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    A big Hi from me ,

    Time to share another look at some resin this time its from Alpine Miniatures and is the 2nd release in the series and follows on from the Panzer bust I reviewed here:

    Alpine Miniatures is of course run by PF member Taesung Harmms ( T50 on this forum) , as with the Panzer its based on the 1/16th series of full figures from Alpine

    The release was announced by Taesung here and in the ever present social media

    As with the Panzer bust there is the option of 2 heads .

    I would like to say cheers to Steve Kirtley from SK Miniatures who kindly forwarded on the review item to me

    SK Miniatures is also a supplier of the Alpine products

    Lets have a bit of information on the 82nd in WW2

    D-Day – Operation Neptune

    Operation Neptune -the airborne invasion of Normandy. The operation was part of Operation OVERLORD, the amphibious assault on the northern coast of Nazi-occupied France.

    Two new parachute infantry regiments, the 507th and the 508th, joined the division but as a result of casualties following the fighting in Italy, the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment did not take part in the invasion

    . On June 5-6, 1944, the paratroopers of the 82nd’s three parachute infantry regiments and reinforced glider infantry regiment boarded hundreds of transport planes and gliders with the division being dropped behind Utah Beach, Normandy, France between Ste Mere-Eglise and Carentan on June 6th, 1944.

    The division remained under strong German pressure along the Merderit River. Eventually, the 325th crossed the river to secure a bridgehead at La Fiere on June 9th.

    It was during this action that Pfc Charles N. DeGlopper single-handedly defended his platoon’s position and subsequently was awarded the Medal of Honor .

    By the time the All-American Division was pulled back to England on July 13, 1944, the 82nd had seen 33 days of bloody combat and suffered 5,245 paratroopers killed, wounded or missing.

    Operation Market Garden

    In September, the 82nd began planning for Operation Market Garden in Holland. The operation called for three-plus airborne divisions to seize and hold key bridges and roads deep behind German lines. The 504th now back at full strength rejoined the 82nd, while the 507th went to the 17th Airborne Division.

    On September 17, the 82nd Airborne Division conducted its fourth combat jump of World War II into Holland. the 82nd captured the Maas Bridge at Grave, the Maas-Waal Canal Bridge at Heumen and the Nijmegen-Groesbeek Ridge.

    The next day attempts to take Nijmegen Highway Bridge failedFinally on D+4 the 504th finally secured their hold on the bridge, fighting off another German counterattack just before noon.

    It was in this skirmish that Pvt. John Towle won the Medal of Honor.

    Battle of the Bulge – The Ardennes Offensive

    The 82nd moved into action on December 17th in reponse to the German’s Ardennes counteroffensive
    On December 20th the 82nd attacked and the 504th PIR took Monceau. This fiece attack forced the German units back across the Ambleve River the next day.

    German assaults continued and hit the 505th PIR in the Trois Ponts area on December 22nd and by December 24th the division lost Manhay.

    On December 25th, 1944 the division withdrew from the Vielsalm salient then attacked northeast of Bra on December 27th reaching Salm by January 4th, 1945.

    On January 7th the 508th PIR Red Devil’s launched an attack with the 504th in the vicinity of Thier-du-Mont where it suffered heavy casualties. The 508th was then withdrawn from the line and placed in reserve until January 21st when it replaced elements of the 2nd Infantry Division.

    On January 29, 1945 First Sergeant Leonard Funk, Jr. of Company C, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment won the Congressional Medal of Honor for action at Holzheim, Belgium. After leading his unit and capturing 80 Germans.

    As always I will share some references for you when painting

    The 82nd distinctive badge of a double "A" was worn on the left upper arm with the US flag on the right ( this was in several forms as a brassard or sown directly to the uniform itself )
    0aaaaaaaaa.jpg 0aaa.jpg 0aaaaaaaa.jpg
    0aaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg 0000a.jpg 0aaaaaa.jpg olier 0aaaaaaaaaaa.jpg
    0aaaaaaa.jpg 0aaaaaaaaaa.jpg 0aaaa.jpg 0aaaaa.jpg

    Books are easily to get hold of and all well worth looking at
    000a.jpg 0a.jpg 0aa.jpg 00a.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap Forum Moderator

    Onto the reisn

    Title: 82nd Airborne "All American"

    Reference: B0002

    Scale: 1/16th

    Material: Lt Gray Resin

    No of Pieces: 8

    Original Sculptor of full figure: Jorge Scorciaffico

    Conversion to bust by Taesung Harmms (T50)

    Box Art: Sung Hak Yun and Dr Jin Kim

    As with the previous release the contents are in a pliable clear box with the Alpine logo and text all in the distinctive green
    Alpine US 001.jpg
    Parts consist of Main upper torso , the 2 head options , chin protector , 2 helmet straps , a cigar and a base , also included is a paper insert with colour .


    Main Torso...Nothing

    Heads...Choose which one you wish to use and fit

    Rifle...Remove from former and fit

    Straps...remove from former and fit in place

    Cigar ... Remove from Former and fit to appropriate head

    Base ....Fit to bust if you choose to use this.

    Note : The carpet monster ate my cigar hence no picture!!!

    2 versions ...

    With field dressing and cigar
    or without
    Main Torso

    This is the top half of the body , suffice to say quality of sculpting is very good , he has his right hand sculpted wearing a jump glove and holding onto the rifle strap

    At the neck we see a scarf , these were often in camo pattern but could be plain as well.

    Across his chest there is a bandolier this hangs very naturally with the weight of the rounds inside , good shaping on the pouches

    Definition of the straps and pocket flaps are sharply done and very accurate indeed , the epaulettes are well formed showing the distinctive stitching , both this and the seams can be brought out by the painting as in box arts.

    The rifle strap is good again with the details of the clips and buckle all correctly done

    The folds on the uniform are good , sitting well in relation to the pose and equipment

    On the arms we have on the left the 82nd "All American" flash , with the tab above it , on the right there is a US Flag ...the details on both these areas is full of cleanly sculpted work and not over defined , enough to make the painting easier.
    Alpine US 002.jpg Alpine US 003.jpg Alpine US 004.jpg Alpine US 005.jpg Alpine US 006.jpg


    There are 2 options here , one with the cigar in his mouth at the side ( this IMO looks an older face with this , the other is a smiling younger looking guys )

    The facial features are excellent , I like the older looking option but either is good , the eyes and mouths are very nicely done , love the way the mouth is done ready to take the cigar

    The helmets both have netting and hessian strips inter twinned , one has the first aid packet to the front ( this is with the cigar head) , the netting is cleanly worked with the camo looking very good , the work on the 1st Aid packet is well sculpted and a good shape as seen in references .

    No straps are cast on these are fitted separately and also consist of the leather chin protector as well as the actual straps ...a good idea to fit after finishing painting IMO .
    Alpine US 007.jpg Alpine US 008.jpg Alpine US 009.jpg Alpine US 010.jpg Alpine US 011.jpg Alpine US 012.jpg Alpine US 013.jpg Alpine US 014.jpg Alpine US 015.jpg


    Enough to say the straps and chin protector are well sculpted and cast ,I would suggest at least fitting the hanging straps after painting the helmet

    The rifle is the top part only of the weapon and again wells sculpted and accurate in shape and details , fit is easy to the rear of the right arm

    Alpine US 016.jpg Alpine US 017.jpg


    This is the same as the previous release and very nicely shaped , good to see something a little different that shows a bit of thought in styling , fit is simple enough if you choose to use .

    Alpine US 018.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    I am pleased that this has been released and it works well , the bust option on existing Alpine figures opens up a whole new area for the modeller , the quality of sculpting , presentation and casting is as with the previous release excellent and I would say get yourself one of these and enjoy the bench time.

    No hesitation in recommending this release a good companion piece for the other

    For more information on this and all the products from Alpine


    Website : or follow on FB or you can contact Taesung via this forum

    UK supplier : SK Miniatures at

    Thanks for looking in

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  3. Nap Forum Moderator

    Lets now have some more pictures of the box art


    0A.jpg 0AAA.jpg 0AA.jpg
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