carried the tartan pattern on the plaid down onto the sash. It was not uncommon for the sash to be worn under the plaid I believe. A simple fix - start the sash colour at the edge of the plaid!

    The sash should also be a maroon colour. f3e0926be82fa26bf98da529b38089fb.jpg 971073023c33a5123ea7534f38de1f65.jpg
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  15. jakbwrhr Active Member

    Mark up of the edge of the plaid / sash

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  16. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Ski

    Loving this and all the help and information shared by members , learning a lot for sure

    As for Steve's under area ...I say go for it .....historical

    Happy benchtime

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  17. Steve Ski A Fixture

    Thanks, Jak. so, I will correct the buttons, not worry about the sash that is, but is not, (it is already a red tone right now) and I have already followed the royal blue tone on all the appropriate trim work. The tip of the kilt that attaches to the shoulder had broken off during cleaning, got it fixed, but during painting I lost the tip somewhere, again. The carpet monster has claimed another victim! After I paint it and install I'll putty it up and finish it off.

    Thanks for that link Arj, good SBS on the tartan, although a much larger scale. That tartan is the next major challenge of this set. but, once I get one figured out the rest should flow smoothly.

    The help is tremendous, Kevin, and greatly appreciated. This is what makes this "Sport" so much fun!

    Thank you Steve. IMHO, you should carry on and go for it, the set that is. As I had always told my boys when they were young, "It ain't gonna get done lookin at it!"

    As for the set of juevos and wanker under the kilt? Ya, a bit over the top, and no, you are not over-thinking this. I saw that during the clean-up phase and decided not to mention it. And let's just say right now, as for anyone in general, I do not wish for anyone to be offended or take over this thread with "rump" hurt feelings or otherwise. Save that sniveling for Spacebook or Myface, where it belongs, if you please.

    Maybe it was a joke, Steve. Maybe it's just historically accurate as Kevin said, but we can call it artistic license and leave that one alone. It's a non-issue, IMHO, and I won't let it take away from the incredible sculpting that Vladimir has presented with each figure. Let's just put it this way, I'm having a blast with this set, you will too, trust me. Pull em out, when you feel like it, and have fun!

    Thanks again for all the help Gents, back to the bench I go. Cheers, Ski.

    P.S. The figs have been neutered, BTW, they were converted to unics during clean-up.
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  18. megroot A Fixture

    Hi Steve,
    Thinking I gonna show you mine. Finished them last year.

    IMG_2657.JPG IMG_2650.JPG
    IMG_2652.JPG IMG_2653.JPG IMG_2653.JPG IMG_2654.JPG IMG_2654.JPG IMG_2656.JPG IMG_2652.JPG
    IMG_2649.JPG IMG_2649.JPG IMG_2651.JPG
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  19. Steve Ski A Fixture

    Wow, you really knocked this one out of the park. It's amazing the amount of detail going into painting this set. Awesome job, Megroot!

    How long did it take you, if you don't mind me asking? I'm slow, but steady going.

    Cheers, Ski.
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  20. megroot A Fixture

    It took me about 6 months everyday one hour. But it whas done at the Corona time in the Netherlands. Had often a day off in the hospital to stay healthy. :)
    but the pictures don't do justice......I'm a awfull photografer.

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