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WIP Critique 200mm Raf Pilot late 1970's

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by TonyT, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. TonyT Active Member

    I have been pondering posting this for a while / embarrassed too, seeing the stunning work on here.
    I had a couple of Maurices excellent 200mm British Soldiers from Afghanistan, one of them I sadly totally mucked up to the degree i didn't know what to do with it, so I had the idea to try and remodel it......
    I have always fancied the idea of modelling my own model someday and felt this would be a good stepping stone, ignore the paint as I add it as I go along so I can see how it will look, then remove it as I alter it....

    Ok mods so far...

    Cut off Helmet and remake top of head,
    Attempt eyes 3 times then settle on shades as a get me out of the poo fix. ;)
    Remove straps, add hair and moustache and ear, reposition head to make him look up more.
    Sawn off the Body Armour and sculpted a flying jacket top, flying suit and roll top jumper,
    Shortened trousers, remodelled boots added flying siut pockets and added zips, added knife in pouch.....

    I realise it is not up to your standards but this is my very first attempt at anything like this and I have been using using magic sculp, do people use something else that allows you to work it for longer??????

    Hoping to model a helmet for him to be carrying, however may stick it in the helmet bags they had if it proves a bridge to far..

    Ok the pics and be gentle :unsure:



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    Very nice and very 70s. You are doing a great job. Reminds me of Magnum PI too.

  3. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Tony - This is an excellent start. Keep at it.

    Points to consider. Feel free to ignore all of them if you disagree. All of this is my opinion and it comes from the "for whatever it is worth" POV.

    1. When you post photos for critique, get them lighted a bit better so the reviewer can see the figure more clearly.
    2. The bags on the bottom of the trousers do not look natural and they don't look believable. If possible, get some photos of the uniform and look at the way the bags cause the trousers to sag and droop. Try to get that feel. The same comment for the two map and flight info card holders in the upper flight suit trousers. They don't look natural. I would scrape all four off and start over.
    3. The head looks OK - but would like to see it better. The hair is even a 70s hair do. Is it RAF regulation, however? When I was in USAF in the 70s, I pushed the hair reg for all it was worth and was frequently chewed out. :lol:

    Don't quit! Keep at it!

    All the best,
  4. foxyboy Member

    I think it's great. If that's a first attempt at sculpting/re-modelling a figure then you've obviously got a knack for it. Good stuff.

    BTW, you wouldn't happen to be the same Tony Taylor who frequents a Russian flight sim forum of ill repute, would you?
  5. TonyT Active Member

    Might be :eek:

    Will do some brighter new pics Dan, these ones actually shorten him as they were done at an angle...... Hair was Short back and sides, with sideburns to middle of ear and tash above lip.... but we used to erm push it a lot on helicopter squadrons with sideburns below the ear and hair over it a bit....
  6. foxyboy Member

    Thought so. The figure's resemblance to Oleg is a dead give away :)

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