planetFigure Articles, How-To's and Step by Steps

Mini Eye Tutorial

Mark Benette's simple yet effective eye painting technique

How to Photograph Your Figures

Giovanni 'Gioazz' Azzara gives miniaturists a great article on figure photography

German Feldgendarmerie WWII by Ebroin

Ebroin shows us his sculpting techniques and process for Young Miniatures 1/10 Bust

Bolshevik Volunteer, 1919

Fernando Ruiz paints Yury Serebryakov's Castle Miniatures 200mm Bolshevik Volunteer Bust in acrylics

German Motorcyclist WWII

Mike Good walks us through his sculpting techniques and process

Painting Leather Boots

Grant Gellatly demonstrates simple and effective leather painting

The Punisher

José Miguel Caballero Delso paints Knight Models 'the Punisher'

Painting Faces in Acrylics

Jaume Ortiz paints 70mm face with acrylics in this classic planetFigure article.

Painting Tartans

Quang Le-van show us how to paint tartans (plaids) in his excellent SBS