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101st in Normandy 1944.

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Uruk-Hai, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hello Figureteers!

    Im planning to do a scene inspired by the tv-series Band of brothers.
    Im thinking of doing a vignette of Winthers attacking the guns at Brecourt.

    Im about to convert figures from the Dragon kits below. Is theres something that isnt accurate?



  2. Mike McGregor Member

    I don't know a lot about the subtelties of the uniforms and equipment, but I understand that there are some diffrences between uniforms used in Normandy and operation Market Garden onwards... I think these 2 sets represent diffrent periods in the war(?)... hope that helps a bit...
  3. bonehead A Fixture

    Hello Janne,

    I cannot vouch for specifics, but for many years I did the heads and head gear for Dragon's 1/35 scale kits. I worked very closely with illustrator Ron Volstad. He is one of the most conscientious researchers I have ever met! In fact, whenever I have a question about WWII uniforms and equipment (his specialty), Ron is the guy I go to. He always has the answers!

    In addition to being an avid collector of uniforms and such himself, Ron knows a lot of other collectors as well. If he does no have a certain item on hand, he knows somebody who does.

    Personally, I would put my trust in Ron's research. He knows a lot more than I do and that is good enough for me!

    Mike (still dodging blimps!)
  4. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Janne, as for the Normandy paratroopers, 2 glaring mistakes pop out.

    1- The mowhawk. VERY few men actually did this.
    2- The crouching soldier is wearing a first aid dressing on his helmet. Another "no-go". Even fewer soldiers did this (only some medics as far as I can tell) but thanks to Hollywood and The Duke, we see it all the time. Actual paratroopers rarely, if ever, saw this.

    As far as the Market Garden paratroopers, DO NOT use them in a Normandy vignette. The uniforms were completely different. A FANTASTIC site with a TON of reference is Trigger Time. You'll find a lot of very good reference (as well as some darn good stories) in there. Now, as to the quality of the Normandy Paratroopers, I'd try to find a different set. While there may have been some good sculpting and research that went into those "early" sets, the quality that came out was something that fell short (READ: MY OPINION HERE). Some of the Nemrod figures, while still needing some work, will be MUCH better.

    Hope this helps,
    Jim Patrick
  5. phc35 Well-Known Member

    The second picture you show would be approriate for Operations Market-Garden
    and Varsity. They are wearing '43 uniforms. Some old hands might have had pieces
    left over from D-Day. anyparts of a '43 uniform would not be appropriate for
  6. Pete_H New Member

    True, very few paratroopers did this and they were mainly in the 101st. Airborne (note that the Mohawk-wearing trooper is in the 101st). However, the extra 1st. aid pack on the helmet was a practice within the 82nd. It's within the 101st. that it was not. I think you could get away with the 1st. air pack on the helmet, but don't have every 82nd. paratrooper wearing it. It was more common to tie it to the upper chest part of their webbing.

    I must second Jim's recommendation to visit "Trigger Time." However, it's strictly a 101st. Airborne site. Sometimes, they get a bit put off by non-101st. questions over on the discussion forum, particularly with any involving E/506 PIR ;) Still, it's got some great airborne references.

    As for the 1/35 Nemrod figures, their recent ones are pretty good. They have a few sets made some time ago, and they all have a very noticeable flaw - the boots are way too small. Picture a 1/35 paratrooper with 1/40 boots :eek: I'd recommend taking the boots off the DML sets and put them on the Nemrod figures. Sure, you'll have a bit of putty-pushing to do on the legs, but the results will be well worth the effort.
  7. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thank you everybody for your input!

    Ill go with the Dragonfigures from the first kit as Im trying to convert them.

  8. Roc Active Member

    One of my closest friends paints Dagon figures, he swears they are accurate.

    Roc. :)
  9. garyjd Well-Known Member

    The Dragon sets are nice and the newer ones look very promising. Planet figure member Calvin Tan has done some great pieces utilizing Dragon figures supplemented with Hornet heads, which really improves the figures even more.~Gary
  10. phc35 Well-Known Member

    I found this web site. It is an online Encyclopedia for Saving Private Ryan the


    Lists faux pas as well as what they got right


  11. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter


    Ill check that site out.

  12. Energy jobs Guest

    This is a website based on the American role in the Airborne invasion of Normandy. The U.S. Divisions droped in Normandy were the 101st(The Screaming Eagles) and 82nd(All American) Airborne Divisions.
    Please scroll down the page and go to any of the links you desire
  13. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    I dont know what the above message is to mean but it looks to me like somebody is spamming the Forum? Forgive me if Im wrong.

    Sadly I get a bad conscious as I havent gotten around to the scene. Well its still on the to do list. Was it John Long who did this scene as well a year ago?

  14. John Long Active Member

    Hey Janne. I did a small vignette based on the actions at Brecourt Manor. I know this is an old thread, but it's new to me. I used a couple of Warriors figure and did major surgery to one of them. I hope you do the scene, I'd like to see it.
  15. vergilius New Member

    I'm not an expert so ; what's the different(s) between a market garden uniform and a D-day one?
  16. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thanks for chipping in, John!

    Im starting to get the idea back.

  17. IIICorps Active Member


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