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WIP 40mm Trident Royal Deux-Ponts porte-drapeuxs , 1781

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by MarquisMini, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. MarquisMini A Fixture

    Hello Planeteers,
    here are two officer flag bearers of the royal Deux-ponts Regiment.
    I decided to use a pare heads I had form front rank, the reason is that I don't want to have repeated faces especially when it comes to officers, since they are normally a main figure in fornt of their regiments and will add some nice variation.
    I decided to try something different with this two and instead of using the Army painter quickshade I wash their coats in Citadel Drakenhof nightshade, which is a very dark blue.
    As for the rest of the figure it will have the same base colors as the officer with pointing sword that is almost finished.
    I added the colonel and regimental flags just for display, those flags will be painted some more vivid colors and details later in the near completion of this regiment.
    Best regards

    DSC03999.JPG DSC04000.JPG DSC04001.JPG Funckenrochambeaujpg.jpg
  2. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Good work Daniel.
    Great flags, they will look very impresive when fixed to the ground work.
  3. fabrizio1969 A Fixture

    very fine start
  4. MarquisMini A Fixture

    Thanks Keith, lots of details ahead of this flags but they look awesome.
  5. MarquisMini A Fixture

    Thanks Fabrizio!
  6. MarquisMini A Fixture

    Made more progress on this flag bearers......

    royal dp.jpg rdp.jpg
  7. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Good start... nice to see another colour. They'll stand out nicely on the diorama

  8. MarquisMini A Fixture

  9. MarquisMini A Fixture

    Finished the faces, the ,lapels and painted the silver buttons and epaulettes.
    Hats, vest, pants and gaiters to follow.

    DSC04005.JPG DSC04006.JPG DSC04007.JPG DSC04005.JPG DSC04006.JPG DSC04007.JPG
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  10. Gerry Active Member

    You have painted the faces very well indeed! in such a small scale a real credit to you!, the figure sculpts are ok, but look sort of wrong! if that's correct?
    however in this scale and for what they are intended for( Gaming) , i guess as a group they look better than a single stand alone figure , - Sorry!! but just my opionion. look a bit like Perry Mins figures ?
  11. MarquisMini A Fixture

    Hello Garry and thank you for your comments!.
    The figures are form Trident designs and in my humble opinion the look great, I think the 40mm range is in the edge between gaming and historical display and is a range that is growing up fast, I think is leaning more and more towards historical.
    I really value your opinion and I would like to know what part of the figure looks wrong to you,again, I really value anyone's opinion.
    The heads are adapted form a different manufacturer, I modified the hats and some of the hair.
    Best regards
  12. Gerry Active Member

    Hi Daniel
    They look incorrect to me that is! legs too small arms a little out of scale, just a bit 'Chunky,' if they are indended to be used for display purposes,
    and of course this is only my opinion, the sculptor has a certain 'style' Lets say! they would look better on mass, but they just dont cut it for me as a single figures! your painting's Great! very nicely done , look at what can be achieved in 28mm scale! have a look at what the likes of Tom Meier ( darksword) can scuplt in 28mm, and what Kevin White can sculpt in 40mm ( Hasslefree mins) figures that look human, this is just my opionion Daniel, and i hope i havn't offended you in anyway that was not my intention . your painting as i have mentioned is great! i surpose what it all comes down to is choice, and what you like.
  13. Don Johnson Active Member

    Daniel, good progress on these. My only comment is about the silver - based on the images, it looks REALLY bright. If it's ok in your hand, then don't do anything. But if the images are accurate, perhaps a light black wash to knock down the value a bit, then a touch of highlight to pick out the details. Otherwise, these look great.
    I understand Gerry's comment a bit, but don't completely agree with it. I have a couple of the earliest Trident AWI sculpts, and yes, some of the anatomy is a little "off". But as Sean Judd has progressed thru the range, the figures are much better, in my opinion.
    I have a big pile of Perry figures, and while I really like them, they also have their faults. Just compare the new Fife and Drum AWI figs, made to a 1/56th "scale", with the Perry 28mm "size" AWI, and the whole issue of "realistic" sculpting becomes an debate without end. People buy what they like - that's why they make chocolate and vanilla!
    Anyway, you like these Tridents, in part because they have the French troops you so love, and you are rapidly assembling a diorama that any of us would love to possess. Keep doing what you're doing, and sharing it with us, and we'll keep cheering you on!! Don
  14. MarquisMini A Fixture

    Gerry, your opinion have not offended me in any way , shape or form, on the contrary I really appreciate other people's point of view and everybody is entitled to their own opinions.
    I was checking both of the names you've mention and they do a really nice job, this Trident figures are not perfect but to me they look fine, I guess we all have different perception what is right and what it is not, same thing as when we discuss a color like "crimson" , some people perceive it like a deep madder red, other like me perceive the color as a pinkish red....
    Thanks for passing by and again I value your input :happy:
    Best regards
  15. MarquisMini A Fixture

    Hello Don and thank you for your comment, the epaulettes have been painted the base color only, I still need to do the black wash and go over the details with some black ink, I do use the same combination of wash and ink when it comes to gold but instead of black I use sepia.
    I am waiting for the arrival of some 20 more troops to start building this regiment, for now I just need to finish this two guys and the officer.
  16. MarquisMini A Fixture

    I've made a little bit more progress today, painted the vest and pants and lay the base color on the gaiters.
    I received the flags from GMB yesterday and stripped the flagpoles I had with the other flags and mounted the GMB ones on the existing poles.
    Still some details I would like to add to these flags but the pics I took today is just for a preview.

    DSC04013.JPG DSC04014.JPG DSC04015.JPG
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  17. Don Johnson Active Member

    Man, this size of figure was MADE for you!!! You have adapted your style to bring out the best in these figures. These will look wonderful as a group in your diorama.
    Daniel, if I may ask, what blues are you using on the coats? Keep up the great effort! All the best, Don
  18. MarquisMini A Fixture

    Thanks Don, your comment made my day! :happy:.
    Here's what I tried with these two guys:
    I used the primer/color from Army painter deep blue, don't have the spray can with me but is a dark blue, you can see the thread pic.
    then I wash the entire figure with citadel drakenhoe nightshade, which is a black/blue shade.
    then I applied the first light using Prince august "bleu moyen" , which is the same color as Vallejo medium blue,the ratio I've used is 4 to 1( 4 drops of water, one of paint)
    applied last light with Vallejo deep sky blue, ratio 2-1(water-color)
    I tonned the figure to blend the colors a little with citadel Necron Abyss, kinda royal blue, I've used 15-1( water-color)
    I ultimately re-touched some of the highlights with deep sky blue with a mix of 1-1 ( water-color)
    hope it will work for you.
    Best regards

    DSC04016.JPG DSC04017.JPG DSC04016.JPG DSC04017.JPG
  19. Sid New Member

    Outstanding work. I have just seen the French line and love the slight cream coats.
    I am having a French Trident 40mm small army being painted for me which I slightly add
    a few oil washes for extra depth and base. unit size is 20 line, 4 grenadiers, 4 chass.
    I am following your great work in detail as I saw your pictures on Doug's site.

    I am also a friend of Sean Judd as we are only 1 hour and half apart by car.
    His style is full of character but arguably not as elegant as the Perry's 40mm.
    Better movement than front Rank who have the best detail.
    I think I slightly prefer the thinner style and finer faces but still love the Trident 40mm.
    I have around 50 units of AWI so no going back.

    I come under that rare umbrella of diorama gamer. Great natural terrian (not wargaming) with
    very good figs that create and move as a game but the look is everything not the game.

    Once again I enjoy your brilliance.
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  20. MarquisMini A Fixture

    Thanks a lot for your comment SID, trident's design it is the answer to my prayers on French troops of the American War of Independence, which in my opinion it's been left out of context for many years in the Miniature world.
    I really like the style of Perry's figures, as you said, they are slimmer with greatelegance and detail, but the figures from Trident are awesome as well, and i admire Sean's work, my only complaint so far is that i wish the hats wore the same as perry's tricorne hat shape.
    All i did was add some Magic sculp and modified them to my liking, one thing i want to clarify is that mine is a personal taste , that doesn't mean that Sean's hat are bad or inaccurately shaped, it's just me.
    At the moment i came to a halt on my 40mm army since i moved to a new house 2 months ago and still trying to get my " miniaturistic" life back together , but i will comeback soon and finish the Royal Deux-ponts batallion.
    At the moment i have almost finished the Soissonois regiment, i may add more figs to it.
    Thanks again for passing by and tell Sean i would like to get in touch with him and i admire his work.
    Best regards
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