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1/16 Walking German

Discussion in 'Digis - Digital Miniatures 3D Modeling' started by kaz6120, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Hi all,
    Here's my latest work I've done late last year.
    I got pretty good reactions to this fig on FB and Twitter so I'd like to share it here in pF too.
    I've been working on sculpting based on 'real photo' series.
    Still my personal project, since I don't have resin casting production system/workflow so I just sculpt and 3D print. Hope you guys like him.

    IMG_6505.jpg IMG_6512-2 (2).jpg ErSEZtEVEAEaP0J.jpeg 2021-01-09-1902.jpg Screenshot from 2021-01-06 12-07-45.png 2021-01-05-1458-3.jpg 2021-01-05-1458-4.jpg 2021-01-05-1458-8.jpg 2021-01-05-1458-9.jpg
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  2. Richard Baxter A Fixture

    This is great work, Kaz, the pose is so natural and realistic. I'm sure that there would be a good market for your work if you ever chose to go commercial.
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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Kaz

    Great to see your obvious skill with 3D work , really good choice of pose as well as Richard says natural

    Please do share more of your work it's good to see

    Will you paint this up as well ?

    Thanks for sharing

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  4. Von Bock Well-Known Member

    Boy I like that and if he becomes commercial. I would buy one or two. Regards, Brock
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  5. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Thanks a lot, Richard. I hope I can make it into commercially available somehow. I'm looking / waiting for a company willing to produce this figure.

    Nap, thanks a lot for your comment. Yes more work will come, I have a tons of ideas I want to sculpt.:)

    Brock, thanks a lot for your comment. As I mentioned above, yes I'm looking / waiting for a company offer willing to produde figure seriously.
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  6. Martin64 A Fixture

    Please keep us informed if it will be commercially released - IMHO it is among the best sculpts I have seen so far depicting an average German soldier of WWII.
    Cheers, Martin
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  7. 1969 A Fixture

    Nice sculpt as usual Kaz, looks great.
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  8. Steve Ski A Fixture

    Amazing detail love the realism, wow!
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  9. Ferris A Fixture

    You are such a multi talent Kaz. This is an amazing sculpt and I’d love to have a copy if possible.

    Looking forward to what else you come up with.

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  10. bogusman53 Active Member

    Lovely work I'd love one of these in 1'16 scale, keep up the great work.
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  11. Ernesto Simó New Member

    Excellent work,
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  12. Warren SMITH Well-Known Member

    Amazing sculpt.. I too hope you can find a company to produce your work... I have way to many 1/16 figures...but would add this figure based solely on what I have seen..
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  13. Tommi A Fixture

    Looking great there Kaz, your 3d skills are as good as your traditional sculpts. Did I see on Facebook that you are printing with Phrozen 4k mini

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  14. John Rosengrant Active Member

    Really awesome job Kaz
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  15. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Thanks a lot guys for a lot of comments! I always happy to have (any sort of ) reactions to my work!:)

    Thanks a lot for your comment, Martin. I sure will when it became commercially available. As for "average German", yes that's why I'm currently working on that.

    Thanks a lot, Steve. I'm glad to hear that. :)

    Thanks a lot, Steve. Detail works are very time-cosuming but fun. I now trying to achieve more on "expression" and "feeling" of the figure. :)

    Thanks Adrian, I'm really glad to hear your compliments. :)

    Thanks a lot, bogusman53, and yes 1/16 is the mainly aimed scale I want to do.

    Thanks Ernesto!

    Thanks a lot Warren, I hope so. :) and yes as I mentioned above 1/16 is my favorite scale. Rally good scale for stand-alone figures, small vignettes, and aging eyes!:)

    Hi Tommi Thanks a lot for your comments and thanks for seeing my post on Facebook too.
    yes not only printer but also I refreshed my digital sculpting workflow at the end of last year.
    Now I use Blender, ZBrush and Phrozen sonic mini 4k with Chitubox. I really love "Phrozen + Chitubox". Great results with very easy setting.

    Hi John Thanks a lot for your warm compliments, I'm glad!
    I also saw your new sculpt from Alpine, painted by Calvin. You always give everyone a lot of inspirations and get us motivated!:)
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  16. newtonk Active Member

    Yep, put me down for one once available. I like the ordinaryness of the figure. And, looking at the original image, who is the African the two Germans are escorting?
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  17. dinovision79 Active Member

    Kaz, that's really an outstanding sculpt! There is certain tension in the pose, very expressive. We can all hope it goes commercial (y)

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  18. Vassilis_D Active Member

    Excellent sculpt kaz!..If ever commercial i hope you think releasing it in multiple scales..keep creating
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  19. kaz6120 A Fixture

    newtonk, That's what I really want to know too. I want to know when/where/who. Please let me know if anyone knows the story / history behind the picture! :)

    Denes, Thanks a lot for your comment, I'm glad you like it and like your attention to details feedback. :)

    Vassilis, thanks a lot for your comment.

    Speaking of commercial, I can't say anything right now. but yeah, I'm also the one who wants to see him not only in 1/16 (the picture above) but also in multiple scales. :)
  20. Steve Ski A Fixture

    When you get your line-up ready, we'll be ready, Kaz.
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