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Aug 24, 2009
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Aug 24, 2009
    1. ghamilt1
      Hi Kirky;
      To tell the truth, if it weren't for my magnifying visor and ridiculously small brushes, there's no way I could have done that dicing on the glengarry. As it was I nearly lost my eyesight!

      If you had been "fortunate" enough to do a few winter manouvers this past January, you would have enjoyed some -35 degree winter weather. Then, less than a week later, we're into temperatures ranging from zero to +7 degrees Celsius, and rain to top it off! I am looking forward to taking my trip to Britain this Spring break. Haven't been to England since 1990. so it will be great to go back.

      Glad to hear you'll try to get Danilo's book. My friend Brent Fordham (he's on the Planet too) just got it and was telling me how he thought it would really help in his painting.The tutorials are fantastic, even if the writing loses a little something in the translation. But the pictures are worth it and I'm positive you'll notice the difference in your work. Enjoy!

    2. ghamilt1
      Hi Kirky;

      Thought I would drop you a more personal note in regards to "tips". I wish I had some original piece of advice to share, but the honest truth is this;
      I have noticed mypainting has really improved since I picked up a copy of Danilo Cartaci's book entitled "Painting Miniatures" published by Auriga Publishing Inernational. The way I figured it was - this guy wins a lot of awards so why not try and copy what he does? It was the best $40 bucks I ever spent! That would be about the best piece of advice I could give. Now if I can put as much effort into my groudwork and setting as you,I might be on to something. Let me know if there is anything specific I can help you with. Cheers and thanks for having a look.
    3. Kirtles
      Hi Chris, I am trying to do just that - you must be a mind-reader. I contacted Jeff as I have bought figures from him before for myself. He's reluctant to supply retailers at the minute as he feels his range is too small to support that. I am trying to persuade him to change his view at the minute. I'll keep you posted....
      Thanks for asking - appreciated. Steve
    4. Kirky
      Dear Dan,

      Hope you are well, just received JMDs Highlander figure in 54mm , looks like a gordon highlander, going to do a thread on him prob starting tommorrow, hes a great animated sculpt, really hard charging his ground work will consist of shattered trees and barbed wire, will prob represent the 51st Highland division on his battledress blouse.

      Anyway take care

      Best Rgds
    5. Dan Morton
      Yes, you are right. Asking another guy to be your friend is a bit strange, but...what the hey?

      The only kits I've put on the market are carried by Military Miniatures Warehouse (John McNenney) under the brand name The Old Contemptibles. Frankly sales of TOC kits has not been brilliant and I'm becoming much less interested in doing all the extra work that goes into making a kit. Doesn't matter all that much actually. I'll just continue to do what I want in the way of "one-offs" and maybe add 1 kit a year. John is trying to talk me into doing a 200mm bust. He says those things are selling like hotcakes. The market is very wierd if you ask me.

      All the best,
    6. Dan Morton
      Thanks for the friend request, Kirky! What are you working on now? I'm trying to finish a French Fusilier Marin of 1914, part of Admiral Ronarc'h's 6000 who fought so stubbornly on the Yser river.

      All the best,
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