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1/9 scale Lance Sergeant, Grenadier Guards, 1914

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by MCPWilk, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. Waterman Active Member

    Thank you for that info Kevin. I suspect mike has fixed the Greatcoat pack upside down on the figure, in which case the centre rolled strap would be at the bottom???? Do you think? ......Bob.
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  2. Waterman Active Member

    Just read your thread again Kev, yea I sound mental, but we are both saying the same I think ....Bob.
  3. Funky50 Guest

    We are indeed Bob ......Wasn't nitpicking just didn't want you to think it went that way up I know Mike is far to knowledgable about the Guards for it to have been anything other than a minor brain fart...all the best..Kevin
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  4. MCPWilk A Fixture

    You're quite right. I have yet to finish painting and for some reason put the greatcoat on upside down. I will post some w.i.p. photos later. Jackie has already commented on the availability of blanket rolls. The badge on the greatcoat is brass:

    Valise badge.jpg

    The medals are the Queen's S.African, the King's S.African and the Long Service and Good Conduct medals:


    I hope this helps.

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  5. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Work in progress as promised with greatcoat and blanket the correct way up. Detailing and flesh yet to come:

    Underway 10.jpg

    Happy modelling,

  6. Waterman Active Member

    There is another classic example of things being different to Regs. Mikes 1914 Guardsman has what seems to be a Queen Victorias Crown on his badge on the Greatcoat Pack, yet she had been dead some 13 yrs, it should have been Edwards Crown. But we know that the Army used up old stocks of badges first. I joined in 1958 and was issued with a cap badge with a King George V1 Crown yet the King had died in 1952. Perfectly legit, yet by the time I returned from the Far East in 63, it HAD to be a Queen Elizabeth's Crown, or risk an Extra Parade or two. I believe also on a separate issue that the Boer War was the only campaign where soldiers were awarded medals bearing two different sovereigns heads, unless anyone knows different.
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  7. Funky50 Guest

    Hello Bob being 1914 he would probably have had a GR cypher intertwined valise plate for George not an ER for Edward to be honest I doubt he would have had a Victoria one as you say being 13 years after her death and you are right I think about the medals with different sovereigns heads on them although I have seen General Service Medals issued where the recipient had 2 medals one with George VI and one with Elizabeth II with different bars Ie Malaya and Palestine instead of just the one medal with a set of clasps if that makes sense but that's the only example I can think off and it was rare.....the valise plate would Most likely have been the 4th one in on the picture ....Kevin
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  8. Funky50 Guest

    A Picture of both plates. There would also I believe be a black leather backing behind the plate as in the top picture on the lower badges ....Kevin image.jpg
  9. prhayes68 Active Member

    The Guards were/are very good at recycling/reusing before these were common concepts as well. When Stephen Ward became Senior Drum Major in 1989 he was using a staff with a George V cypher on it. I also had a friend at the time who was a Grenadier drummer and his bearskin dated from the 1920s!

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  10. Funky50 Guest

    My Dad was a Grenadier in the 1950's and he said his Bearskin predated the Second World War and some were a lot older than that....Kevin
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  11. Waterman Active Member

    Hi Kev, yes the GSM is a case of Two Sovereigns Heads but that's because it covered lots of different campaigns. Malaya in 1949 would have George V1, on the initial issued medal even though bars later added were awarded during Elizabeth's reign. The old Naval GSM Claret and White Ribbon dated from 1914 but it was nt untill 1962 after the start of the Borneo campaigne ,that a new GS M was issued being Purple and Green for the Navy and green and Purple for the Army, later this was changed to the same Ribbon for Army Navy and RAF. I have seen Two GSMs being worn one being the old new Naval GSM , and the other being the new Army GSM the purple and green ribbon being reversed. That crown on the valise Plate looks very much like Victorias Crown. I base this on that when I joined as a Boy Drummer/Bugler, we were issued with White Buff Belts, that had Queen Victorias locket unions, bearing the RM Gibraltar and lion and Crown device. These were Crimea War Issue, they even had little Brass Buckle fittings on the Buff Runners, so that the front Pouch Straps could be attached. The Crown looked exactly like that depicted by Mike. Every Sovereigns Crown is different. I find all this to be very interesting though Kev, and again highlights what a minefield it all is, even in the space of our lifetime, yet alone 200+ years ago . Just think how modellers will be chewing over the fat in 100 years time. Nice to hear from you mate. Take care.
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  12. Waterman Active Member

    You were right about it should be George V Crown Kevin, I had a senior moment, of course Edward the V11 had died in 1908 ?? That Crown on the left looks like a George V but the one on the Right I am very unsure of. It is starting to look like Elizabeth's but I don't think it is, it looks too high. Have you any idea, is it Edward V11?
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  13. Funky50 Guest

    It's definately an Edward the VII mate the Queen Elizabeth ones are very hard to get hold off for obvious reasons (no Slade Wallace Equiptment any more) but they do exist I believe they are worn on the Radio Pack with the dress uniform today but I could be wrong about that what we want is a serving Grenadier to tell us LOL....great to speak to you Bob ....Kevin
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  14. MCPWilk A Fixture

    You are quite right, the crown on the valise I posted is a Queen's crown. The crown I modelled is a King's crown, I am on holiday and I couldn't find my original reference, but I wanted to show the colour of the plate for those who are already painting the figure.

    Below are two badges, the one on the left is a Queen Victoria badge, that on the fight a King George Vth badge, which is what I used as my reference when making the figure.

    Valise badges.jpg

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  15. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Further progress photo (doesn't look too good at this magnification!):

    Underway 11.jpg

  16. Funky50 Guest

    It looks brilliant MIke ......excellent sculpt.....Kevin
  17. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Thank you.

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  18. martin tabony Well-Known Member

    That's a nice collection, with a Household Cavalry belt/cartouche box badge in the middle

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  19. martin tabony Well-Known Member

    Early 80's there was at least two helmets at Knightsbridge that had Victoria plates and most officer's swords had the cyphers of either 1LG or 2LG.

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  20. billyturnip A Fixture

    Very nice work on this so far Mike. I've been enjoying following your progress and the very interesting discussion.
    Just as an aside, the Captain of one of the ships I was on wore on Divisions (Parade to you army types) an Imperial German Navy Officers sword which had been surrendered in 1918. This was in 1998.
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