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1/24th/75mm weapons and accessories.

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Stonewall123, Jun 3, 2021.

  1. Stonewall123 Member

    Hi Guys,
    I'm looking for some 1/24 weapons particularly ACW period as I've a couple of conversion projects I'd like to try.
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  2. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    Some links form the list
    Academie / Anatomie 75mm Eisenbach
    Academie / Anatomie 80mm Preiser
    Accessories ( fence, wheel, gabion … ) 75mm ACW US La Meridiana
    Base ( Ossuary ) 75mm PF Works
    Belt plates 75mm ACW US Michael Roberts
    Canon / Canons 75mm ACW US Archimodel
    Chiken / Eend 75mm all all Himini
    Dogs / Chiens 1/24 Scale 75
    Equipment Deustche Infantry 1/24 75mm WWI German Scorpio
    Equipment Deustche sturmtruppe 1/24 75mm WWI German Scorpio
    GUNS ( Enfield, Martini, Baker, Springfield ) 75mm All All Reedees
    Hands / Mains 1/24 Figures in Italy
    Hasta ( Medieval ) 75mm Medieval Archimodel
    Heads / Têtes 1/24 Figures in Italy
    Heads / Têtes 75mm All All Scale 75
    Helmets / Casques 1/24 Roman / Medieval Scale 75
    Horse / Cheval 75mm All All Pegaso
    Katana 1/24 75mm 3d File Japan Here
    Kentucky Rifle 1/24 Scorpio
    Leaves 75mm Vertigo
    Mannequin 75mm all all TLB
    Mortar ( Gribauval ) 75mm Apoleonic Archimodel
    Musket 75mm ACW Archimodel
    Rifles Baker, Martini, Enfield, Springfield 75mm Reedees
    Sceneries 75mm 1/24 Scale 75
    Scorpio, frog, turtle, lizard, snake, rat 75mm All All Scale 75
    Shields 1/24 Roman Scale 75
    Skulls / Crânes 75mm Indiegogo
    Skulls / Crânes 1/24 All All Dark World Miniatures
    Skulls / Crânes Dragon 75mm PF Workss
    Stones 1/24 Juweela
    Tram 1/24 Occre
    Transfer 75mm 80mm Heraldry Border
    Weapon Roman 1/24 Roman Shapeways
    Weapon ( rifles ) 75mm Reedees
    Weapons Medieval 75mm Scale 75
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  3. Stonewall123 Member

    Microsoft thank you for the comprehensive reply. Very helpful.
  4. valiant A Fixture

    Just FYI, Im pretty sure that Reedees now only concentrate on 1/9 and 1/16 scale weapons......(y)

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