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WIP Critique 200mm Para bust update MTP

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Gellso, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Gellso A Fixture

    Hello again,
    Managed to get some more of this guy done.
    I'm using him to try some very superficial sculpting asthetics and also a first attempt at Multi Terrain Pattern camo.

    Original pic:
    His elbow needed patched which was duly done with milliput


    I had a few MTP pics and noticed it's kinda a greeny colour overall and the base seems to be a desert pink/deck tan. I cant remember my exact mix for this because I threw in a load of paint to try and get the colour I was happy with. But it did have mahagonay brown, deck tan, off white and some other browns I think.
    The first colour applied was the brown. It does have a gradient as well as soft and sharp lines. I thought I'd try my airbrush for once on a figure instead of a King Tiger. I just used blu-tak for the sharp lines, Most of the chocolate brown would be covered so I wasn't to bothered about neatness....as you can see:



    Next I applied sea grey (I think) and used some stencils as I wanted some nice contrasting lines:


    American dark green applied next with a brush....my only bug bear with acrylics is when doing camo they really do not cover great and leave missed bits, however they with be touched up later or covered with another colour.
    I also tried to blend in some gradients with the dark green as you can see by the difference of the green on his cheat compared to the last pic.

    The pouch next to his gun is completely done by myself and I have also replaced the webbing pouch fasteners with lead foil and included the wee u shaped buckle thing where they hold.



    Some touching up then on with the black mixed with a touch of sea grey so it wasn't too black:


    Next came off white toned down with some sea grey so it's not too bright:


    You can see the attempt of the replacemet quick release buckle on the chest strap of the camelbak.


    This guy was supposed to be done quick but he's taking me an absolute age to do. managed to get so much doen cos I'm off sick...:sick:

    I haven't done any shadows or highlights yet and I do plan to do some washes over the colours which will hopefully bring them all together. Looking at the pics I might put in some more white but in smaller dollops.

    I will wash the shirt, armour, pouches seperately so they don't all look the same tone. I've decided to do the camelbak desert camo as it will break up the multi cam an also because I like doing it!

    See what you think.

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  2. T-34/85 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Excellent job so far.
  3. ajthomas Member

    Love the job on the camo. Can you let me know where you got this bust from ?

  4. Richie A Fixture

    Hi Grant,
    Your sculpting additions are seamless, nice little conversion to make this your own, the camo and little SBS is superb.
    Get cracking you are on a roll, you don't seem too well have another week on the sick:whistle:
  5. FigureLover A Fixture

    This is really starting to look great
  6. housecarl A Fixture

  7. Jimmy S Well-Known Member

    Grant, greetings from Afghanistan. PM me I can send you a MTP top.
  8. Gellso A Fixture

    Hi Sharpie,
    Done mate, many thanks.
    Best regards,
  9. housecarl A Fixture

    I forgot to comment on the bust, duh!:confused:
    Should look excellent once you've put on a wash to unite it all.
    I think it all looks a little stark at the moment.
  10. Ferris A Fixture

    Looks a complex pattern, but it's shaping up nicely.
    I look forward to your progress.

  11. DEL A Fixture

    Looking good Grant, a lot going on this one.
    Will be a stunner as it all comes together.

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