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120mm Samurai - Mitches Military Models

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by MMM, May 9, 2016.

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  1. Oda A Fixture

    Rewrote this post (look below)
  2. Babelfish A Fixture

    As usual ..... "if ya likes it, ya buyz it and ya paints it".

    If you're not happy with issues (real or perceived) about clothing, equipment or whatever .... ya givez it a swerve.

    The hobby is a broad church. Room for all.

    - Steve
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  3. Oda A Fixture

    Dave mate,couldn't have said it better myself (the thought has crossed my mind but after seeing that the general trend is more towards "it looks great so what if it's inaccurate" I absconded.So happy though that you took the time needed to post one of your highly informative comments).If someone likes the figure,is inspired by it and ends up having enormous fun with it then it's fine.It's just that I happen to be one of those modellers who find historical accuracy to be one of the most rewarding,recreational and creative aspects of our hobby.A very experienced member drew my attention to some anatomical faults of the figure as well although commenting on them now would be like "shaking the hornets' nest" (as you cleverly put it in a previous thread) even more vigorously and, honestly, I don't have the stomach for it.I am a mediocre painter end even worse sculptor and certainly no match for the extremely talented and prolific Carl Reid but I have always found well intentioned critique ( even if a little harsh) to be highly helpful in bettering myself as a modeller.I see absolutely no point in becoming hostile,distasteful or outright insulting towards anyone especially over something that's meant to be fun and Iam kind of disappointed when I see it happening.I would love to continue this conversation with you in private though for I always coming out having learned something more.

    PS:sorry for the repetition I am experiencing hardware trouble.
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  4. Oda A Fixture

    Right again Steve,sorry for loosing it for a moment.We can all go away smiling.

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  5. Gellso A Fixture

    Aside from all the argie bargie and getting back to the actual figure..................

    I quite like it.

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  6. Martin64 A Fixture

    "The critical comment
    there and back again" by John Bilbo Doe:rolleyes::D...
    If I like a figure - I buy it. If I like a comment - praising or critical - I think about the information contained or new aspects highlighted and otherwise I give it a swerve. PF is a broad forum and should have room for all kind of hobby related feedback.
    Won`t comment on historical issues with this figure because others obviously know better and won`t say anything about anatomy because there are good pictures taken showing the figure from different angles. They speak for themselves.
    Without doubt a nice sculpt but more attention to some issues raised would have made it even nicer IMHO.
    No offence meant - if it still offends give it a swerve.
    Cheers, Martin
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  7. kagemusha A Fixture

    I have only one rule....if I like it....I will paint it ;)
    As for 'informed' observations....I for one welcome them....and learn from them....
    We are a mixed bunch on PF....but...in the end...it all comes down to personal taste....
    We are lucky to have so many talented people...to bounce ideas off.....to learn from....and to share with (y)
    One thing stands out...all of us are sensitive to comment/criticism in one form or another.....that's just the way we are :whistle:
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  8. Helm A Fixture

    Told ya you should do a nice medieval figure no dramas there mi mon :whistle:
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  9. Mark S Guest

    It is a medieval figure, Steve...:playful:
  10. Alex A Fixture

    I feel the need to voice my opinion.
    I am not a rivet counter by any means and have and will always paint a figure in any color / pattern that I have in mind... Be it colorful or drab looking. It depends on my feelings at the time and me wanting to experiment something different.
    However, when researching a figure in my book library, trying to understand how to paint this or that, I hate it when I can't find any suitable material, or any reference.
    I agree with all the points made previously (too long of a sword, not the proper hair cut, anachronistic clothing and armour parts, etc.) but ultimately, I do not really care. As long as the figure captures my eyes and heart, it will be a winner. This one, I like it but do not love it as shown in the preview pictures. So I won't buy it but I am pretty sure a lot of people will push the button.
    My artistic feelings always come first before any hitorical accuracy. Other people like David are different and have the opposite view. And that's perfectly fine !

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  11. Ferris A Fixture

    Wow, samurai seem to be the Tiger I panzers of armour modelling!
    I never dared to build one because it is so hard to get them historically correct... :)
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  12. Babelfish A Fixture

    Indeed, a common cause of some serious 'handbags' over on the armour forums they are Adrian! :eek:

    - Steve
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  13. Forté A Fixture

    Wish I hadn't read that. I'm seriously sweating now about the one I'll be painting soon.
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  14. Huw63 A Fixture

    I'm basically ignorant of the samurai and Japanese history but this sculpt is what a samurai the should look like in my opinion. I like it a lot.



    P.s I do armour too and Adrian is absolutely right about Tigers due to production changes, field modifications etc. The one advantage is you can always base a model on a picture
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  15. Gellso A Fixture

    To be perfectly frank, no I don't really care!
    But many thanks for the 42 line reply about the length of a sword or katana or tango or whatever the hell it is.

  16. Gaudin A Fixture

    But you do care when the matter concerns subjects you are passionate about. In the past I benefited greatly from your input that was probably as detailed.
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  17. Gellso A Fixture

    Cheers Gaudin, but that was personally for you because you asked and was not publically broadcast to everyone purely to show off my mighty omnipotence!
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  18. Gaudin A Fixture

    We are all different and do things differently. Otherwise North Korea is a place to be ;)

    I dont think motivation is to show off though ( or cause aggro for that matter).
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  19. Gellso A Fixture

    And on that note.....
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  20. Martin64 A Fixture

    Obviously you take offence that somebody dared to share his information without being asked via PM and does not like this kit out of the box??
    - For me Oda`s and Tadatsugu`s contributions were helpful - not just about the length of the sword which could be adapted if I wish to build that model:

    Using the example of the Tiger tank while staying in line with the critiques provided about this samurai the "feared Tiger-model" should have a Gribeauval 12pounder-cannon in it`s turret (out of the box) and when a "nitpicker" comes and tells something about historical armament of this tank your reply might be: "Where`s your proof that it never happened?" - or you might consider to replace the Gribeauval with an 88mm - or just say: "No, I don`t really care!" - and count the lines of a comment you don`t like. It`s a free world.

    I like informative comments better that the plain"I quite like it" - comments because sharing information requires much more effort but both have their right to be posted I guess.
    Cheers, Martin
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