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WIP 120mm Verlinden AAF Pilot vignette in PhotoShop

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by combatartist, Feb 1, 2012.


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  1. combatartist Active Member

    OK, I'm a bit anal when it comes to research and planning. But here is the process I go through visa vie the computer and PhotoShop. I am able to "visualize" the scene before I commit to the final, and have found the computer/software to be a big plus. I have even used Google SketchUp to plan street scenes, interiors, etc. The Google 3D warehouse has many pre-made models that lend themselves to this kind of planning. As with anything else, there is a learning curve, but is not that hard to figure out. Google SketchUp is a "free" program - check it out:http://sketchup.google.com/intl/en/ and http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/. All the other "stuff" was done in CS3. I take photos of the figure, import them to PS, clean them up and then place them in the environment I want. Is this all necessary? No, but it can be useful and I use this in conjunction with traditional sketches.

    The scenario is a 9th AAF / 34th Photo Recon Sqd. pilot stationed in England, in front of a Nissen Hut. I'll have to figure a way out to show off the squadron patch I painted on the back of the jacket, and right now, the actual layout isn't working for me from a compositional stand-point.

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  2. housecarl Moderator

    I'd move the Nissen of centre.
    Then I'd have the figure angled,
    that way you would see his back.
    Figure looks well,
  3. combatartist Active Member

    Thanks Carl! Yep, angle him and viewing angle. The photo of the figure is for placement only, done under basement lighting ;)
  4. combatartist Active Member

    I wanted to add these images to show my sketchbook and the figure so far. I start out with these "rough" sketches and I keep them in a bound sketchbook with notes, photos, etc.

    Tony S

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  5. megroot A Fixture

    I like it, but as a PS "blond":eek: i will see a SBS on this,
    My son let me do it, when he did a demo, but after two clicks i'm lost.

  6. combatartist Active Member

    It's just like anything else Marc, it takes practice. I wouldn't have any idea how to use a lathe or wire my house (God forbid!), so I guess this won't be a solution for everyone, but it's just another tool! The full-blown PS package is for professionals and even though I have been using it for long time, I don't think I have come close to utilizing its potential - but I know just enough to get by. ;)
  7. Knikki Member

    I think it is an interesting idea however something does not look right.

    Assuming that the standard English door frame is 6ft 6in and that your pilot is stood in front, it looks like his around the 6ft 4in mark. So to my eyes to tall and with his hat on may have to duck to get in the door.

    That seems a little tall for a fighter/recon type pilot as I always thought that the taller chaps ended up in the bomber crews.

    Then again I could be talking out my tail pipe :whistle:
  8. combatartist Active Member

    Hey Nick; great eye for detail! Here in the colonies doors are 6'-8", so you are correct. I've been noticing scale variations in 120mm. Anything from 1:14,1:15,1:16, etc. if my calculations are correct, then 13/16" = 1'-0" in 1:16 scale. The Verlinden figure is exactly 120mm to the top of his crush cap, which makes this guy about 5'-10" + or -.

    Thanks for the door specs!

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