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WIP 1/35 scratch build - 52nd (Lowland) Division - 1945

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by RobH, Jun 18, 2021.

  1. RobH Active Member

    I just had a look, and back in 2004 on this forum I started a scratch build project (bar a Hornet head and weapons) and as many others, it was never completed.

    But here I’m trying again and doing a (nearly) full scratch build of a Scottish Fusilier in NW Europe late in the war.

    I’d been enjoying painting camouflage, and saw some photos of British troops looking quite different from the “norm”. They were wearing some form of smock, and on further research I learnt it was a windproof smock issued to s-exist forces, in this case, the 52nd Lowland Division, who trained for mountain warfare but ironically went into combat in Holland!

    Unfortunately there were no figures wearing that smock so I decided to sculpt one myself.

    The Miniart British accessory set had just been released, so I thought I could use parts of that set to help me.

    I built an armature, did some basic “bone” structure, and proceeded to pose the figure.





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  2. callmehobbes Active Member

    Following with interest. Great start so far.
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  3. SUPER ANTO Well-Known Member

    Very nice start.... :) :)

    If at last you sculpt the head and not use Hornet heads, be beware with the size. Maybe a bit more reduced.
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  4. eppi Active Member

    I love SBS!
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  5. nig-g Active Member

    A great start.
    Some more reference pictures courtesy of “the British Soldier…..from D-D to VE-Day” byJean Bouchery.

    28BE0B10-CCFC-42D0-8B80-7E8A58EB99B2.jpeg 62BC42FD-0C17-4244-9FD0-0E2407DD6FB7.jpeg
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  6. nig-g Active Member

    Some more pictures courtesy of Martin Bradley and Richard Ingram “The World War 11 Tommy”.
    Difference between the original specialised mountain warfare smock and the camouflaged version can clearly be seen.
    There are many photos of divisions other than the 52nd wearing this camouflage smock which was in general issue by the winter of 1944. The smocks issue wasn’t in any way related to the 52nd’s earlier specialised training.
    There were also plain white versions of the smock and trousers intended for use in snow.
    hope this all helps a bit. Can heartily recommend the two books referenced

    0FE69C3E-E7B9-4195-B4DA-874DBF526A6A.jpeg A495D030-7758-4196-A54B-3569929D16BF.jpeg

    The snow version.

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  7. RobH Active Member

    Thank you. Yes, it will be carved back before sculpting the head.
  8. RobH Active Member

    Thanks for the reference, I will be ordering it. My library is short of a good reference on the British in NW Europe.

    All the photos I’ve found of the smock in use do seem to be of the 52nd. It would be great to see any photos you have of other units wearing it. I think I’ve found a photo of a Spanish member of 2nd SAS wearing a full suit in France, but haven’t really seen anything else.

    Thanks again.
  9. nig-g Active Member

    Can recommend all of these:

    E3BE70BF-9583-4C54-9589-343875FD204B.jpeg 0829DE13-885D-405C-9BCA-E6DD8CB2DD03.jpeg

    ….or this…..

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  10. Scotty A Fixture

    Is the piper on the cover of Ospreys British Army 39-45 NW Europe wearing one? It won't let me attach a photo.
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  11. captfue Active Member

    Really off to a great start, can't wait to see it finished.
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  12. Nap Moderator


    This is a expensive but superb book


    More from the series

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    You've probably seen this picture


  13. nig-g Active Member

    While that book recommended by Nap on Denisons is indeed a great book, it must be remembered that the wind proof smocks are NOT Denisons and the colours and patterns of the two smocks were different. The wind proof being “redder” in colour with no black. Of course no two were exactly the same. The following gives a very rough guide (along with phots of actual items posted above). A search of google also produces photos of actual items for further reference.

    and yes Scotty that piper is wearing a windproof smock. 7381885A-15E4-49D8-ADCA-00A7DB27D92A.jpeg
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  14. Nap Moderator

    Saw these pics in that Denison book

    A Windak smock ...not what 52nd are wearing but interesting as similar

    Click on pics for larger images

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

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  15. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Great start, not easy to do. So wish you every success in the build. Look forward to future updates.
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  16. RobH Active Member

    Cheers Nap. The colourised photo I’ve seen before - the colourist has a Twitter feed I follow. I think he may have over saturated the colour, though.

    Nig-g - that should prove useful, thanks.

    Quite like the piper in a smock and kilt. an interesting subject.

    Marcus - thanks you
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  17. RobH Active Member


    Trousers sculpted and the gaiters and boots. Initially I planned to use the Miniart pouches but they were too bulky (deep) if dimensionally sound. So I did an initial blocking of the my own pouches.

    I also used Beesputty to try to sculpt a head! I’ve tried this before, but not with a polymer clay. Didn’t go totally to plan, but I feel it’s enough of a decent base to add some magic Sculp volumes and details.




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  18. Scotty A Fixture

    A very natural and relaxed pose, they say it's harder to do these than an action pose, great work.
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  19. Nap Moderator

    Hi Rob

    All credit to you for going for the clothing ...shaping is getting there , head coming on as well ....will Hornet heads not work ...or wrong scale ?

    Good update

    Looking forward to more

    Happy sculpting

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  20. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Nice one, Rob. The relationship between the hips and shoulders is crucial to get right, and I believe you have. Those pesky pouches will probably undergo a 1000 minor adjustments, but it will pay you back. Tricky as you want them to be prominent - not dominant; a delicate balance.
    It all looks good from here.(y)
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  21. Jimmy S Well-Known Member


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