1/35 Fedayeen Helm

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by gordy, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. gordy Well-Known Member

    A rounded slug of putty for the core shape..

    measured and defined the base height..

    smoothing the dome of the helm...

    a sausage of putty to define the lower outer rim..
  2. Grizzly Member

    Fedayeen helmet????? Okay Gordy i'm hooked ,can't wait to see this one finished :)
  3. Guy A Fixture

    I agree with Thomas.......awesome
  4. RobH Active Member



    Is the the Darth Vadar looking helmet?
  5. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Cool! Finally we get to see the man do a helmet!

    Is the helmet you are doing the fiberglass( ??) copy of the M1 that the Iraqi's use?
  6. gordy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the Vader style helmet.. quite peculiar:

    Attached Files:

  7. RobH Active Member


    that is wierd.....
  8. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member


    That is one awkward looking thing!
  9. Pete_H New Member

    If you need pictures of the pre-OIF Iraqi fiberglass helmet, let me know. I've got one sitting here on my desk.
  10. gordy Well-Known Member

    me too :D
  11. Pete_H New Member

    I got mine as a gift from a friend who's an E-5 in the USMC. He picked it up last year during the invasion. He got back last July and was sent back last month (postponing his graduation and commission for the second year in a row). I tried putting the helmet on, only to find it still had sand in it. Damn! Talk about a waste of good groundwork material :lol:
  12. Patrick Kirk New Member

    I might be able to scrounge a couple pictures or two as well...

    All sorts of stuff was laying around...they disgarded anything that would weight them down as they displaced rearward (in other words retreated). You want some sand my friend...? ;)
  13. gordy Well-Known Member

    The helmet I have is on lend from Chris Mrosko, I'll put up some pics tonight, I refuse to put it on my head though. The sooner I'm done with the project the faster I get that cursed thing out of my house :p
  14. Pete_H New Member

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaah, I'll pass on the sand, amigo :) Funny you mentioned "retreated" because this helmet is pretty much in perfect condition. I can hear it now: "interest you in an Iraqi Army helmet? Never used but dropped only once." :lol:

    What's the matter - is your helmet cursed? I mean, it's not levitating or spinning on the table, is it? :lol:
  15. gordy Well-Known Member

    nope, just nasty... plus Mrosko's already had on his noggin :p
  16. yancy Member


    Wondering if anyone has reference for Iraqi uniforms.

    As you all know, I returned from Iraq about a month ago. During my stay I was able to pick up a couple of helmets, uniforms, and accessories. I donated all of the stuff to the Air Force museum, but they would like some photos to go with the artifacts.

  17. akula New Member

    Oh Gordy!!

    Looks good.
    How about some insergents to fit under the helmet??
    Maybe some Republican Guard guys????

    Now Just how many of these can 1 gallon on resin produce???
    ( I got an extra gallon)

    Back to pouring Camels, and a bucket load of palm trees.....
  18. Roc Active Member

    Gordy, very nice can't wait to see the finished product. ;)

    Roc. :)
  19. yeo_64 Active Member

    Interesting choice of subject,Gordy (y) ! Like the others,looking forward to seeing the finished product.Cheers !
    Kenneth :lol:
  20. gordy Well-Known Member

    Fedayeen Helm 1/35

    yea! now I can get that curse-ed helmet out of my den (the real one)!

    packed on some putty for the 'brow' piece..

    smoothed on a sausage of putty for the ridge across the top....

    sanded the ridge down (after baking) to a consistent thickness and paralleled the sides of the ridge with an x-acto...

    locate rivets with some twists of my sharp flat...

    points of putty are placed and shaped with a moistened brush (the divets help keep the rivets from sliding around)...

    cut the helm from it's stump and hollowed it out with a dremel and carved in some interior strap work...

    added some kind of secondary strap found on the real thing..

    all done :) toned the rivets down with some fine sand-paper and gave it a once over with some well-worn scotch-brite...

    a final spit-shine with the t-shirt i'm wearing (y) and that's it!

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