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German Feldgendarmerie WWII by Ebroin

Ebroin shows us his sculpting techniques and process for Young Miniatures 1/10 Bust

Original Thread here: http://www.planetfigure.com/threads/german-feldgendarmerie-wwii-by-ebroin.39601/

Hello, I am Ebroin who sculpted some busts for Young Miniatures.

This is general steps I use, usually while I sculpting ordinary busts. I am not a native English speaker, and I am sorry for my bad vocabulary. Sound like Yoda, I will, sometime. =) This work, German Feldgendarmerie WW2, I sculpted in January 2010, and published in February.

I usually start with accessories like weapons, gas masks, holsters, bags, helmets and etc. I sculpted whole Kar 98k, even if it was cut and only the front part was included. So I can use it when I need it later on.

IMG_4365.JPG IMG_4365a.jpg IMG_4367.JPG IMG_4367a.jpg

Then I sculped this face and make the gas mask can.

The face is made out of firm grey sculpy.

IMG_4368.jpg IMG_4369.jpg IMG_4370.jpg IMG_4371.jpg IMG_4372.jpg IMG_4373.jpg IMG_4374.jpg IMG_4380.jpg

I made a some kinda skeleton to set pose.

Pose was not so good.

IMG_4387.jpg IMG_4389.jpg IMG_4390.jpg IMG_4391.jpg IMG_4393.jpg IMG_4395.jpg

I asked Young's advice, and ended up with this pose.

He was too big and large. I had to carve alot to make him right size.

To me, it is very hard to make human body right.

I have to check it all the time.

IMG_4396.JPG IMG_4397.JPG IMG_4399.JPG IMG_4404.JPG IMG_4404a.jpg IMG_4405.JPG IMG_4408.JPG IMG_4411.JPG

Then I put some clothes.

When sculpting clothes, I generally start from inner to outer, from bottom to top, and from tight to loose.

And for wrinkles in the clothes, I carefully observed characteristics from the real coats and tried to shape wrinkes as it was.

IMG_4413.JPG IMG_4414.JPG IMG_4415.JPG IMG_4416.JPG IMG_4417.JPG IMG_4418.JPG IMG_4419.JPG IMG_4420.JPG

And last, minor changes done by Young Song, and painted by Sang Eon Lee.

YM1819-1.jpg YM1819-2.jpg YM1819-3.jpg YM1819-4.jpg YM1819-5.jpg YM1819-6.jpg YM1819-7.jpg YM1819-8.jpg YM1819-9.jpg YM1819-10.jpg

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