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1:16th Tamiya Machine Gunner Conversion

Discussion in 'Completed Figures' started by kansas kid, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Altho I completed this Tamiya 1:16th Scale figure of a German Machine Gunner some time ago, I’ve been wanted to display it here on Planet Figure. As mentioned in other threads I’ve posted, I have been an active member in the IPMS/USA IPMS Society (Internat’l Plastic Modelers Society) which originated in Great Britain, approximately in 1965. And I’ve been a continuing member since 1972. I mention this because, I have entered my work in a lot of the local, regional and National contests over the years. And with that experience of contest modeling, I’ve come to understand that judging in such events is not uniform. This piece was to be a conversion. And so that is why you see a photo of the box art from Tamiya. I had a small version of that box art standing next to the model, so that the judges would know for sure that this piece was not straight out of the box.
    I started with the base of course, and added small rocks from my walks down the streets thru my neighborhood. Most of the roots I use were dug up from the base of my Lilac bush in the back yard. I think the thickness of the roots are just right for model building in this scale. I didn’t like the head that came with the kit; plus I wanted to show the soldier with his helmet in his hand. I had ordered some resin heads and used one of them. But his hair was way too long for WWII in the Wehrmacht! So I used my hobby knife to give him a hair cut. Then I turned my attention to his Great Coat. I wanted it to look worn and ragged. So I used my Dremel tool to add holes and warn spots into the three Great Coat pieces, as shown in the photo.
    I realized because of the hands being sans gloves and in new positions, that I had to come up with two other hands from my spare parts box. And of course, I had to add a sling to the weapon using copper wire and lead foil. I also added chin straps with lead foil to the helmet using copper wire for the buckles and attachment point on the helmet.
    Lastly I will say that the snow on the base was done with Woodland Scenics Subterrain Foam Putty. I don’t use it for anything but snow. At the IPMS/USA National Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, USA this figure took a third place in category. A knowledge judge critiqued my model and made me award that the M42 Machine Gun was quite heavey and I didn’t take into account gravity and the weight of this weapon on the figures shoulder. And he was quite correct. I have not forgotten to remember gravity when doing figure modeling since that time.
    Of course, candid remarks from you Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow Planeteers, is welcomed.
    01 Finished Figure w full base.jpg 02 Box Art Gunner.jpg 02 Box Art Gunner.jpg 03 Start of base work.jpg 04 Original Resin Head.jpg 05 Head w haircut.jpg 06 Dremel Holes in Great coat.jpg 07 MG sling & New Hand.jpg 08 Helmet inside padding.jpg 09 Fingers hold figure.jpg 10 figure head to toe.jpg 11 Completed figure back.jpg 12 Completed figure right side.jpg
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  2. stoffy01 A Fixture

    Thanks for the story behind the figure, it adds alot to the final piece and reminds me about how much work and attention to detail that you and everyone else puts into this great hobby. I might add that you've done a fantastic conversion to that figure, top job.
  3. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello Chris: And thank you for your most kind comments about my Tamiya conversion.
    I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to post your remarks, here. For years, I
    have been saying "Everyone has something to say". And there are so many ways to
    do that. Life has so much to offer. For me, model building is major form of expression.

    Have a great week, Chris, and thanks again,

    Rick Brownlee, a.k.a. The Miami Jayhawk
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  4. Tutilo17 Active Member

    Great conversion! Like the expression on the face. The helmet strap looks a bit long to me. (y)
  5. DEL A Fixture

    That is an absolute cracker of a job Rick. You've taken a decent enough figure and put it on a whole other level.
    Great painting and weathered just right. Lovely attention to detail and beautifully presented (y)
    Albeit a small point when it's pointed out you can see the judges thinking. Failing to consider gravity in a sculpt is something that plagues us all and it's not always easy to correct.
  6. Babelfish A Fixture

    Agree with the comment about the helmet strap being a bit long but that aside, great job all round! A relatively simple but nevertheless very effective conversion that, as Del says, adds a lot to the figure.

    - Steve
  7. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello Stefan, and thank you for chiming in here on this thread. You
    know I agree with you. Until I read your post re the helmet strap, that
    never dawned on me. But you're right! :) Thanks partner! Jayhawker
  8. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    You have added soul to the lifeless Tamiya figure, well done. As Del said you have brought it to another level.

  9. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello Derek, and thank you for your very uplifting comments. Most sincerely
    appreciated. One point I forgot to mention in my text at the start, was that
    I made the name plate in Adobe Illustrator. I'm a Macintosh user; learning
    that while in the Newspaper newroom. Thanks again, Derek

    Ha ha ha(y) (y) Ah Steve I love your quote from the Back to the Future
    film. Wasn't that a hoot? Thanks, Steve for giving my thread a look see.
    I really appreciate your kind words. Rick
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  10. swralph A Fixture

    Great conversion and paintwork.(y)
  11. peedee A Fixture

    A well presented scene mate.

    To add to what others have said,

    I applaud you for using 'found' materials for the foliage.
    Nothing looks more natural than nature itself.

    Thanks for posting this.

  12. housecarl A Fixture

    Lovely piece Rick.(y)
  13. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hi Ralph: Thank you for your kind words and
    have a great week, mate, Rick

    Hello Paul: You are most welcome. I do so appreciate
    your kind words. I believe I've mentioned here before that
    I have a nice lilac bush out in the back yard and I dig roots up
    from that bush to use for all kinds of things in my
    basses. Thank you, Kansas Kid

    Well, hello Carl: Thanks for chiming in here, mate.
    Wishing you a good week and smooth sailing at
    school! Rickster
  14. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello Bob: I am really touched by your kind word, Sir.
    I appreciate so much you taking the time to comment here
    in this thread. From a person of your skill level, this means
    a lot to me. May this week for you, be just "smashing" as
    my British amigos say! :)

  15. John Bowery A Fixture

    You have done a fine work on the conversion and thanks for your explanation. It has turned into a very fine figure and a wonderful setting.
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  16. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Rick

    I really love this,great work on the field grey uniform and lovely groundwork as well mate,it all blends together so well :)
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  17. Dekiman Well-Known Member

    Its always a great pleasure to see a work of master.
    I also want to thank you for shring tips which improve your figure beyond compare. It very usefull for me as I am absolute begginer.
    Thans a lot .
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  18. Mookie Active Member

    Think you have done a great job on a fairly wooden Tamiya figure Rick,Amazing transformation that makes a lot of difference.
    Good job there that man .
  19. arj A Fixture

    I second Richard's comment. I've never given that Tamiya figure more than a glance (if that).
    Your addition of the replacement head (+ hair cut), and all the conversion work has turned this nondescript figure into an eye-catching display piece.
    Very well done.

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  20. Richie A Fixture

    Hi Rick,
    Very nice changes that lift this figure. Personally I see nothing wrong with the machine gun on the shoulder in relation to the placement of the stance. In fact, if I carry a heavy weight on my shoulder I push that shoulder up to take the load. If anything and this has been pointed out the chin straps are too long.

    I only have one other point of critique, you do not post often enough(y).
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