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1/48 p61 figure

Discussion in 'Just starting...' started by Maglar, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. Maglar Member

    Its been awhile guys, I shall be a little more active now. After getting sucked into aircraft modeling, I started doing dio's and forgot how to figure paint. So many thanks to Tonydawe for giving me a brush up on the basics, and here is the figure I just painted. 1/16 verlinden gladiator coming!

    (Tony, that shadow mix with the drop of red looks pretty good under the light, look at the neck)

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  2. mil-mart A Fixture

    Corey, great painting and detail on something so small, will you be posting pics of him with the aircraft.

    Cheers Ken
  3. tonydawe A Fixture

    Very nice Corey. Your flesh mix looks good. The shadows under the chin look spot on too. Keep up the good work mate and let's see that Gladiator.
  4. theBaron A Fixture

    Nicely done, Corey! Are you finished at this point, or will you add more detail to the face?

    I'm a nostalgia builder, I've built the Monogram P-61 as a kid, and I have one in my stash now. One of the things I always liked about Monogram was the great figures they included in their kits, and this figure and the crawling mechanic are two of their most inventively posed figures. I love seeing work like yours today, it shows what you can do with the material they put in their boxes.

    Again, nicely done!
  5. Maglar Member

    Thanks guys.

    Ken, I sure will. I'm building a dio right now, as the aircraft is already done. Got the base cut out, all I need to do is lay some sand and grass and scratchbuild the palm trees.

    Baron, I could possibly try to push more highlights on the face, they are so subtle though. And yes, I too love monograms figures. I am building 1/48 B17G and I got six figures to play with there!!
  6. Maglar Member

    Heres another figure from the set, face got a little blurry (camera) but its so small. Got to finish weatherin those drums..

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  7. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    Good work Corey!

    ITs amazing how much a good finish to a figure lifts everything on the diorama base, isnt it!!

    Glad to see you remeber which end of the brush to hold! :D;)

  8. Maglar Member

    Haha, I still uses brushes for cockpits and stuff.. i'm not that much of an airbrush junky. The dio base is 18 by 18 (in), this will just be a little piece of it. I just need to buy some nice looking sand to lay down then I can continue.
  9. theBaron A Fixture

    I take the easy (or the lazy) way out with these 1/48 figures. I paint the base colors (flesh, uniform pieces, equipment) and use washes to get the details on the faces, and to emphasize the sculpted details elsewhere on the figure. From work that I do in small theaters (stage light and set building), I always think of a rule of scale and distance. For a stage, we build and light for people sitting 40' away from the target, and with a 1/48th aircraft and crew, I think about how far away in scale we are when we look at the item. Might not pass for competition, but I build for fun.

    Love that B-17 kit! And then they came out with the Visible B-17 after I had left scale modeling at the end of high school, that had the additional crew in flight gear. Now it's on my wish list!

    Can't wait to see some progress pic of your dio!
  10. Maglar Member

    Well once I can get some tropical looking sand, I will set to go. I have the base taped off between the sand / grass areas and all I need to do is sprinkle some stuff down and build some palm trees. Luckily the aircraft and crew are finished!
  11. theBaron A Fixture

    I see you're in Florida, Corey, do you ever use beach sand?

    I get down the Jersey shore every summer, and I fill a plastic jar with sand and bring it back with me. I collect bits of seaweed and kelp, too, anything that looks like it might be useful. But the beach sand is so fine, in 54mm it looks like fine gravel for walkways, it works really well.
  12. Maglar Member

    I did get some (2 miles from the beach), but it is very dirty and such. A modeling friend of mine from Ireland lives near some fine burnt ash whiched turned out nice and yellow looking sand. So he's sending me some! :)

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