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Review 1:16 Stug 3 Crew & Infantry Set "Das Werk"

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by FlaBtl (Sfl) 606, Dec 23, 2021.

  1. FlaBtl (Sfl) 606 Active Member

    In my opinion the crew is ok. Some problems with the dimensions of heads & hands but nothing what cant be fixed. Some of the parts had been printed to make the masters for molding. The Infantry soldier is a bit too high for me but he is defitely worth a nice single display.
    6ae785dc-bec3-41e7-8ad4-5958ec38fbf1.jpg fd67774a-3c50-43d5-bebc-beb63a58abf2.jpg 737e83aa-f07c-4a2a-a356-878c080a14cf.jpg f0f8d98e-cd75-4839-b27c-9ca82eec2e14.jpg 6fc258f3-552f-452a-a876-cd62fa1c42b8.jpg b759f73b-16f3-4162-a325-5fcf38275f11.jpg 6dfc796a-1d78-4e42-9ebe-92c675aa9d93.jpg 10c0bad3-a035-453b-b42e-cff8b6725135.jpg 903c3e38-8941-4727-897d-27a38eaba285.jpg caaa6e66-9829-4dbe-902f-40b25483543e.jpg 998e3e7d-fa90-49c9-9c95-0680c5550cb9.jpg

    b1073e0a-a85e-4c95-9eb1-8c7481b4aa35.jpg 619539d2-6d9c-4c82-b412-724657c29ffe.jpg dc7d2f1b-e2d5-42fe-ad90-0418103f81ce.jpg 6edb2ca5-9929-40f3-bad2-55675608e1e8.jpg 6118dd15-5249-48ed-85f3-61f6b0cedef9.jpg 1b4785bd-f323-4b40-8c4a-d3d6309a4aec.jpg ff447153-705f-494c-9319-b2df6dcb223f.jpg

    5783acf1-1a1f-4554-83e1-12ccd1ab0234.jpg 6531aa1a-9184-46db-8426-aad267d81fdf.jpg d616430d-b8f0-4886-b9b1-d71de1cd5c0c.jpg 40d75f7c-6be8-4004-a2e9-4913b419be8b.jpg 2df968aa-6328-4935-829d-be92ea5b0735.jpg 4a497cfb-8661-4a20-94f0-c0eeb95d2a60.jpg 88117149-d84c-41f7-afac-5d9d02b6b0a2.jpg
  2. FlaBtl (Sfl) 606 Active Member

  3. El_principe Member

  4. Redcap A Fixture

    Thanks for the review and the very clear pictures.

    I have to say, I am struggling to see how these are better or 'progress' in any way than what the likes of 'Verlinden' were putting out in 1/16 about 35 years ago. People paying good money for figures should not have "to fix" stuff like heads and especially the hands which are awful - that's what the sculptor is paid for ! - and whoever thought those are "good to go" needs a serious rethink about benchmark standards in the hobby today if they want to sell figures in 2021 and not 1991.

    As a matter of interest, what is the retail price for these please?

    I will crew my 1/16 STUG when it arrives with Jeff Shiu's or Alpine figures which are in another league to these and probably, about the same price too.

  5. MrBMB A Fixture

    I'm glad I did not review this set, it would not have been pretty. Thankyou for saving my money :)
    Looks more like kit bashing figures together than newly sculpted ones :whistle:
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  6. Henk A Fixture

    I'm sorry, but these are not very good. Much detail has either been missed all together (where are the sleave Eagles?) or has been sculpted very poorly (the belt buckles, the collar tabs, the hands, the loaders cap, the tank battle badges...).
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  7. khollar A Fixture

    I like the wrinkled/rumpled look of the uniforms, but as others have already said, the details aren’t sharp and the heads and hands are particularly substandard. Personally, I’m hoping that Jeff Shiu or Andy Cairns will produce a nice pair of crewmen - perhaps in the act of loading ammo into the vehicle.

  8. Chris Oldfield A Fixture

    Not impressed by the faces at all, & the hands (especially the one holding the MP40) are very poor. Thanks for sharing this review Patrick, I'll definitely be going with Jeff Shiu myself when the StuG arrives (on its way from HobbyEasy as I type):)
  9. FlaBtl (Sfl) 606 Active Member

    The official retail price for the stug crew from modellbau könig / das werk is 89€.
    I paid 90€ including shipping because of the bonuspoints programm for customers.

    In my opinion the crew is not bad and you can do something with it. When you use it with 1:16 rc tanks like me you dont see every error on them because you always a few meters away.
    I also would use this crew instead AC Models for example. The dak crew is bad as shit ... and the winter stug crew looks more bad from him .. no clean up and more korean volunteers like the dak crew ....

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