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WIP Critique 120mm Brit Tanker from Stormtroopers

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by gothicgeek, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Hi all!

    Despite working right through Christmas I managed to prep this little beauty and sort it's base out after Stu got it to me just before the postal system ground to a halt for the holidays :)

    He needs a tad more primer and then I will get on with painting! Just got to decide on either plain Pixie suit or Dennison camo version? What do you reckon?

    Release info to follow but I don't think it will be anytime soon ....

    Primer... Note the guns magazine is not fitted.


    parts as supplied ( prototype )


    As always please feel free to C, C or C ....


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  2. Guy A Fixture

    An awesome figure. I look forward to seeing it painted.
  3. housecarl A Fixture

    As I know how you love painting camo, I'd go with the plain option.;)
    Looks a nice figure, I'm guessing from Stu's fair hand?
  4. Don Well-Known Member

    Really nice figure Mark and I know you will do it justice. If he is from the RTR did he not have a black suit? I know they changet to black in WW1 due to the dirt from the tanks and with only slight changes still wear them.
    Not sure about Pixie suits though perhaps you can enlighten me.

  5. T50 A Fixture

    This is a great looking figure!!!
    Who's the sculptor?
  6. Azgaron Member

    Nice looking figure! Love to see it painted!


  7. Tommi A Fixture

    Go for the camo if it is going to be box art :p

  8. ldom77 Member

    it's a new figure ? i want one !
  9. megroot A Fixture

    Very nice figure.
    I believe you get the best out of it Mark.

  10. dinovision79 Active Member

    Nice one from Stu, the bulky WWII British tanker suit looks cool, a little bit futuristic :)

    I'd love to see the guy in denison camo too!
  11. Tony Barton Active Member

    Super figure !
    Go for the plain Pixie : the camo version never got used in WW2, as far as anyone can find out. There is a very distant possibility that it got used in Korea, but the pic is capable of several interpretations....
    And if you do go for the camo after all that , remember it was in the Windproof colours, NOT the Denison.
  12. housecarl A Fixture

    Here's a 1/6th wearing one Mark.

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  13. stu A Fixture


    Many thanks for all the great comments. Mark has been badgering me for a while to get this sorted.

    The sculpt is by Pete Morten with a bit of tweaking from me. I've enclosed a pic of the initial master shots and an in progress pic of the work I did. Also is a pic i found of artwork by ron volstad.

    We have discussed both painted options and hopefully mark will do both for you, this really is hot out of the moulds.

    Glad you like it


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  14. mil-mart A Fixture

    Hi Stu excellent sculpting and conversion work from Pete and yourself the end result looks amazing.
    Mark looking forward to following the painting, how about doing both versions at the same time and posting both progress pictures together, that'll be a first .:D(y)
    Cheers Ken
  15. sam b Well-Known Member

    Stu Mark and Pete what a team .
    Great figure, looking forward to seeing it painted .

  16. Dennis Active Member

    Hi Mark, you have a winner here mate, I agree with Mr Barton and would paint it in the pixie suit colours. Another reason I would opt for the pixie suit version, is the bulk of the suit worn by your figure. I used to wear one of these back in the late 1970's in BAOR as a FV432 commander they were 30 or so years old then and still bulky. They were made of a heavy material and lined with the same khaki flannel as used to be used to make army shirts, that said they were effective at keeping a lot of the cold and rain at bay.
    I am looking forward to seeing your completed model good luck with it.
  17. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Many thanks for the discussion on the camo version of the Pixie suit everyone and thanks to Stu for info on development of the figure :)

    For this fellow I will probably go for the plain suit as it will show off the sculpting more :)

    Thanks to Guy, Carl, Don, Taesung, Håkan, Tommi, Dominique, Marc, Dénes, Tony, Stu, Ken, Sam and Dennis for comments and info :)

    Face ...

    While my style of face painting is not exactly universally popular ( there's a thread I keep meaning to start! ) the techniques and stages are probably quite useful generally.

    So these are the basic stages, Bear in mind I may spend quite a lot of time at each stage building colours up in thin layers ( glazes ).

    Also at the end of this sequence I spent a further couple of hours just tidying and tweaking it ...


    All paint is acrylic AV=Vallejo GW=Games Workshop. Flow enhancer used in all mixes.
    A. Primer
    B. AV Mahogany Sand
    C. AV Game Colour Dwarf Skin
    D. GW Blood red and Regal Blue added in glazes
    E. AV Basic Skin
    F. AV Light Flesh
    G. to K. Using Dwarf Skin to unite the colours steps D. to F. are repeated
    L. Eyes completed

    Here is the head in context on the figure ( with re positioned Holster ( Cheers Carl ;) )) and with a good white balance :)


    Some work still to do on the hands...

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  18. housecarl A Fixture

    Great SBS mate. Which flow enhancer do you use?
    Looking grand,
  19. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Cheers Carl!

    Usually a mix of Daler Rowney Flow enhancer and Vallejo Thinner Medium ...
  20. housecarl A Fixture

    Thanks Mark, does it work like glaze medium?

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