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WIP 1/10 Adolf Glunz

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by martinmack, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. martinmack New Member

    hi guys, it's been a while since I've posted anything, but this one is both a new project, and a request for some help. I'm working on a 1/10 Adolf Glunz but I am having a really tough time with the details of his flight suit. If anyone has any info or better pics of the flight suit in this picture, I'd really appreciate any help...thanks in advance!

    P.S. please ignore that gawdawful hand....it's a placeholder only and I should have removed it before I took the picture...contrary to what you may think, this is not a hybrid of Glunz and that guy that sells Hamburger Helper...

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  2. pokrad A Fixture

    There were many kinds of luftwaffe uniforms, and it looks to me like some sort of two part leather flyight suit.

  3. martinmack New Member

    I agree that it looks like a later version leather suit, and I have the picture you posted, although a smaller and lower res version so thanks for posting that, it helps! I'm wondering if this might have been a one piece suit with a narrow belt around the waist? I say that mostly based on the fact that the zipper down the front appears to be continuous. I have been trying to find what the back may have looked like, and the pants on my picture look slightly different...there appears to be a large pocket added to the left leg, but I can't really tell for sure. I'm also assuming that the suit is black leather based on the photos...I'm making a lot of assumptions it seems!
  4. pokrad A Fixture

    Well, You are right, this must be some rare suit, cause I can't find it.
    I think it's two-part, something similar to this, but slightly different:


    I'll check my "archives"...
  5. bonehead A Fixture

    As a guy who has been studying Luftwaffe flight clothing and sculpting Luftwaffe pilots for many years, I can offer my take on this suit.

    1). It is a two piece suit: jacket and trousers.

    2).The short type jacket was common up until about 1943/44 or so. These jackets usually vary in details (zippers, fur or leather collar, number and position of pockets, wrist fastenings - if any) which suggests that they were private purchase and not common issue items such as the late war two piece leather flight suits. This definitely is not one of those.

    3). The trousers equally are not regular issue items. In fact, leather trousers are much less common than the popular leather jackets. The only pockets I can see on these pants are the two side pockets and the zippered pockets on the front of the thighs. Notice the welted seam at the knee.

    4). The color is probably black.

    I hope this helps.
  6. martinmack New Member

    both of you have certainly helped and I think that gives me the definitive answer. I think what was confusing me was the light strip hanging down in front of the pants on my original picture. I now realize that is a tie from the life vest that just happens to make a right angle with the pocket and gives the illusion that there is an extra pocket on the left leg of the pants. The only remaining question is are there any details on the back of the pants? If so I would assume it would just be a couple of pockets?

    Thanks a million guys, you really cleared that up for me
  7. pokrad A Fixture

    I agree, literature also suggests that private tailored uniforms were not that rare case (and almost every piece differs from the other).
    So, the only way to see the back is to find pic of Glunz from the back - if it exists...

    Few more that I dig out (same uniform I think):


  8. martinmack New Member

    those pictures very clearly show the strap from the lifevest as well as the angled pockets on the sides of the pants, very helpful! I think I can also see a slit pocket on the rear of the pants on the top picture. A 1/48 or 1/32 figure in that pose would look very cool...

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