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1:35th Scale Conversion: Olga, WWII Russian Partisan

Discussion in 'Completed Figures' started by kansas kid, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    I have mentioned in the past, when posting a thread here that all the modeling projects I do are for competition — contest models. I started model building aircraft in the 1960s. And for a while, I just quickly put them together for the fun of it. But now I find that I don’t get the fun out of the hobby unless I fabricate the model, or figure to my best abilities, adding lots of extras. And in saying that, I still think whether a modeler puts three hours into a completed model or three months completing it, the whole idea is to have fun. Some time back the IPMS/USA National Convention/contest was scheduled in my hometown. At local contests around the USA Heartland there are usually only two categories for figures. 54mm and smaller, and 55mm and larger. And very few modelers here, are figure modelers. It is Aircraft and Armor, mostly. But the National contest has a much larger category list for figures. One category is Figure Conversions. And I’ve noticed that the entries in that category are fewer than in the other Figure categories at Nationals. So I decided to do a figure conversion, as I was also considering this 1:35th scale converted figure to be placed in a diorama base I started of a sharp rise in the terrain, like a hill or a cliff. And the idea was to later use my figure conversion, a WWII Russian Partisan, a female, who was stationed at the “look out” atop the hill with her field glasses. And I was going to add a horse below, and a scratch built tree at the top of the base.
    I started with the base and did quite a bit of work on it, last photo below, but didn’t finish it. I tried two different times to scratch build a tree. And it just wasn’t working out. And so I put the base aside and just started on the figure conversion. Most of you are familiar with Preiser figures. I have a number of their 1:35th scale figures. See the two box art photos of the front and back of the box. The red arrow points to the female figure I decided to convert. And when I entered the finished conversion at the Nationals I had the figure of the woman before the conversion sitting right next to my entry. For obvious reasons.
    I didn’t have any 1:35th scale substitute heads. So I used a man’s head, and decided to add a scarf fashioned from lead foil, and a hunk of hair in the front (fashioned from Aves Studios Apoxy Sculpt two part putty) to help give a more feminine appearance. I repositioned the right arm and added substitute 1:35th scale hands that looked more realistic. I added boots from another figure and made the skirt from lead foil. All the straps to the weapon, the pouch and to the Field Glasses were also made from lead foil. I made sure to shoot a photo of Olga with my hand in the picture, so that the newer members could get a better idea of just how small this figure is. The fence was made from bass wood dowel rods. The connecting wire is copper painted to look dingy and weathered.
    The last photo shows the base that didn’t get completed because of my poor skill level trying to do a scratch built tree. Since then I’ve tried another 1:35th scale tree for a diorama idea I have that I might call Milk Maids of Moldavia. The base is approx. 7 inches wide by 6 inches deep. It seems to be going better. Two cows are being led down the lane (to the barn, unseen) by a girl, in her late teens. Her little sister is riding on the lead cow, straddling the cow’s back. But who know if that will ever be anything but a “shelf queen”. I have quite a number of those unfinished projects. Comments are welcome. Rick Brownlee

    View attachment 206527 View attachment 206527 02 Box Art Back.jpg 01 Box Art front.jpg 03 Prieser figure wave hanky.jpg 04 my hand Olga front view.jpg 05 Olga left view.jpg 06 Olga back left.jpg 07 Olga back right.jpg 08 Olga Right side view.jpg 09 Olga Right Front view.jpg 10 Field Glasses close up.jpg 11 Lonely Vigil base.jpg
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  2. Joe55 A Fixture

    Excellent work Rick (y)!

    One can truly appreciate the extent of conversion given the 'donor' figure that you used.

  3. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hi Joe: And thank you for taking time to look thru my post
    and to offer your kind words. Wishing you well, podna'

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  4. Joe55 A Fixture


    Ain't heard that in a long time :D!

  5. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Oh ma'Gosh. . . That is a American slang term
    from the days of the Wild West. . . a form
    of the word, partner. But perhaps you were "speaking"
    in jest. . . :rolleyes: Jayhawker
  6. John Bowery A Fixture

    Came out very nicely and you did a good job on the conversion and makes the figure much better and more alive. I also like your unfinished base and it has a great story line.
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  7. Joe55 A Fixture

    I first heard it when I was a young whipper snapper :)!

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  8. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello John: How nice of you to post your remarks. I really
    appreciate the encouragement. BTW, I will be eager to see
    how you put all the elements together for the Wrath of
    God presentation. I realize the name plate, or title will
    probably be different. Rick

    Ha ha ha. . . . you young whipper snapper? Don't tell
    me Joe, that you're old enough to remember the films
    of Roy Rogers and Gabby Hayes??? My favorite was
    Trigger, of course. Young Wipper Snapper was Gabby's
    famous retort to Roy's general conversation. Oh
    gee, does that take me back to Sat. afternoons at the
    neighborhood movie house. Admission: 14 cents, and
    bag of pop corn, one nickle. . . Ha ha haa. Rick
  9. samson Well-Known Member

    As I have no experience with this scale . I have to say that is pretty awesome work . The other base is great as well.
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  10. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello Samson: And thank you for taking time to post on this
    thread. I appreciate you positive comments. I've seen your
    avatar previously, of course, and I'm woderning what it is
    in reference to. The style of the cars makes me think the
    time period was some time back. Thanks again, Rick
  11. swralph A Fixture

    Very nice conversion and paintwork.Also nicely displayed.
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  12. Scotty Well-Known Member

    Good work Rick, I especially like the wee back story it adds to the atmosphere.
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  13. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello Ralph: I certainly do appreciate your post here about my
    Fair lady, Olga, the Russian Partisan. And thank you for the kind
    words. That encourages me to post some of my other 1:35th scale
    figures. I'll have to rethink my ideas about what PFigure member
    are interested in seeing. Hummmmmmm. :) Have a great
    week, now that we are into "hump" day. Miami Jayhawk

    Hi Scotty: I do so appreciate your words about the text I wrote.
    I was somewhat concerned, as it was quite a bit of text. I keep
    thinking about the new people who peruse this site. So many
    are beginners. And of course, to start to learn about figure
    painting, the 1:35th scale sets of figures, i.e. Master Box,
    Zevezda, DML generation two, etc. do not cost near as much as
    say a 90mm equestrian figure. Thus my idea to go into
    more detail in the text. Your kind words help me to think
    perhaps I will continue with more of an explanation when
    I post in the future. Wishing you well, Scotty. Rick
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  14. Dekiman Well-Known Member

    Superb conversion and lots of interesting details.
    I see on the box that you have a boy figure.
    Did you consider to convert him in partisan artilery?
    During WW II in former Yugoslavia many teenage boys (12-18 years old ) joined partisans as runners but they gain they fame as partisan grenadiers.They main thask was to sneak to enemy bunkers and eliminate crew with hand bombs. They use all sorts of hand bombs:captured from Germans (stick bomb),manufactured in Yugoslavia,hand made.
    Many of them bear the title People Hero( same rank as Hero of Soviet Union,Congres Medal of Honor).
    Most famous are Bosko Buha and Sava Sirogojno.
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  15. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Oh my goodness, Dekiman, what a most impressive and enlightening post.
    Thank you so much for passing on that historical information here on PF.
    Even though it has been such a long period since WWII ended in 1945, there
    are still so many important stories that have not been told. I will go to the
    internet and see what I can find out about Bosko Buha and Sava Sirogojno.

    It would be a tribute to those young boys who endangered their lives for
    the sake of the Russian War effort. I hope I can find some way to do a
    small vignette on this topic. Wow, you have really stimulated my creative
    interests and I hope I can do this topic justice. My warm regards to you,
    Dekiman. And thank you so much for posting this most important
    Historical information. Rick Brownlee
  16. chippy Well-Known Member

    I like what you achieved with this figure Rickster but one question niggles me , WHAT happened to the rest of the box ?
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  17. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Ha ha ha ha :LOL: :rolleyes: Oh Gee, Gordon, I bought the box of
    Preiser 1:35th scale figure, and two other boxes of the same thing
    in 2005. The only figure from those sets that I actually work on
    is the "Olga" figure shown above. All 14 of the other figures are
    still in the boxes . . . :D
  18. Jazz A Fixture

    Great bit of conversion work there Rick. As usual very well painted too and a superb base to put her on. I've seen these civilian figures occasionally for sale at shows. Now that I've seen what you have done I may buy a set myself next time. Take care podner.
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  19. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hi John: I think those figure sets from Preiser are
    OK, as long as you use a 1:35th scale substitute head.
    However, since I bought those Preiser figures Civilian
    sets, (quite a few years ago; as I recall the Olga figure was entered
    in the IPMS/USA Nationals in Kansas City, in 2006. So I
    know that it was some years ago) Master Box and others
    have released some fine civilian WWII figure sets in 1:35th
    that would be much better quality. So give it a go, my friend.

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  20. arj A Fixture

    A nice piece of conversion, painting and presentation.


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