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Review 1:16 Kettenkrad & 1:16 Kettenkrad Fahrer

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by FlaBtl (Sfl) 606, Dec 28, 2021.

  1. FlaBtl (Sfl) 606 Active Member

    1 month of waiting is over from the shipping notification and this arrived on 24.12.2021 on my doorstepp.

    d1ffdc3e-c736-4f00-acc2-16c5b431131d.jpg 3d782c92-5b8f-4db2-a7ba-5d2887234b69.jpg 575a3b01-a890-4e6d-9b17-a52abe0410ce.jpg 37cbc72f-6c42-4db2-a2c8-f1bce035a423.jpg e0129e8e-eed1-4627-945f-2c6e3647ae61.jpg a02cf0e7-dbf1-420b-a30c-8efebca9dabd.jpg 0608373f-e000-43bc-ba1b-721778330195.jpg 852a6b95-bad0-4b9b-b289-7c1fb9cb751b.jpg b0bf4001-0292-4701-a09d-3116254d5764.jpg b0c92919-80e7-4a6c-bcbf-219ba08d56f2.jpg bd22f033-edd8-42f1-b5e1-10a2223def05.jpg 533a343f-3fd3-4d85-a961-432774e6a347.jpg 54e63e92-cf2b-452c-a99d-e764900b31c3.jpg 779c37d9-1b62-4f7f-83aa-f0f8dd517357.jpg 876cb5d9-63f3-437a-89ff-96aec74b874b.jpg 931d7b51-9553-4524-8b88-d74d42795089.jpg 987ae2bd-d6f7-44a1-89e2-ddfebf513153.jpg 4125d2ff-40cb-492a-9f3c-5df02355cf68.jpg 03474265-c58e-4ed7-b28d-814f0b633e4b.jpg a0314b86-2c89-4f0a-b457-c49c9303c7de.jpg b7195510-f67f-460e-90ef-396286871dd4.jpg deeff095-8b3e-4116-8de3-ee2ab4cb40a5.jpg fbd6a532-befd-476d-8451-db8d4a63fb0c.jpg
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  2. FlaBtl (Sfl) 606 Active Member

    And here some pictures of the Driverfigure.
    cb53cd9f-a90d-4e11-a621-f012ae63d11c.jpg 71f91ad7-0cc4-4cef-beca-6a87c3537edd.jpg 35b94728-1012-4f81-9842-4a1449a13e28.jpg 099ee172-ea03-4efa-a4fe-b722998ed10b.jpg 9102e8b3-a805-4177-a50f-105dbfee36ff.jpg 0e546f6b-e970-4b08-946c-e5447171992b.jpg 1e95f54a-2d28-4c6a-a6bd-d222dfe0656d.jpg 2e7bf420-9fef-4ced-843e-bd7ca39a88c1.jpg 8bdc29e4-b3c7-41c0-aa93-46b7dbf74a04.jpg 10d4eb36-f31a-4b37-bb66-d021b8f51c1c.jpg 223c6887-8f95-4d8e-9ef8-4010fb2ec221.jpg 751f475f-35bb-441d-8979-3d51a157a69b.jpg 252d3289-55a5-4f3f-a232-9b30fb9e5a83.jpg 21094b05-bf71-4274-be34-0cff9a00641d.jpg 046635e7-a6dd-44d4-9a10-42fc4e37d559.jpg b0ae038a-0d17-4256-80d9-413fc20f869d.jpg c4a94baa-c309-496e-9dd5-80f87662ee98.jpg caadad37-e887-474e-bb92-b23d2c816631.jpg cafdf2a6-d048-4d39-867a-08cda429026a.jpg d7ca2c51-8084-464c-8e56-2b1a87edbacf.jpg d562312d-267e-49ae-b336-57181093fb13.jpg dc27953e-80d0-4381-880e-d7b7d67e7907.jpg e3457570-285e-4ac0-864a-1b7f9693fee3.jpg fd5510b4-3cd9-4aec-8c54-06cc0ecca524.jpg
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  3. MCPWilk A Fixture

    That should keep you out of mischief for a while, especially if you get more crew members!

    Happy New Year,

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  4. FlaBtl (Sfl) 606 Active Member

    Building Time was about 8,5 hours. The kit is ok for the price. Especially from a company who havent made any kits like the kettenkrad in 1:16.
    fdcd4e78-4d95-42c0-8ada-431b18f5fafb.jpg 438fdd81-6f83-4a2e-819a-adaf022c1b43.jpg 5b28b611-e587-40ba-8680-d77aef2a77d9.jpg 8402324a-eb0d-474f-9479-6bfd09f18bce.jpg f617099c-d4ca-4951-9bf1-beaaa200ee8f.jpg cf23cc6d-6fd8-4824-bb55-07fa09af2965.jpg 8aeadd36-52b4-42b1-9f24-d9a580202a0d.jpg 9f41a6e9-e094-4e7b-b3c2-c389f9a1bb72.jpg
  5. Henk A Fixture

    Thanks for the detailed photo reviewPatrick, much appreciated. The figure looks decent, good detail on the uniform, but the detail on the KettenKrad looks a bit soft.

    A few observations on the paint instructions and decals.

    Some of the decals look out of register, particularly the Balkenkreuz, and no. 44 (Helmet National Insignia?).

    The paint instructions follow the usual loose "unidentified Unit" discription, despite indicating unit marking for specific units... (Dragon origin?):rolleyes:. The suggested markings don't always result in accurate renditions though, and these instructions are no exception.

    Option B shows a Brown and green over Dunkel Gelb scheme, introduced in 1943. It's Ok for the 3rd Panzer Division (decal 38/39), but not for decal option 40, which was for the 7th Panzer Division, but only used in 1940. You could paint the KettenKrad in Panzer grau, as per option C.

    Ah, Option C. Painted in German Grey. Or Panzer Grau. The instructions correctly identify it as a vehicle in 1941. Sadly the markings they suggest are for the 116thPanzer Division (Windhund division), which was not formed untill 1944...
    As always, if accuracy is important, do your research before following the instructions..
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  6. Henk A Fixture

    Oh, I meant to mention another thing about the markings/instructions. The instructions give a generic option to use any of the available numberplate registration options, but the markings included are all for Wehrmacht Units, and the figure wears a Wehrmacht uniform (breast Eagle as opposed to sleeve eagle). So if you use any of the included markings, and/or the figure, only the WH prefix is appropriate.
  7. Von Bock Well-Known Member

    Would this Rad have been in Service with the DAK in North Afrika? As there is A Ramke decal shown. Regards, Brock
  8. FlaBtl (Sfl) 606 Active Member

  9. Woods457 Active Member

    I think for the price this kit is worth every penny, i bought the version with the "Goliath" and trailer and i'm very happy with it.

    Previous to this being commercially available the only other options were 3D printed ones off sites like ebay or the Precision Models resin kit, the latter often costing $$$..

    a.jpg b.jpg c.jpg d.jpg
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  10. Warren SMITH Well-Known Member

    Lovely review, and it sure looks tempting, faults and all.. Now can I fit it in the cupboard..
  11. FlaBtl (Sfl) 606 Active Member

    Hello! Freedom Models released another figure. But be carefull this one is no match with the first one.
    Look at this printed bullshit full of printmarks etc... (I sended it back to the dealer)
    4e6cc176-6201-4e27-b931-4e6cf73750a0.jpg 8e56863c-b88f-48fd-a6e4-f7b75efcf8dc.jpg 14759f49-13be-4315-8703-b1f9059b8702.jpg d0d96a4c-0b19-45a7-b8e7-9b5b227f7709.jpg eecc2122-dbb3-45dd-9d9a-21eccffa1ba2.jpg
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  12. Nap A Fixture

    Thanks for the look at the second figure ......

    Its horrible...your right to send it back

    Shame as it would work well


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