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12th SS Hitlerjugend and they're camo material...

Discussion in '"Today in History", Literature & Media Review' started by Mike McGregor, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Mike McGregor Member

    I'm working on Warrior's 12th SS Hitlerjugend Normandy figure and I'm a bit confused... I know 12 SS HJ is well known for they're use of the Italian 1929 Telo Mimetico Camouflage items, but every picture I've seen of this figure painted (including the box art) seem to show it in somthing closer to 1938 M sátorlap-esög. So, we're they both used? or did someone mistake the two and start a meme that seems to persist in the hobby?

    1929 Telo Mimetico -> http://www.kamouflage.net/camouflage/en_00058.php

    1938 M sátorlap-esög -> http://www.kamouflage.net/camouflage/en_00082.php

    also, I can only seem to find the site above with info about the Hungarian camo, can you guys point me towards some other refrences? I'd like to use this on a future project, if not this one...

  2. mvonb Member

    I have numerous references on the 12. SS Pz. Div. and none of them mention the us of Hungarian camo, rather the Italian 1929 cloth. Most box arts and on line figures get the colout combinations wrong. I had a look at your other postr and would recommend using the pale yellow as the base coat and adding many thin coats of the green and brown as top coats. Then blend them with a buff overspray or wash.


  3. Calvin Member

    Mike, for what I know they used the italian clothing, never heard about the hungarian version, but not only the 12th SS Hitlerjugend was using it.
    This pic is of german police on balkans (?), if I remember correctly (take a look at the web site on the copyright to be sure)

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  4. Calvin Member

    A pic of an original, from the same web site

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  5. Calvin Member

    A pic of a repro, but colours are wrong (too bright)

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  6. Calvin Member

    These are supposed from France '44, but dont remember the source

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  7. Calvin Member


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  8. Calvin Member

    And this is taken from "Sentire, pensare, volere - Storia della legione SS italiana", the camo worn by the guys of an italian SS legion

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  9. Calvin Member

    Such camo was still in use, for what I know, by some para and elite units, shame it has been replaced with the Nato camos... A good rendition with almost exact colours is available on a plate about a "San Marco" soldier into the "Armies in Lebanon 1982-83" Osprey. The plate is showing something like the second guy

  10. Ron V New Member

    Hey Mike,

    It is indeed the Italian 1929 camouflage material that was used by the 12 SS HJ Division. This material was acquired by HAH Division when they were sent to Italy as a "stiffening" unti after the Italian Forces stood down.

    The material was almost certainly brought back in the formn of shelter quarters that were cut upto make short jackets and trousers with a smattering of overalls thrown it. It appears tha some of the material was retained for usage by LAH itself.

    The actual pattern of this camouflage was produced for many years but with substatial change in color. I've now seen dozens of original WWII shelter quarters and can attest to the variety of shades produce even within the war years. Some had vibrant but dulled colors; others had color that was so muted as to make one wonder why they even bothered producing the three colors that made up the pattern. The first pics posted by Calvin show typical samples.
    If you care to post them, I can supply a couple of comparison photos.

    Ron Volstad
  11. Christos Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard Ron!

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