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Completed 1:6th scale Incredible Hulk Bust. . .

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by kansas kid, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello fellow Planeteers:

    I haven't posted in a while; as I'm trying to get my entries completed for the
    IPMS National Convention in Omaha, in the first part of August. I did post one
    of my entries, some time back; the ECW Cavalryman in 54mm.

    However, this time, I've gone completely off the deep end again,
    doing a 1:6th scale bust that I purchased from Kit Kong's Model
    Mansion. The casting in resin is first class. And I didn't notice a single
    pin hole. The two figures when they arrived (also the War of the
    Worlds Alien from Pegasus that is so creepy) were very well packed
    and arrived in about 7 days or less.

    The box art indicated that the sculptor is Chris Elizardo. And you can
    find other examples of his beautiful work at the sculptors corner web site,
    along with 61 other great sculptors work, in each artist's gallery. Here is
    the web site: www.thesculptorscorner.com/

    Yes, most of the offerings are not historical; and more are in the fantasy
    line. I like both historical and fantasy, and I feel that the fantasy genré
    offers me more freedom to expand my colour palette. And it is so much
    fun as there are no hard and fast rules. So I painted my Incredible Hulk
    below in Wimbledon Colours, especially since the Wimbledon Championships
    are again playing out this fortnight. And it is the 125th anniversary of those
    Championships. Love to watch those little yellow balls bounce around those
    lawns there in the UK. Here are the photos, as I just finished the bust

    Ricardo Jayhawker

    Attached Files:

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  2. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    OOOOoooooops, I forgot to indicate for the Yanks who are not into bouncing
    yellow balls on the British lawns, that the Wimbledon colours are:

    Green and Purple (or violet as some people prefer that term)

    Ricardo Jaywalker
  3. winston Active Member

    I love your bust, great green!!! Bravo!!!
  4. bed172 Active Member

    Great job. I like painting fantasy and horror subjects once in a while too, and for the same reason. Your free to do what you want. However I find tennis almost as boring as golf, but I do like watching cars go round and round in circles for a few hours!
  5. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello Winston and thank you . . .

    Thank you for your kind words, Deneau Philippe:

    Oh my what a wonderful thing it must be to live in your country. One of my
    goals as a young man was to travel to London & Paris, as I was an
    fine art major in college, so that I could see the great art treasures
    of the world, plus the Notre Dame, the Seine, and all the great museums,
    etc. etc.

    But I've only been there in my dreams, or thru the many many movies
    that have been made in your beautiful country.

    Thank you for your kind remarks about my efforts. I do so appreciate it and
    wish you well.

    The Miami Jayhawk
  6. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello to Bob Davis in Owasso, Oklahoma USA . . .

    Hi Bob:

    I will have to admit right from the get go, that I got such a big kick out of
    your note. Like me, obviously, you enjoy a good sense of humor. Yeh guy,
    what a bore to follow a bunch of yellow balls back and forth on a British
    lawn. And I mean no disrespect to Wimbledon. As I said, it is my all time fav
    Tennis Grand slam. And I just love how beautifully the British run this
    fortnight in such a tasteful way. However, it is not jour thing, amigo.
    And I can cut you some slack on that; I think I understand. :cool:

    Down there in the Red dirt of Oklahoma, one of my favorite cities is Tulsa,
    By The Way. So for you, it is about watching auto racing.
    Good for you, my friend.

    However I do appreciate your taking time to respond. It seems, also like me,
    you enjoy that expanded colour palette re what the science fiction, fantasy,
    and these kinds of genré offer. Yes, I like the historical, but I expanded my
    interests and my view about figure modeling, . . . a number of years ago.

    And I try to remember the reason I am doing this, is for the sheer fun of it.
    No other reason is required.

    Kind regards to you Bob,

    Rick Brownlee
  7. pmfs A Fixture

    Hi Rick!

    Wonderful paintjob on the green monster.:)
  8. 1969 A Fixture

    Ah the big mean green machine has appeared on the forums :)

    Lovely finish to this one Rick and great to see all those new ideas and techniques have worked well for you to make this a fantastic looking bust, great use of colour to bring out all the definition in those muscles, the use of purple really deepens the shadows nicely.
    For me your approach with the blue shades in the hair really work so well and add to the busts overall appearance, pure black just would not have worked so well.

    Another fine piece of work Ricardo, your getting rather good at this painting thing in your older(wiser) years :p

    All the best mate, catch you soon,

  9. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Ah Pedro, it is always so good to hear from you . . .

    Pedro, . . . amigo:

    It is always so good to hear from you. And I hope that you and your family
    are doing well. Thank you for taking time to have a looks see at my
    humble efforts and for writing your comments. I do appreciate it, my friend.
    It was really a lot of fun to work on . . . and follow those yellow bouncing
    balls on the Telly at Wimbledon. . . :cool:

  10. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Ah Maestro Readdie; older yes, but ???? . . .

    Hello Stevo:

    It is so good of you to chime in here matey, . . . I presume you had a great
    time at the lake, absorbing nature, and wetting a line to coaks the fish. (Oh
    gee, I don't know how to spell coaks??? yeh well. . . . groan)

    And thanks so much Steve for your detailed critique of my work. I do so
    appreciate it especially from a peer of your sculpting and figure talent. It
    means a lot. I hope the blue shades in the hair and the green highlights just
    added work for other viewers as well. I wanted to try that, as I had not seen
    that done on this bust before. BTW, in the Colonies, this bust is very popular,
    and I have seen it entered in IPMS events a number of times. Like you said,
    pure Black??? Duh. . . Borrrrrrrrrrrrrring . . . as I see it.

    Now, . . . re the older but wiser. . . well, as I approach my . . . gulp. . . 74th
    year, I am not so sure about the wiser. . . but I can definitely tell you about
    the older. Each morning when I wake up and try to get out of bed, without
    a lot of aches and pains. Oh gee. . . Growin' old ain't fer sissies, mate,

  11. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Rick,wow this is great mate,i hav'nt painted any marvel characters but the more i see them the more i become hooked,great painting of the green and muscle tones.
    Well done on a different subject (y)

  12. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello "Mr. Smith goes to Northhampton" . . .

    Hi Brian:

    I hope you will forgive me for adding a nod to Frank Capra's famous film
    with Jimmy Stewart and Jean Arthur (Wow, a real looker)
    entitled Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

    I certainly appreciate you taking time to have a look see, Brian, . . . and for
    your most kind remarks. I would encourage you to try some of the science
    fiction or fantasy figures that are out there. And I don't mean to say this, as
    if I suggest you to forget about historical figures, which I still enjoy working
    on. It is just that this genré does release your restrictions and allows you to
    think out side the box, as we silly Yankees seem to have a penchant to say
    a great deal.

    Doing the oils on the muscles, the anatomy was a lot of fun. And I felt I
    needed to accentuate the shadow and highlight areas. And that is a lot of
    fun naturally, to blend all those tones. Good luck with your ventures in this
    venue. . . .

    Thanks again,

  13. housecarl A Fixture

    Game, set and match to you for this one Rick. Excellent finish as usual, I appreciated the WIP shots.
  14. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Yo Carl, is it Sharapova or the Williams Sisters . . .

    Hey there, Carl:

    Hey mate, thanks for your wise counsel along the way while I was working
    on this bust. I will tell you that I think I was successful adding the red wash
    in the corners of both eyes. However, in the photos you can not see that. You
    have to be close to the bust to see it. But it is there, and your suggestion
    did really make a difference. NOW, I can see what you mean, and hopefully,
    I won't forget that, my friend.

    Ah yes, Game, Set, and Match. . . I'm pullin' fer Mardy Fish and for Venus
    Williams . . . but who can tell, we have another week before the Wimbledon
    Champion is decided. . . yellow balls on a Incredible Hulk Green
    lawn. . . . Yawn??? Well no. . . .

  15. housecarl A Fixture

    I can see it Rick, glad you gave it a go. Only another week of Wimbledon, they keep rescheduling the TV to accommodate it.
  16. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    TV all yellow bouncing balls . . .

    Oh Gee, Carl:

    I did NOT know that, about Wimbledon Telly scheduling in the UK. Yes, that
    is fine for those of us who love the Grand Slams, but not so kewl, Cartman
    for those who do not. Well, it will all be over next Sunday afternoon with
    the Singles Mens' finals. Mens' Singles Final? Yeh, that is right, . . .
    it is Mens' and not Men's. . . Yikes English is such a difficult language, eh??

    One last tidbit, about the Lawns of Wimbledon. . . Over here in the Colonies,
    most of us Yanks, call it Wimble-TON . . . in stead of Wimbledon. . . True
    story, mate.

    Alllllllllright - tee, then.

    Have a great week, my friend,

  17. rheath Active Member

    Nice 1 Rick - so your IPMS Nats are soon - we just had ours 22 - 25 here in South Africa and also had to do much working late hours to complete entries.lol
    But -- was worth it in the end.;)
  18. Andrew Craft Well-Known Member

    Looks great Rick, I'm a big fan of the superhero figures and you've done this one justice.

  19. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hi Rob in South Africa . . .

    Hi Rob:

    So good of you to post your comments here, Rob. I realize that super hero /
    fantasy/ ghoulish figures are not as popular on this mostly historical figure
    site. But that is OK, everyone here are such ladies and gentlemen with
    excellent manners.

    I have several friends who came from your Nation. And they
    showed me the photographs of an extremely beautiful country. I hope that
    your efforts, entries for your IPMS Nats, were a lot of fun for you.

    It sounds like all that hard work paid off, from reading your note.

    Kind regards, from the Old Jayhawker
  20. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello Andrew:

    Thank you for your kind words, mate. I presume NSW refers to New
    South Wales? Am I correct?

    Thanks again, for taking a look see at my Mean Green Machine,

    Ricardo Jayhawker

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