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Completed Critique 200mm SS Ardennes Oakleaf and groundwork

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Gellso, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. Gellso A Fixture

    Groundwork was done using some birch seeds and some of my wifes pot pourrie or however you spell it. Some twigs I found whilst walking my dog and some dried heather makes the branches added also. I used some vallejo texture stuff for the goundwork which gives it a good texture.




  2. housecarl A Fixture

    Excellent camo, very realistic Grant. Who makes the figure?
  3. pmfs A Fixture

    Hi Grant,

    everything are very realistic his painting is awesome:)
  4. Gellso A Fixture

    Hi Carl

    It was Coree productions who are now out of business. It's a Warriors head as the original guy looked like a stereotypical joke Frenchman caricature. (No offence meant;))
  5. Ferris A Fixture

    Holy smoke, that's some seriously well painted oakleaf Grant!
    You even painted the reverse side summer pattern!

    Just one question, and I hope it doesn't spoil the party, but did this jacket exist in this pattern? I know only of examples in Pea Pattern. I hope I am wrong though and whatever the answer the figure looks awesome!

  6. Meehan34 A Fixture

    Everything is just fantastic, I love the boots. Great work.
  7. nautilas Member

    Fantastic camo, i have the figure in fact i have two. i know what you mean about the head but i didnt think it was that bad, did you use accrylic if so what make and colours.roy.
  8. tissibzh Active Member

    great painting work Carl
    not so easy to smoke a cigarette with handgloves!!
  9. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Excellent work Grant on both the figure and groundwork.

    Cheers David
  10. Michael Tse Active Member

    The Camo is spot on.

    I once saw a finished work using this kit as a base and bits and pieces from other kits. For example it used the helmet from the first Ardennes German bust of Young Miniatures. The end result looked aweful as some parts are 1/10 and some are 1/9....
    But nice try for whoever took the time mashing it up...
  11. pmfs A Fixture

    Cngratulations Grant

    Hi again,

    eagle eye Adrian:)
    Common on this jacket is the pea-dot camo, but perhaps Oak leaf exist too. Anyway we watch here one stunning figure:eek:.
    Congratulations Grant(y)
  12. Gellso A Fixture

    I looked long and hard to see if this jacket was done in Oakleaf as this was the camo I wanted to try and it definitely does exist in Oakleaf.
    Ta for comments
  13. Gellso A Fixture

    FOA Nautilas

    All Val-edge-o acrylics.
    The base I think was a mix of brown violet and german camo biege.
    Chocolate brown for dark cammo parts.
    Orange brown mixed with a wee bit chocolate brown for the orange.
    German camo black with base mix for shadows.
    German camo biege with base mix for highlights.
    Hope this helps.
  14. Mat Lambert A Fixture

    Wonderful paintjob all over but especially the camo. The photo from the back looks absolutely convincing as a real 1/1 shot. Brilliant.
  15. 1969 A Fixture

    Stunning job on this one mate and for me your best one so far that i have seen.
    lovely use of weathering on the cloathing which isnt over done but enough to portray the enviroment, knees on the trousers are very nicely done.

    I can see the attraction of doing this cammo on the figure , very effective mate.

  16. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Very Very nice!

    I really like the origional head but this works too :)

  17. ryall Active Member

    Nicely done

    I am doing this figure right now and agree the head that comes with the kit is a bit off putting as below.


    I have two of this figure as well and the one I am doing now, I was going to paint in the same camo as you have so thanks very much for the colours.
    Strange enough I am also going to use the same helmet as you but the head from the Legend 200mm bust it sits okay and the helmet looks good on it.

    Thanks Grant you got me wanting to get this figure finished the first one I stopped because I was looking for a new head so I should finish the pea dot one as well just need to get another head and helmet as well.

  18. rheath Active Member

    This is super Grant and love the ground work very much and pee dot camo is spot on.(y)
  19. Ferris A Fixture


    I looked long and hard to see if this jacket was done in Oakleaf as this was the camo I wanted to try and it definitely does exist in Oakleaf.
    Ta for comments

    Hi Grant,

    Sounds like you take your research seriously! Good to know this exists in oakleaf.
    I say it again, great painting and thanks for your colour mixes!

  20. Gellso A Fixture

    Hi Adrian,
    Oh god no mate.
    I'm not tto serious about research. I leave that up to the anal retentive guys who will criticise everyone elses work whilst they produce absolutely nothing. It can take up so much time getting all the stuff right and criticising the scult if a particular type of sandal wasn't made in 2010 A.D. and stuff like that. I'm not anal to that extent.
    Thanks for the backup on the jacket camo also!(y)

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