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Review 17th Lt Dragoon 1777 from Ellie's Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi there to one and all,

    Its always my pleasure to share my thoughts on the smaller companies in our miniature world and this time I will be looking at the latest release from:


    Namely the one here:


    It is of course the 17th LD Officer as announced here by Ian and Ellie here:


    Before we look at the resin lets have a bit of information about this famous Regiment particularly at this period.
    The Regiment was sent from Ireland to America in 1775, landing at Boston just in time to field a small detachment at the battle of Bunker Hill with others serving in most engagements throughout the conflict.
    The Officers lace had a black edge at the buttonholes with the laces having a fine black line which remembers the death of Wolfe.
    The 1768 warrant states the coat as red (scarlet for officers) , white facings with buttons in pairs , white metal buttons .
    Later forming the 17/21st Lancers fighting at such famous battles as those in the Crimea, the traditions survive into the current regiment.

    aaa.jpg helmet.gif a.jpg
    Emory.jpg aaaaaaaa.JPG aaaa.jpg aaaaaa.JPG

    Books are readily available including the Regimental histories and of course the Regimental museum, both great sources of information.
    B.jpg BB.jpg oaaaa.jpg oa.jpg oaa.jpg oaaa.jpg

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap A Fixture

    Lets see what we are looking at:

    Title: British Officer 17th Light Dragoon 1777

    Scale: 1/9th

    Ref: EM/016

    Material: Resin

    No of parts: 3 plus insert

    Sculptor: Offo

    Casting: Ellie Burton

    Box Art: WIP from Gerard

    The item was purchased from Ian with anticipation after the announcement of the release and was received quickly ,in a good cardboard box with the actual parts being packed in bubble wrap , these being torso , head and base( on my piece this was a cream as no base was sculpted so Ian put in some that he cast to use up resin , please note that all future pieces will have the same colour base.
    Ellies 17th 001.jpg
    Ellies 17th 002.jpg
    Also included is a painting insert:

    Ellies 17th 019.jpg
    Prep...beginning with the torso on the review resin a couple of the buttons on the lapels and waistcoat that needed a bit of putty on them to infill , together with a tiny area on the sash , in addition to another very fine casting line up the rear of the resin and to the right of the centre seam on the coat ...that's it.....these are very minor and its me trying to give a true review to you all.
    Ellies 17th 007.jpg Ellies 17th 003.jpg
    On the undersides a bit of sanding was needed both on the torso and neck ( this ensures a 100% fit )

    The head had another very fine casting line which came away easily with a sharp modelling knife.

    The base if you use it ( I won't.... mine will be mounted possibly on brass rod or maybe straight to the base itself ....pinned!!!)

    Once these minor points are done you can do the 3 P's ......Prime, Paint and Present

    Lets begin with the Torso the officer is wearing his regimental coat with the facings showing on both lapels , looking at these first , nicely sculpted with good definition and shape on the edges , on them we see the lace and buttons correctly shown in pairs , the lace itself are all well worked with a nice "Y" defining the sides , buttons are round and well shown.
    Ellies 17th 006.jpg Ellies 17th 004.jpg Ellies 17th 005.jpg
    The waistcoat has some natural folds with the sash being likewise , Offo has a really nice way of depicting clothing . we also see the same work on the actual uniform folds .
    Ellies 17th 009.jpg
    On top of his waistcoat we have the sword belt with the famous skull and crossbones on it ( under which would be the words "or glory"....this is represented with no issues IMO)

    At his neck we see a lovely ruffled cravat , this is great and will be a joy to paint ...well we all love white eh!!!

    The collar is as per the period folded over nice undercuts on this with the lace also being present.

    Ellies 17th 008.jpg
    Moving up to the shoulders these have a nice pair of epaulettes nice texture on the ends ( I think I will be adding a trefoil to mine on the leading edge..my choice as there is nothing wrong with those sculpted).

    Ellies 17th 011.jpg
    At the back we have the pony tail of hair tidy and with strands being defined well.
    Ellies 17th 010.jpg

    Now to the Head...this is the crowning glory of the piece , working from the neck we see the cravat itself wrapped round the neck , again nice folds ..very naturally done ...peeking over this is the shirt collar points ...and what I like is they are not in a perfect position.....see the picture's.
    Ellies 17th 015.jpg Ellies 17th 012.jpg Ellies 17th 013.jpg
    The face , I think this has to be one of Offo's best and will almost paint itself, lovely details everywhere from the mouth ..held together , the chin , nice cheek formation and the eyes are rather fine , his brow is furrowed ( perhaps he has just seen the duty roster!!!) .
    Ellies 17th 016.jpg

    Hair is styled with rolled curls at the sides with strands peeking out just above his side whiskers , the hair is pulled round at the back to meet the end which is cast on the coat collar.

    The helmet now ....where to start I ask myself this is spot on , the bowl has the strengthening pieces on them , the base has the turban around with the cords ( these were sometimes fine chain link) being impressed into the turban , all very naturally shown.
    Ellies 17th 018.jpg
    The comb of the helmet has decoration carved into it and on the front top piece the regimental number in Roman numerals !!, the horsehair sits hanging on both sides , again with good surface work .
    Ellies 17th 014.jpg
    The front plate has nicely referenced edging , well sculpted and cast all making painting a pleasure (well I need all the help possible!!) , then we have the motto itself .....well shown again with good structure in shape and style.
    Ellies 17th 017.jpg
    The Base is a shaped pedestal type and if you choose to use it ..pining is the keyword , its perfectly suitable if you don't wish to use any other method

    Final Thoughts:

    This was a piece I was keen to get my hands on the striking red and white uniform and the motto and of course the helmet itself...was I happy with my purchase ....I'd say I was !!! , sculpting is very well done, few minor bits of prep ( on mine at least ) , good casting overall from Ellie , good subject , good customer service ..can't ask for much more IMO.

    I look forward to sharing the next release from Ellie's

    Highly recommended

    For more details visit the website at :


    e mail to: ian.burton@live.co.uk

    PM via the forum

    Thanks for looking in

    Enjoy your modelling

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  3. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Good review Kevin
    I have one of these busts and it is a very crisp casting. I must add doing business with Ian was a real pleasure.
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  4. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Excellent review Nap.
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  5. ellie A Fixture

    Cheers Guys and a big thank you to nap for doing the review. I must just add that it was Ellie who did the mold making for this and did the first set of castings. this was her first go at doing the whole thing so I take my hat of to her.

    Once again very happy you like him cheers


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  6. Nap A Fixture


    Thanks Keith Ian has told me that it was Ellie herself that did the casting so well done to her..she can only get better ..I have amended the details

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  7. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Great work Ellie
    I think that the results that you have achieved on this wonderful piece have set you up for a bright future
    in this art.
    Very well done.
    Best wishes,
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  8. Bootneck Well-Known Member

    Picked my copy up at the White Rose bash and can only agree with all of the above positive comments. Well done Ellie & Ian.

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  9. Nap A Fixture

    Thanks guys for the comments

    Pleased you are happy with review and the piece itself ....

  10. ellie A Fixture

    Thank You Keith,Peter & Nap I enjoyed it very much. I asked Dad if I could respond to you.

    I had fun with this one Had a few problems at first but got better as I went along.

    Offo did a great job on the sculpt and he made it easy for me to do my first mold making. I hope to do more in the future and a big thank you to those people that have bought it.

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

  11. Babelfish A Fixture

    Nice job all round by all involved, especially Ellie - what a debut! I'll be picking one of these up in the new year for sure.

    - Steve
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  12. Bootneck Well-Known Member

    Hi Ellie.
    You need your own Avatar and posts to keep us up to date with your developments. Dad can then sit back with his feet up!! Lol.

    Thanks for your help in the kitchen at the WR Xmas Bash.

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  13. billyturnip A Fixture

    Well done Ellie this looks a lovely piece, it won't be long before you're head of mold making and casting and Dad's demoted to helping in the kitchen at the White Rose.
  14. ellie A Fixture

    I know Roger the kitchen is calling lol.but she is keen to learn and loves getting involved in that part of the business. she said it's the best part lol.

    cheers guys


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  15. juan antonio perez Active Member

    Congrats Ellie! you have made a great work and I am exciting for painting soon! It's a fine cast and copy vvery well done!

  16. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys,

    I have this on my bench working on the basecoating , one thing I have done is to add a bit more on the epaulettes in the form of 2 small rosettes at the shoulder end .

    I will start a SBS ..but still looking very much to seeing the box art

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  17. Old Pete Active Member

    Hi Pete,
    Don Troiani has done a painting showing the 17th in a green uniform which they appear to have worn in America,by the way it is not a badge but a motto the 17/21st would be very upset to hear it called a badge:D
  18. Nap A Fixture


    Hi George,

    I have the Troiani painting it's an interesting option


    ...I have changed the review to read motto for you

    Enjoy the modelling


    PS This bust has a lot of potential particularly to do a 16th LD by changing the front details on the helmet and of course the sword belt plate and facing colours to blue with lace details
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  19. Old Pete Active Member

    Hi Pete,
    Not for me I just did,nt want you to get beaten up by any 17/21st Lancers:D
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  20. Nap A Fixture


    LOL ...Thanks George ....

    Who is Pete ? my name is Kevin but I always sign off as Nap ...LOL
    Happy painting

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