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Completed 101st airborne "The Filthy 13"

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by dancap3286, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. dancap3286 A Fixture

    Here is my latest work. It is the OOP Warriors 1/9th scale offereing by John Rosengrant of a 101st airborne paratrooper complete with mohawk and warpaint. After some help from the guys on the net and some research of my own I learned that these guys became known as part of "The Filthy 13" as 13 members of the 101st sported this look on the D-Day landings. I later learned there were actually 15 of these bad lookin hombres but due to some side story they became known as the 13. I really had issue with incorporating the war paint as I felt and still feel to some extent that it takes away from the facial details which are very good on this figure. I decided to do it for 2 reasons, historical accuracy and basically because I had never done something like this before so it was different. I'd like some opinions from you guys on my decision even though I cannot change it now. Like I said I'm still half hearted about the decision to incorporate it. As always it is done on Vallejo acrylics and all hand brushed.

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  2. Michael Tse Active Member

    For years I had the wrong idea that this is a 120mm figure.

    Oustanding details all over. The shaved hair from second picture is the most memorable part to me. Congrats!
  3. gordy Well-Known Member

    Exceptional work Dan —

    This guy is perfect for the war paint (y)

    The O.D.'s are great, the leather chin strip and the metals.. zipper, 'nade, etc are top notch :)
  4. winston Active Member

    A master piece Dan, it look real asalways.... Great paint!!!
  5. housecarl A Fixture

    The war paint looks effective, without being over done. As for the uniform, superb.
  6. Joseph Brubaker New Member

    Looks great dont change a thing think the war paint adds alot to his already fine painted face,thanks for posting..............Joseph
  7. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    Nice work Dan!!!

    Jay H.
  8. fmargem Active Member

    Excellent paint job!
    Can I ask you where you've bought it? I have been looking for this kit for years with no success.

    Thanks for sharing!
  9. FigureLover A Fixture

    Wow!!!! Thats some beautiful subtle shading on his uniform, especially using acrylics. His war paint is perfect and I wouldn't change a thing.
  10. unknown01 New Member

    Deer Dan.:)
    I painted this figure in the past, too.
    But your version is quite more wonderful than me.:eek:
    I couldn't think there was a person who can paint this much perfectly.
    But indeed you showed me a perfect work at Great.
    I was quite moved.:eek:
    How, if, when you tell me whether it's such one in SBS, I'm happy.
    I congratulate completion.(y)

  11. slaj Well-Known Member

    Dan, hope to see this one live soon. Great job

  12. sam b Well-Known Member

    Hi Dan, I must say that right now you are up there with the best of them, when it comes to figure painting n this one is no exception. The war paint only adds to the look of the face and shows your skills off!!
    Very well done
  13. dancap3286 A Fixture

    Hello Filipe...

    I won this figure on ebay about 2 months ago. Just be careful to make sure you are bidding on originals and not recast knockoffs. Thank you and good luck!
  14. HiroshiAirborne Active Member

    Excellent paint job my friend! Did you paint this in oils or acrylics? Great detail on the insignia!

    However, the war paint for the "Filthy 13" was actually black and white. I had the pleasure of meeting the author of the book "The Filthy 13", Mr Jake McNiece, and he had mentioned that a lot of models and toys have him and the others wearing red and other colored war paint. He says the paint is actually black and white as they took the paint off the freshly applied invasion stripes on their aircraft. I encourage anyone interested in WWII Paratroopers to pick up his book.
  15. Babelfish A Fixture

    Struggling hard to find any nits to pick here Dan, but isn't the handle of his entrenching tool bent out?!

    Fantastic job all round. I see what you mean about the war paint because it does kind of dominate the face, but you've still pulled it off.

    You seem to be able to churn out top-quality figures within a very short space of time. How do you do it?! I'd probably spend 6 months on a figure like that and it still wouldn't be half as good at the end!!

    - Steve
  16. Babelfish A Fixture

    Concur. Dan you're in my "Top Five planeteers" for sure (and given the incredible talent that's regularly on display here, that's praise indeed).

    - Steve
  17. Ferris A Fixture

    Great job Dan.
    The war paint looks very convincing as does the colour of the uniform.

  18. dancap3286 A Fixture

    Hi Hiroshi...

    yes I know about the black and white paint from the invasion stripes. The reason I went with red was because I was afraid the black would be too dominant and all my color plate reference is also red. I'm actually quite happy with the look. Thanks for your comments.
  19. dancap3286 A Fixture

    Hi Steve...

    actually from the angle the picture was taken it does look bent but infact it is the way it lies on his hip. It is very tight on the utility belt and then it kinda flares a bit from the way it hangs so it is straight. As far as the quick painting I spend about 5-6 hours at the bench at 1 time and I just kinda get into the zone and keep goin. I guess it is kinda quick and I think I'm too impatient to do it any other way. Thanks alot for your kind comments, I appreciate them!
  20. HiroshiAirborne Active Member

    Re: Hi Hiroshi...

    I copy that, I was just educating and was not bashing it in anyway. If you're happy with it, I'm happy with it. Again, fantastic work my friend!

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