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WIP Critique 200mm Bust Light Infantry Officer 1808

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by gothicgeek, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. gothicgeek A Fixture

    I will echo Stuart with a " Wow! " :) and a huge " Thank You! "

    I had guessed this would be a popular subject but ...... :)
    Scale is about 1/9 Btw ....

    Laid down basic flesh colours with the airbrush and as you can see this gives a nice basic set of colours but is very bland ... next I will glaze reds and blues onto the basic colours to add some depth and a bit of life :)

    All colours so far are Vallejo ....

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  2. bucsfan21 Well-Known Member

    Mark , Do you know if this bust will be available in the USA? If so, who will be selling it please. Really like the bust and the pose. Hope Mr. Corry does more Napoleonic busts as he has a knack for the period in my opinion. I look forward to seeing you complete the bust...

    All the Best, Terry Martin-Member of the Atlanta Miniature Figure Society
  3. Chris K New Member

    I really like this bust, the posture suggests to me a contemplative "after the battle" attitude and that is exactly how I will paint him - Is this availiable for purchase yet ? and if so who is offering it for order ?

    Gothic chappie really like the SBS post you are doing, will use this to help me for sure

    Thank you
  4. sarouman A Fixture

    Hi Marc,
    Great choice net, may be one of how amazing busts we've seen so far, exquisite detail.
    The choice of airbrushing to prove helpful to you doing a very good painting and that seems the beginning is amazing

  5. stu A Fixture

    Hi ,

    The bust will be available probably mid to late march probably, ie mark has to paint it first .

    It will be in my black sheep range and so will be available from my website www.stormtrooperminiatures.co.uk and also the only other point of sale for these figures www.redlancers.com .

    I have done this due to the problems I experienced last year regarding supply to trade and customers. I have more than one release to come in the next few months and this will probably mean I get some sleep between the day job etc.

    I would especially like to thank you all for your enthusiasm and praise for this bust, it is a lovely sculpt by maurice, but mark got it hot off the press so to speak and the production moulds have only just been made. Mark has had to be suppressed from showing you two other pieces that will be available in due course so I had to let him show you this.

    Again thank you and any questions please pm me or mail me at storm-troopers@hotmail.co.uk


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  6. pinsel Active Member

    that sounds very promising.as i am hooked to the model spart bust this is an item i like an lot and surely will buy.
    lovely done anmd great pose
    iam an friend of the bust which has arms because so the posing is not so dull.well an fine face is one aspect but nice posing can further enhance an model like here
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  7. Ventress Well-Known Member

    Look forward to getting this beauty, and the other mystery figures- if they are by Mr C they will be worth the wait.
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  8. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Thanks again everyone ... :)

    Yes I have been working away in the background on a couple of pieces for Stu :)

    Okay I have a full SBS of this ere face paint, bear in mind this is just how I do it and I hope it makes sense. The thing I love about working with acrylics is the ability to layer them, new colours appear before your eyes :)

    Also notice that I tweaked the highlights in the eyes after I put the head on the bust to get an idea of the context ... the SBS of the tunic will follow :)

    Enough of my waffle here's a pic



    A. Glaze Blue over beard and around the eye sockets.
    B. Glaze Red over ears, nose, cheeks and neck. Also into eyes, mostly in
    the inner corner feathering out along bottom inner lid.
    C. Glaze Basic Skintone
    D. Glaze Light Flesh ( and fill whites of eyes.At this point I'm starting
    to get a feel for his final character.)
    E. Glaze Sunny Skintone.
    F. Very thin glaze of Red around ears, cheeks and nose. But very thin
    G. Rework steps C and D to get the creases around the eyes, nose and mouth
    to stand out more.
    H. Blocked in hair and eyes with Burnt Umber and added shadows into the
    nostrils and under the top lip.
    I. Dark Blue eye colour then lighter blues added to lower half of iris.
    J. Black dots for the pupil
    K. Pure White highlights on the iris and the whites.
    L. More work on steps C and D ( this is the final stage of a face paint,
    usually the colours are very thin and changes are very subtle. Also note
    that I stippled the top lip with Basic Skintone, this is to break up the
    blue beard shadow )
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  9. gordy Well-Known Member

    Great directions Mark :)
  10. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Wow! Can't wait to get one of these for myself.

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  11. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Thanks Gordy and it is a cracker Mike :)


    This is an adaptation of a set of colours I used previously to get a blonde looking hair.....

    While it is a bit long winded it does give a lot of variation to the final colours,which is what I was after ... kindathing


    A. Burnt Umber under coat

    B. Base Ger. Cam. Orange Ochre

    C. Wash 1 Ger. Cam. Blk. Brown

    D. Wash 2 GW Catachan Green followed by wash 3 GW Scorched Brown

    E. Base again with Ger. Cam. Orange Ochre

    F. High Light flesh

    G. Filter GW Golden Yellow

    H. Wash 4 Burnt Umber then re-work the high with White mixed with GW Golden Yellow

    I. Almost there but lost definition so....

    J. Added GW Golden Yellow mixed with light flesh and a dot of Burnt umber for a final highlight

  12. BobLff257 A Fixture

    Great sculpt, great painting, great tutorial, well done Mark.

  13. pmfs A Fixture

    Another stunning work Mark.:)
    Thanks for the sbs, much appreciated!
  14. unknown01 New Member

    Excellent progress Mark.
    Table of colours provides me with useful information very much.
    I'm looking forward to your progress as well as interest.
  15. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Rob, Pedro and Mitsutaka! Thanks for taking the time to comment :)

    Shako .....

    A. Black applied over whole hat
    B. GW Codex Grey was glazed onto the body of the hat ( several thin layers )
    C. Black is glazed over the Grey to soften the effect, note the leather areas have some initial highlighting in Codex Grey
    D. Codex Grey Lightened with White is used to re highlight the leather parts
    E. Black glazed over the leather to slightly soften the effect and The Turban is picked out with German Camo Bright Green
    F. GW Catachan Green is used to fill in the colour of the turban
    G. Klear thinned 1:1 with water is glazed over leather parts, the bill got about 5 layers the top of the hat 3 and the cockade? just 2 .....
    H. Printers inks used to block in the metals
    I. A context shot .....


    A bit of work to still do on the metals and touching up to do...

    Some info if possible? the turban is held in place by an x shaped fitting. Is this metal? Brass I'm assuming

    Thanks in advance

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  16. megroot A Fixture

    Outstanding paintwork so far.
    REally like this bust and what you are doing Mark.
    Hope to see it finished soon.

  17. Gellso A Fixture

    Great stuff Mark. Nice to see you try a Napoleonic as well.
  18. housecarl A Fixture

    Superb flesh tones as usual Mark, I think the texture on the hat works well too.
  19. stu A Fixture


    I'm back and this is coming along very nicely indeed !!!!

    The back of the green band is green, the same as the band, I believe.

    Speak soon buddy

  20. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Marc ... Thank you :)

    Grant .... Thanks mate and I can see the appeal of doing stuff from this era :)

    Carl ... Cheers! and well done yesterday!! :)

    Stu .... Hope the hols were fun ( and productive ) ... Green on the clasp thingy you say ... cool :)

    Not a proper update as I'm working on the whites and the metallics SBS at the moment

    But here is where he's at :)

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