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1 hr face in acrylics

Discussion in 'Acrylics' started by Bailey, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. Bailey A Fixture

    We had a workshop day at our local painting club last weekend and I decided to do a demo on painting faces. I picked up a set of 1/35 scale heads from Legend Productions brought them along for the demo. What you see here are the results of about 30-60 minutes of work (hard to get an exact time, as I stopped to explain at various stages and pass the figure around), but it was pretty quick for what I'm used to.


    We spent some time talking about where to place the shadows and the highlights: the main shadows being under the cheeks, brows, and chin while the main highlights are on the nose, forehead, and top of the cheeks. We also discussed major vs minor shadows and highlights. Not every shadow needs to be equally dark, more minor features/details should get more minor shadows. Same for highlights, the top of the cheeks would be brighter than the highlights around the mouth and chin.

    For colors we used Reaper's paints:
    And then red, blue, and purple inks from Scale75. These inks were further watered down to create subtle glazes with which we used to add red to the cheeks and nose, purple to deepen the shadows in the cheeks and around the eyes, and blue on the lower 1/3 of the face to create a stubble look.

    Given more time I'd do more work in the mouth and definitely spend more time developing the eyes (plus do the ears, neck, and hair). But, I think it accomplished the goal of showing how I like to paint my faces.
  2. Nap A Fixture

    Love it Bailey

    What else would you do to it ..hard to believe it's so small

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Eludia A Fixture

    Nice one Bailey (y)

    Good description of the technique too (y)
  4. Bailey A Fixture

    Thanks, guys.

    Nap, I'd like to define the eyes a little better. A small white dot for the catch light would be a nice touch. I'd also like to add highlight (low or mid level) under the eye, just a thin line to define the top of the lower eyelid. And the solid white line for the teeth makes it seem a bit cartoony, so I'd fix that. But overall I'm very happy with the results, these are just minor tweaks I'd continue with if I were doing this face for an actual figure instead of just for a short demo.
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  5. Oldironsides Guest

    I have found that Reaper paints are brilliant, particularly for small scale figures. They cover and mix very well together and give a smooth finish.

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