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WIP Critique 1/16 Fallshirmjäger

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by kaz6120, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. kaz6120 A Fixture

    One of my original figures for 1/16 vignette. Material : Apoxie Sculpt, Duro putty, and 0.9mm brass wires. Equipmets are from my 1/16 junk parts box, such as Jeff Shiu, Tamiya, and Verlinden.

    IMG_9460.jpg IMG_9461.jpg IMG_9603.jpg

    I built it as a part of vignette project so it's one-off. I want to be able to build my own works as master in the future, if there's any advices to make works as a master please coach me. (How to sprit parts, finishing quality of the surface of the figure, etc)
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  2. Sturm Grenadier Well-Known Member

    Hello Kaz, Your Fallschirmjager looks great so far. This one has an Ardennes feel about it. I really like the running pose. Kaz, I know this is a W.I.P., but to me the left arm looks a little thin, considering he is wearing an overcoat under his jump smock. It may be just the photograph. If possible, would like to see a photo of the right side, and back of the figure. This one is shaping up to be an outstanding figure. I know your painting of it will be spectacular. I wish you luck with its completion. Also, I hope you are successful in finding the help you need in casting your creations in the future. Regards, SG:happy:
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  3. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Thanks SG, for your great advice. and, hmm yes, I think you are right, the left arm looks a little thin as a over coat. (and maybe the right arm too) I consider to add bit more volume to it.
  4. Martin64 A Fixture

    Great idea and execution. I would like to add about the greatcoat underneath the smock that the collar of the greatcoat usually was visible/pulled out on top of the collar of the smock. It was uncomfortable to wear it underneath. If worn underneath there was some bulk building up in this area as well.
    Great face and action pose. That is the kind of figures I am after. Looking forward to future projects - a pitty that this one will be a one off.
    All the best!
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  5. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Thanks a lot Martin, for giving advice for the collar. I own a Rosengrant's 1/9 fallshirmjager with FG42, (Yes, your avatar! :)), and used it as a reference, so did it like that.
    Adding collar over it and refining around the area is not a problem, I will consider.

    I didn't think someone want a copy, so I'm surprised some guys asked me about a copy. If I build it for a copy I have to sculpt StG44 and equipments. :)
  6. Lew J Active Member

    The pose is very fluid. I think it's looking great already, so gonna be spot on when you've finished refining it.

    Lew J
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  7. fabrizio1969 A Fixture

    Greath start
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  8. Martin64 A Fixture

    Hi Kaz!
    I immediately recognized your inspiration and in a way John`s striking figure is responsible for several variations of that theme ignoring that there has to be a collar somewhere on these greatcoats. [IMG]
    I think that your result nevertheless looks great and I would of course like to have a copy - I would not mind if I would need to look after the equipment on my own. Did you use Tamiya equipment parts?
    Cheers, Martin
  9. David Hernanz Active Member

    Hi Kaz !! You know my opinion... simply fantastic work !!!
    Congratulations !!!

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  10. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Thanks Lew J, fabrizio, for your compliments!

    I'm glad you felt so. No doubt I'm a big fan of John's works own many of his figures, and while I was sculpting this figure I put this in mind: "What if Rosengrant's figure running and animating like Bill Horan's figure?"
    Another guy told me it reminds him Marvell figure. I like that impression because I was a big fan and collector of American comics when I was a child.


    TAMIYA: StG44, magazine case, shovel
    Jeff Shiu: Gas mask canister, helmet
    Verlinden: Lunch box, hand grenade
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  11. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Yes I know your opinion! :joyful: Thanks for your compliments here!
  12. Barke02 Active Member

    Mega cool Kaz!

    All the best,
  13. JasonB A Fixture

    Here is some more inspiration in case you haven't seen it. I was told this was also sculpted by Rosengrant and was to be made into a large action figure, but the company that was going to produce it (Dusty Trails) folded before it was released. Now copies of the master sculpt are sold on e-bay, 1/6 scale

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  14. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    This is awesome! Would love to have seen more WIP pics, to be able to see the different stages of the uniform develope between fleshing the wire and the final product. If you have some pics like that I'd love to see them posted.

    Not my usual area of interest but I appreciate it as a beautiful piece of sculpting

  15. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Hi Jason, thanks for the post. Yes, I actually own it! :joyful:

    Of course this one is my inspiration for my figure.
    I have 3 of these Rosengrant sculpted 1/6 resin series, this fallshirmjager, US figure, and MG42 gunner.

    Thanks a lot Colin, I'm glad you like it. I shot not so many WIP this time but I will post more pics as much as possible.
  16. Richie A Fixture

    Hi Kaz,
    The balance and pose of your figure looks spot on, it would be nice to see a few photo's showing the rear and other side. Hopefully one of the sculpting and casting experts can answer your other technical questions, but I suppose you will have to think about the casting process first from the initial idea/sculpt. I think this would determine how your figure is constructed, why not study some of your kits to see how they are broken down and where the casting block are located.
    Very nice work, look forward to seeing the others.
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  17. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Kaz - Nicely done and I think you'd do well with this as a commercial figure. One suggestion for posting photos for WIP critique, if I may. Please post several different views of your figure and/or shots of your figure from different angles, OK?

    All the best,
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  18. Alexander Zelenkov A Fixture

    Very good work!
    Your paintwork is Great and I am glad what you began sculpt also!
    Would be good if you add a bit more attention to cleaning and smoothing of sculpt. Left boot sole, fit left hand to MP and some other details need more attention. Big scale allow make it.
    I can't say anything about pose. I see only one finish photo (good view). But for pose appraisal need more around photo.
  19. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Yes you are right, I just started this as one-off so without any plan for casting. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks Richie

    I hope I can build commercial quality in the future, thanks a lot for your compliments.
    And yes I will shoot & post different angles next time.

    Thanks Alex, I always admire your work, and sculpting skills. I'm glad you give me some advice.
    Yes you are right, I need to add more attention to cleaning and smoothing. This is very very difficult part for me, I need know-how more.
  20. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    I do like that pose Kaz, hope you get into production, love the clean work!

    Cheers, Ski.
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